Mike Bloomberg under fire for past comments on race

By | February 17, 2020

Mike Bloomberg under fire for past comments on race
Mike Bloomberg under fire for past comments on race
Billionaire Mike Bloomberg isn’t on the ballot in Nevada, but he’s competing hard in the major super Tuesday States and unlimited campaign War. Chest makes him very much a factor in this race he’s also one pull away from qualifying for the debate this week in Las Vegas fairpool numbers mean more straightening up. His record Rivals are attacking his passport of New York, stop-and-frisk policing tactic, which critics a disproportionately targeted young men of color, is how he use non disportionate percentage of those who witnesses and victims describe as committing or in that case.

Incidentally, I think we disproportionately stop. Whites too much and minorities too little murderer, murderer I’ll bet he’s running for president. He says he was wrong. I defended it looking back for too long because I didn’t understand, then the unintended paint it was causing two young black and brown families and their kids. I should have and faster to stop it I didn’t, and for that I apologize his alleged past statements about women in the workforce are also coming back to haunt him a Washington Post story, this weekend, details, treatment and numerous lawsuits in allegation over the years, but just Saying that his company was a hostile work place for women, especially pregnant women, the Bloomberg campaign is denying most of what’s in the story, while admitting that quote, he’s worth have not always aligned with his values and the way he has led his life.

You think about Bloomberg and his past, with race and gender running for the nominee chin in a party that takes race and gender very seriously, with women and African-Americans being very much a part of that key constituency, pretty different sort of thresholds and as standards among some Voters right for how they, the Leinster, would save you candidates and the other is the amount of time that has passed over the course of between some of these allegations and now and what Michael Bloomberg has done. I think I’ll see his campaign argue about his philanthropic Investments, about these being things that he’s begun to apologize for and will continue talking about.

I still think they’re really serious allegations that we’ve only really begun to see the beginning of the Airing of they’re going to be massive Apodaca. Presumably he and his team know this, but in terms of democratic votes and oh yeah, it really wasn’t impactful injury. In the meantime, you’ve had prominent African-Americans people like on Muriel Bowser’s, mayor of DC, Steve Benjamin, the mayor of Columbia. South Carolina endorse him as well as Gregory Meeks, New York yeah. One of the things that are really important to the African-American Community is closing that wage Gap and he has a plan on closing the wage Gap.

There are some substantial things that Michael Bloomberg has done, that he can speak about and positive way in regards to the African-American community, and he definitely has some great plans that he can do and we’ll do as president of the United States entering you were with Bloomberg, Covering his event in North Carolina, you talk to Samantha. What did they say about a similar argument? What they’ve said is that they’ve accepted Bloomberg apology, they’re willing to move on, and they also compared what he said to what Trump has said over the years they’ve been dealing with that and States like North Carolina and Tennessee, where they know a lot of trump supporters And they told me they hear a lot of potential erased his comments from some of those supporters that there around, and they said that would Bloomberg said – was mild compared to what they’ve heard from some of those supporters the argument they made.

They also think that Bloomberg is the candidate that that could be drunk. That is something that comes up over and over again and we’re already seeing is Bloomberg, is kind of starting to talk about stop-and-frisk a little bit more than he than he did a few weeks ago, as this becomes an issue we saw last night in Virginia Virginia For example, he included in his apology on stop-and-frisk and his stump speech. This is something he has not been doing. He only usually answers for it when someone brings it up and question him about it, flooding the airwaves with ADD you look at his campaign.

Spending 386 million * * another billionaire in the race, 187 million. So the image that a lot of Voters are seen in living rooms over and over again on all manner of channels about Bloomberg. Very different from some of the articles that are coming out about his path with her stop-and-frisk. Can this money end up buying him delegates in the super Tuesday? Well, that’s the essential question of this entire races. Can’T how much does will this money sway? Voters will be no, you know historically, is that spending this kind of money can narrow.

The gap between the opponent can maybe get you a couple of points and add can’t really get you up in the polls, but already we seen Bloomberg has really risen up in the poles and we’ve just never seen this much money spent before so. This is all a wild experiment background. I really wonder how much those will matter with voters. Voters are, as both these very smart. Ladies pointed out, voters are very focused on electability, so unless his opponent’s can turn those arguments, the questions about stop-and-frisk the questions about his treat women into something that makes him.

That is a problem in terms of his ability to beat Trump. I really wonder if they stay in the voters. He is doing well at well with moderate and in conserving will put this up. It’S coming Joe Biden’s expensive. If you look at Joe Biden overall he’s down 9 Michael Bloomberg, up 8 modern conservative voter Joe Biden of strong point of his but he’s down 11 Bloomberg’s up a 12 black voters, voices of pretty big margin error with that. But it’s still you see Michael Bloomberg. Gaining and then or 65 and over as well, those are Biden’s of Voters he’s losing Bloomberg is gaining if you’re biting your nervous Newburgh.

This was the theory of the case of your entire campaign. In frankly, this is the theory of the case of just about every other Democratic campaign that was out there, which was Joe Biden’s numbers were soft, and if you started to puncture them a little bit in one of the early States, they would start to drop precipitously. I think the big concern for the obviously has to be the African-American numbers, that’s obviously the firewall that South Carolina. I think that’s one pole and I think we’re waiting to see what’s going to happen going forward, but it underscores the fact that people are looking at Joe Biden right now, where the rightly or wrongly – and I think, based on the first two does.

It appears to be rightly, the the weakness is real and whether or not he’s going to last beyond the next 2 or 3 weeks seems to be an open question about Salida, Democrats or democratic are people too just too young or inexperienced, and who is it? And that’s when Mike Bloomberg and Mike Bloomberg’s Bonkers amount of money, but I see every opportunity – and I see – and I was quite frankly with all the respect in the world for Iowa and New Hampshire – I’m not County Joe Biden out there still races ahead they’re much More representative of of the of the country front by the road has an indoors, but that’s a chances.

I don’t want to move too far. The last has the same argument that we seen former President Barack Obama make and, of course you don’t answer Barack Obama.
Michael Bloomberg’s campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination has been bombarded with criticism of one of his signature policies as mayor of New York City: “stop and frisk,” the controversial police practice of temporarily detaining, questioning and searching residents who were overwhelmingly black or Latino.

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