Monday mid-morning forecast – 10/02/20

By | February 14, 2020

Monday mid-morning forecast – 10/02/20
Monday mid-morning forecast – 10/02/20
Stormcarib may have cleared away, but that’s not the end of the Lively and potentially severe weather. We still have a number of weather warnings in Forestville today and the deed into tomorrow between snow and ice, the swirl, the stone Care at yesterday Crossing through Northern Scotland and then heading up into Scandinavia. As I said, that stone was cleared away, but there’s a whole rash on a strong wind in the northern islands, low levels, maybe rain, but over even smaller Scheels, going to sleet and snow snow showers to England again, particularly over higher Brothers.

Very Gusty Gusty winds, particularly Lively along the South Coast, Plaza around the western coast throughout the day and didn’t have to be to feel the effects of those winds, temperature of 6 degrees. It feels closer to or below freezing because of the strength of those chitty. Chitty wins the strength of the wind for tickety Lively in the morning. Cuz the Southwest along the south coast is gust of wind could cause some further issues. Canon line it will get very.

Very Gusty is moving through, for the North Hills, have warnings in. still some pretty unpleasant traveling conditions through the rest of tonight tonight and tomorrow could be icy as well as he shall continue to pack in through the evening and overnight. The Northern Ireland skulking parts of northern England season in the South will still be some here, Rockland alone on a family at brisk. Winds will help to keep the temperatures up in most places above freezing, but again it will feel cold because of the strength of the Wind is SMU a day another day of showers and they get their showers will be a wintry Echoes Northern Lights.

Northern Ireland and Scotland at a relatively low levels, expect a coarse Coughlin through the course of the day. We could see quarrel the heaviest working in here Kelly through the cell phone. Plans elsewhere, England, Wales was the South a bit more than life Sunshine. It will still be a cold wind. So again, temperature is 427 degrees. That’S one of the moment it will say, but you will feel older than that because of those Gusty winds through Tuesday evening again.

A great deal of change, lots of showers packing into the north. Against sleet and snow showers here for the sound just a little dry signs of the Winds from seizing off a touch as you get into the middle part the week. But overall this week is going to stay up very, very windy and it’s after we start called it Dustin a bit mild at potentially Heavy Rain to come in. So there is still a potential for further problems throughout this with the weather make sure you stay up-to-date with the very latest weather warnings best way to do that to an app to a website, or course you can follow us on social media.

10th Feb – National weather forecast presented by Alex Deakin

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