Michael Moore on why he’s backing Bernie to beat Trump

By | February 14, 2020

Michael Moore on why he’s backing Bernie to beat Trump
Michael Moore on why he’s backing Bernie to beat Trump
Why Bernie well know the question? Is why not Bernie? Why would we go anywhere else at this point in order to be Trump in order to have this country behave? The way she behaved for, nobody has to worry about getting sick, losing their home, go down the whole list of things. Why not Bernie wife, who would work for $ 7.25 an hour for this? Is this is our moment, and this is our chance and believe you me the powers-that-be, especially on the products. I’D say: don’t want to see Bernie happen and and they’re they’re in for a rude awakening.

I think Trump is calling. You should put the thing on the CBC of everybody who called Franklin, Roosevelt, a communist. That was the number one thing he was called. Thank God for the things that he stood for interrupt. You know, wait a minute. We’Re talking to him are Americans, too afraid of Socialism, or has Trump would have it communism to vote for Bernie Sanders. The richest country on earth is absolutely insane that we treat each other. This way that we allow our schools to be this way that week that we don’t have daycare, we don’t have all these things that we should have and – and we have a better chance of that – would Bernie Sanders at anybody else.

Iceman. You wanted to finish your thought, yeah and you have another question against the safe Choice. Comfortable about Joe Biden, bring the moderate Republicans. You need in this in the handful of states that matter including yours in Michigan, Johnson Pennsylvania, that’s really it, and so I know what will work their safe will not work Biden we will lose because buying is Hillary and Hillary is Dukakis and Mondale Bangor and Carey, And every time we lose it’s always because we’re trying to play it safe, how did Trump win playing it safe? No first he fought the Republican Party party apparatus in Port down.

Then he tore down every candidate one by one. It looks so impressive to his base that he could do that. They just got all excited about what else could he do to bring down the enemy? So we, if we’re not up to fighting that, we’re and we’re in deep, deep trouble if we just put up the same old, same old, we’re not going to inspire young people, we’re not going to hire people of color to come out there and do the job That needs to be done. No, I’m sorry! No 29 year old is going to wake up an election day and go.

I can’t wait to vote for Joe Biden debate on C-Span, the Canadian for the five parties that you have five by the only 34 million people. 35 million people. 5 by party, because two parties do not represent the spectrum of political thinking, almost thirty-five million people, so you have to have these and then they have to come together and Parliament and and compromise form coalitions whatever get along do what’s best for Canada. So sad where we are at – and you was looking at a few months, just cuz – I know you like you’ve met enough of us to nowhere slow.

Sometimes you know I grew up as a teenager, a good portion of living right across the river from Canada and the CBC, and that that night, Kim new show National well as a teenager. The 6:30 news will come out in the US, but at 9 we’d learned the truth about Vietnam, from the Canadians CBC covered the war from a distance way, but told the truth that we were not being told to and 1/2 hours earlier on. Our Nightly News and I’ve always appreciated the fact that we can pull in Channel 9 from Windsor and be able to know how we were not being told the truth.

So I’ve been eternally grateful to Canadiens for that. So thank you.
Filmmaker Michael Moore is backing Bernie Sanders and has a lot to say about it (and about Canada) — His extended conversation with CBC’s Paul Hunter.

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