Mexico City killing: Brutal murder sparks public outrage on gender violence

By | February 14, 2020

Mexico City killing: Brutal murder sparks public outrage on gender violence
Mexico City killing: Brutal murder sparks public outrage on gender violence
Hello, I’m not young and welcome to the 51 % to show about women reshaping. I willed coming up public outrage over the brutal murder of a young Mexican woman extension femicide in Mexico. 257 years to close, we’ll be talkin to Economist and boring on what steps companies usually take in order to speed up the process of the sport of fencing is Being used to heal victims of sexual assault in France, but we begin in Mexico, where the gruesome murder of a 25 year old woman in the Mexican Capital has sparked outrage Across the Nation.

This, after leaked photos of a mutilated body, appeared on a newspapers from pain. Femicide is a massive problem in the Central American country. Has an average of ten women estimated to be killed each day, Mexico, with more than 40 % of them being bloated by their partners? This is how a 25 year old, Ingrid escamilla, is being remembered on social media, a Cascade of serene images that couldn’t be further from the circumstances of his death. Killed, dismembered, Got ta Dance, killed by her partner.

Pictures of a skinny is mutilated body with and splashed across the front page of Mexico’s tabloids. Her case is just one of the ten femicides committed in Mexico everyday over the 10 victims at least. , Killed by their Partners. Official data showed that 3142 women Nationwide with noted in 2018, the highest Figueroa and 38th. Meanwhile, Mexico’s presidents accused the Press of weaponizing the subject of this Administration they’re using every incident as pretext to wage a defamation campaign against this government.

His remote came just a day before as skinny as matter protests have intensified in Mexico in recent months, with women taking to the streets to demand that the the more to protect them. They say the vast majority of killers Escape Justice in the lights in Mexico have doubled and because the authorities are indifferent, lazy men think they can keep women. So we feminists are going to keep going until they learn to respect us in until they learn that they have to. Let us live asking his death comes just three weeks.

After the killing of feminist activists, Isabella cabanitas Dela Torre, the 26-year old, was shot in the head in ciudad Juarez, nickname the capital of murdered women has some uplifting news for everybody. None of us will see gender parity, I’m so no likely will many of our children. That’S the savoring finding by the world economic Forum, which reveals that gender parity in all areas such as politics and education, won’t be obtained for 99.5 years. True, some of the other findings in terms of economic participation, the gender gap will take 257 used to close across the road.

Only 55 % of women aged 15 to 64 account linked Liva Market, as opposed to 78 % of men and their ass to 72 countries. Where women are barred from opening bank accounts or obtaining credit me now is – am boring an economist sandals professor at these Rasmus University in Rotterdam, and thank you so much for your time. When you hit by statistics, it must be incredibly had not to put your head into your hands, because here we are we in the 21st, but we still Syfy way behind what is holding us back. So there are quite a lot of things that are holding, so women still have difficulties, accepting economic power globally speaking, dark white, some differences, of course, between more or less advanced economies, but even the more advanced economies.

We still see that women are not hold the places on for economic power as much as men and they’re still very much far behind. I want to talk about those developed Nations because you look at places such as France or Germany, OU Caillou American. You would assume that we would be advancing specifically is holding us back in those countries, so there’s several elements of holding us back. One of them, of course, has to do with maternity and everything that’s related to Parenthood, where women bear the larger share of there’s.

Also, the choices of fields of study and the development in human capital that they’re still very large differences between men and women on that area. If you look at people who actually sex positions of power, a lot of them have gone to Princeton France to Clumsy card or two engineering schools, and effectively very prestigious to shreds tution more studies conducted in economics that women tend to not perform as well. Not because they’re not as good as men quite to the contrary, but it’s just that the environment is not necessarily helpful for women to actually move up the ranks.

Now, if you look at the business Community, we are still a very small percentage in Senior Management and even just recently here in France, Isabel car show at the head of an energy company. In France, the only female CEO in The French Connection lost her job. Now Le Monde newspaper reporting that she would seem to be headstrong, you would want to have somebody very determined and strong, but apparently that was nice, so it shows just how hard it is for women at very senior levels, even if they managed to get to those Positions, doesn’t it your type of the mail account where the economic leader is still mail, so it’s harder for women to be seen as being competent in when they reach positions of economic power.

There also held to mail, stereotypical standards and therefore can be sanctioned because they’re not behaving in ways that are expected that they should behave because there are women, so the spirits I still hold and we see that women are penalize much more for any type of fault Or any type of bird wrong doing the men can be in these types of economic power, any sector of business where things are in tide, starting to change. So it’s quite interesting is that it does not depend on the percentage of women in a given field.

Once we reach positions of economic power, any area of the economy, any sector has pretty much the same patterns going on. So it’s really more something about gaining economic power. There are some policies that can be implemented is, however, to help isn’t women reach these leadership positions? Are there still a lot of work to be done? I think a lot of governments are trying to figure out what types of fallacies to implement now and that’s what I want to talk to you about, because it’s email, economic, it’s a very so trendy to him at the moment.

That’S including the French guy. Looking at ways to improve women’s set access to economic path, in your opinion, what needs to be done? Businesses can actually perform better if there are, if there’s more diversity in leadership, positions that can be implemented or policies in which firms have very strong incentives to actually implement this gender-equal. So, for instance, we’ve seen that quotas on Boards of administration’s actually really help women gets into leadership positions. You can also rearrange parental leave and parental care.

I’M here also create incentives such that household duties or more equally shared between that men in between women. That would also reduce the cost for a firm’s of hiring women instead of men if they expected that men and women are going to be as like need to be out of the office for a given. Of time, and I have to say I’m going to have To leave it there. Thank you again for your time. Thank you. Victims of sexual assault of using type of therapy to help them recovery eats fencing. The unique program been created by doctor and a former Olympic fencing Champion Andrew Maxwell has the story they’ve chosen to confront the demons.

The Six Women of survivors of sexual assault, fencing is a therapy that Alma helping them Too Faced life’s twists and turns the sabre. It feels like nothing else could happen to you. You just feel incredibly strong and powerful, but quickly and 3 hours of sport attack defense self-protection, touching the vocabulary of fencing, Evoque suppressed feelings, a therapist and physio enhanced help the women process them. When you keep having the crossing pensingers, firstly, the uniform the provides protection.

Then, of course there’s the weapon you can help to bring out feelings in might have been surprised when they were younger because they weren’t able to express them. As a time limit, I was abused as a child at the age of six or seven, your building a framework for Life defined by our Consciousness, and when limits are crossed early on, you can quickly lose any sense of boundaries in fencing the pieces of the Mets Behind the elastic is the safe area. Do don’t do is a metaphor which helped the women to get back on track, finding the right distance, knowing how to say, stop come off towards the end of the session to some face-to-face therapy.

We leave better equipped to advance in, but it’s not a magic wand is now an eight-year 410 years of session women and men using fencing to fight Romer and that’s it for now. You can also connect with us, find our Facebook page that, of course, being frightfully 4.51 Center.
In this edition, we report on the public outrage over the brutal murder of a young Mexican woman that has highlighted the extent of femicide in Mexico. Plus the latest figures from the World Economic Forum reveal that in terms of economic participation, the gender gap will take 257 years to close. We talk to economist, Anne Boring, on what steps governments and companies need to urgently take to speed up the process. Plus how the sport of fencing is being used to heal sexual assault victims in France.

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