Milking the system? Investigating fraud & fund misuse down on the farm

By | February 17, 2020

Milking the system? Investigating fraud & fund misuse down on the farm
Milking the system? Investigating fraud & fund misuse down on the farm
How late are you working till can Gear Up on 524? We are at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, but on lines are down on the farm images, how many OD a word chanclas a many farms in Europe today all right to me, first industrialized! If, as there was no place for the biggest chunk of the eu’s budget, ends up that he likes to the common agricultural policy subsidies for Farmers, the CIP is less gentle posture and will Battleground the European commission proposing new strategies to make farming more sustainable.

As part of its Green New Deal, cuts are looming large and, what’s more, recent investigation by the New York Times raise serious questions about where the CIP money is in the paper, providing evidence that corrupt government officials using Farm subsidies to enrich their friends families even themselves Against a house that we use phone policy and going down the wrong track, how should it be reworked in the future? I’Ll guess today of the vice president Department, Agriculture and Rural Development Committee of Portuguese and needy Francisco Monopoly and MEP from Bremen is Social Democratic party? Had a bath and a crossfitter, we have catalent a Hungarian any pay.

You found it. The Centrist momentum movement party cast of Full today, let’s jump straight into this enormous, the subject to co-pay. Is there so many people jewel in the eu’s crown as one of its Flagship policies continent after the second World War II, economic crisis, but at the same time, a little criticism on many different school that just like to ask each of you? And can you believe that the cat is a good policy today about to see if he can be a force of good and they have to make sure in the current phase of legislation that it is something that can help us achieve our ambitious climate goals help Us to get nutritious food to Europe table, but also to prevent misuse of this fence cuz right now, I’m afraid we don’t have enough controls in our system and I’m very sad to see Europeans money going wasted, sometimes and also Francisco Guerrero know.

It was a very important, but nowadays he’s merely focused on super intensive production, so forgiving others Applebee’s, is we waste 1/3 Hobart food in Europe? So the problem is not the quantity of the food is the quality and the distribution, and also we can see that this is a huge fan. So it’s around 28 in the financial framework nowadays is 20 % talking about 365 billion euros in a. Of 7 years. So it’s a lot of money and it’s not Channel, say something channel in our perspective to small farmers, agriculture that is based on the standable use of turn off water at it has to increase also the welfare of animals in production and as it is currently, it Will not be able to.

You will not be able to make the transition to decarbonize society because the cap, as this is the same as the old cap so and we don’t see efforts from the other groups to reshape the cap structurally. So we are very concerned with his policy policy. France wouldn’t have been become the biggest export on cereals from Europe, and then we have to look at the differences between the countries. We cannot just blame some country because they have big farmers, huge Farmers, because you don’t have to paint the farmers for so many decades in order for them to grow, to develop too big to feed, hold Europe to explore to bring money to their countries.

And now we blame them for only one hand. On the other hand, we have differences among the countries, because not all the countries got into this hapy of five decades ago. We have confused 12 years ago, like Romania, France is another is to East European countries, so they didn’t have a chance to grow so, but in the same time they’re showing signs of development. It’S going to be good for this country. Save the current system is going to to stay in place. What do we see? We see the biggest change in the in the history of European Union regarding cap, and then we see the biggest and certainty Indus EAP, which is bringing a lot of desperation, and it’s not too big words to the farmers of European Union.

Scientists are saying that we are near collapse in society and the day the cat is away, that we are promoting this kind of Destruction and we don’t feel the structural change, even though I recognize and it’s true that we have difference between countries, but the policy May And the policy only offense is that right is too dangerous and harmful ways of practicing agriculture, that’s Equifax, but I’m about to compromise. Take a TextMe to hear it from against the things that the model that they promote is not the best to tackle climate change and to divides equally.

What is the type of production that we want to have any type of food who’s? That weekend? We have one-third of the food being wasted in Europe pesky question, because the footprint of that exportation is not internalized. Next of the abbreviation this issue of corruption, which is being raised in that is a big investigation by the New York Times in the European Union. Just to recap, for our viewers at the New York Times report says, for example, in Hungary, excessive government land records and found it to Victor open the Prime Minister under his Rule and has been sold off to his allies and even family members.

People haircuts received the results and subsidies are because most of the JP money is attributed according to just the basics lights. If you’ll answer to the Hungarian foreign minister for a debate today, so these are claims that will put forward by forming Hungarian state Secretary for on the fastest route. You can be sure that we are at tradition, early agricultural country, and we use the EU funds coming from the common agricultural policy properly. We are ready for any kind of Investigation. We are ready for for any kind.

You know what procedures run by the European Commission. Painful for him. He cannot do with their own, so I mean I don’t know why. I know what I mean: movements I’m going to go because she uses issues of corruption in your home country of Hungary. You feel hearing that Savannah. Ga is a typical mechanism of somebody who is in the wrong side of the story, this quite ridiculous that is pointing out of onion instead of refuting his claims. However, let’s just analyze what he said. He said that he did everything according to the rules, but maybe this is a very exact reason why you have to resend the way, how we distribute money and if we also have to consider if it take naphcare up European taxpayer money, we have a population crisis.

All over the continent, we have brexit Lou. We have this very atmosphere, my people to question whether you there’s two boots taxpayers money in a right way, and I think we do not. We do not have strong enough controls, we did not have a strong enough framework, and now it is a time to change this, and also, let me just point out that I find it completely ridiculous that hungry that is, B challenge by a corruption allegations all the Time still has the power to opt out of the European public prosecutor’s office has jurisdiction.

It should be compulsory for a state like Hungary, European taxpayer, money is not being is in the right way for the European commission has said that it has zero tolerance for frauds and that several investigations are ongoing. A jurisdictional issue about how the subsidies I handed out to Major proportion, as I said, if the funds from the c a p i just distributed based on how big your farm is, doesn’t matter what your growing, what you’re doing that? It’S how big your land is and coming after I’m a new country, Romania that have been documented land grabs, smooth, Alma’s individuals.

He found that that lands has just been sold off behind that back somehow reports and I’m trying to do Michael contribution to amendments of the contribution Putin was to define a little bit the way the farmers are going to be proceeded. So you need to know a difference between land grabbing and land concentration of March. What we do have, in fact, we have land concentration. What is needed to buy later, to go to have some land in order to become more credible to the banks and to take a credit from their Banks, because in Romania I don’t know if you know we have the most expensive money in the European Union.

So farmers meet huge interest rates so now in order to become credible, they needed to do to have land more land to as a guarantee to the bank. So it’s not exactly land-grabbing all over the place. We do have foreign car companies who came at the beginning of the 90s in the beginning of 10 mm to grab some land makes it harder for pharmacy. Have small plots of land. He compromised easily do not own their land. They loan it bologna food for small. Far from small farmers who do not have the means to take credits on the back looking at what the situation is the meeting yesterday with commissioner for Tchaikovsky – and he was saying exactly this – we have different realities in the inside European Union, so we need to tackle These differences because we have differences in the time since we have been members of European Union and the way the agriculture is being done in this country’s a few months ago.

We voted on a very ambitious Greenville program that is labeled like Europe, man on the moon moments, so I think it’s absolute obligation to make sure that every legislation we make from this point on will be compatible with the Greendale and with such a big amount of Money going into the common agricultural policy we have to make, it is fifth to deliver on a climate party going to be left behind, and obviously we cannot look at these. If you don’t have a structural change, if we continue to base our mother – and this is crucial in structural – if you continue to visit mother in quantities and actors, Will you fail to make the transition to decarbonize society Forest that is clear and regarding their the corruption? This is not only an hungry, so we should not spin points just on this check if the man is being channeled through proper use and two to the proper usage and let let let us be clear that the government also have a big responsibility on this, and So the national legislation should be adapted, so it could be transparent and we could make it the traceability of the money and the the channel today’s being maced through the agriculture Museum, that’s not being made in several the schedule.

That’S why they say they. Reply to this question because the Lord has made to beer. Currently, the eu’s corruption investigators can investigate, and then they have the dossier over to the National authorities that happened in the Czech Republic from his to buy be investigated. The case was dropped, stop again, but it’s a gap in the competency, but it’s in the European Union. How far should the European Union Brussels it’s an absolute necessity to look where the money is going to and ask for guarantees? If I give you a hundred euros, I think it’s just right for me to ask this what you are going to spend it for and if I loan it to you, I need see.

That’S how you will get it back to everything about building and guarantees before giving the money or oversight more checks are oversized. Cecily and European taxpayers need to know that their money goes to the right place and it’s not it’s a problem, stop what you’re talking about is, in my opinion, the European public prosecutor’s office, very new agency that is being set up just now in order to fight Crime and notified prod, so this is our rule as lawmakers to give them, can you send the money and the Personnel to do so and extend their scope to cover every area of our European money goes, and I can’t afford a new friend at a time, but I feel like there’s some big questions so that it could be looked at in the coming months that he stays up.

get going as a cat is reverse intellectual contributions. This debate coming up from Francisco Guerrero and do say Castle in chess, the weather, ever-changing. The news doesn’t wait, that’s why I will always be there to help make sense. What’S going on today, at Walton, 24 is with you everywhere all the time.
Nearly 40 percent of the EU’s budget ends up in farms, through the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which funds tens of billions of euros in subsidies. But now, the Commission is proposing new strategies to make farming more sustainable as part of its Green New Deal. Meanwhile, budget cuts are looming large. What’s more, a recent New York Times investigation raised questions about where the money is ending up – the paper providing evidence that corrupt government officials in several member states are or have been misusing subsidies to enrich their friends, families and even themselves.

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