Minister meets with pipeline protesters at Ont. rail blockade

By | February 16, 2020

Minister meets with pipeline protesters at Ont. rail blockade
Minister meets with pipeline protesters at Ont. rail blockade
There’S some people that have been standing out there for days so today is a chance to talk. Have a real discussion were we’re nation of people that have stopped talking to each other tweet. We make payments on Facebook, it’s all around to asking condemning, but we’re not talking and today is a very difficult situation for all Canadians with your indigenous or not indigenous and we’d start talking, and this is a beginning. I can’t guarantee what the outcome will be. It isn’t mine to judge, and so I’m here, to discuss team peace and friendship with a bunch of people that I haven’t felt part of this or this country.

Sometimes they been betrayed so all kind of hurting the economy is slowing down. Everyone knows the reports about supply shortages. We can’t move forward without dialogue and that’s we’re going to do today. Sinister workout, the number of details and protocols over something that hasn’t happened in a long time and Canadians are divided on this communities are divided on this. We can’t use that against each other. We need stand here and talk to each other and have some Frank, proper respect. They want to do that and talk.

Thank you for being respectful about this. At the end of the day, there’s no face-to-face and steaks are high. That’S a reason why I’m here listen to them. We stopped listen to each other and that’s the message I have for today, 4/400 years for several hours and 1/2 hours today, I’m at the important thing is it is to be able to enter into dialogue. This conversation was facilitated by some amazingly strong people in the community lights to reach out, and that’s the untold story that should be told today. Is it there some very powerful people in community that want to see an end to this? They want to see peace.

They want to see our our relationship renewed and in the right way. So I guess this is a beginning, but in order to have a meeting face-to-face, you have to be welcome in yesterday at the community center they would go, and now I’m invited to come in in Belleville Ontario for a conversation. His key message was a communication. Was what was most important? This is a very difficult situation and he doesn’t know what the outcome will be, but he knows how important it is for that conversation to happen. He’S also mention that there he that he is there in peace and friendship and that the two sides of stop listening to each other and they need to rectify that all of Canada is hurting.

He also mentioned that the economy is hurting and he’s hoping that they can come to a peaceful resolution and open up that dialog of conversation.
Minister of Indigenous Services Marc Miller speaks to reporters ahead of visiting with anti-pipeline demonstrators near Belleville, Ont.

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