Mel Tucker facing backlash for leaving Colorado to coach Michigan State | Get Up

By | February 14, 2020

Mel Tucker facing backlash for leaving Colorado to coach Michigan State | Get Up
Mel Tucker facing backlash for leaving Colorado to coach Michigan State | Get Up
Tucker just finished his first season as the head coach of Colorado and back in October. He had this to say in response to a couple of Colorado players who decided to leave a team quote: there’s no transfer portal in the real world, oh really tried to say. I’M leaving Colorado leaving Colorado was probably was at, is actually the the toughest thing that I ever done in my career in my life actually, but this is the right time for me to be here. No, that’s really what it comes down to.

We all have to make tough decisions at times this was certainly one of them. It was the right decision, but there’s no out of my mind about that. Ok, more reaction. All over Twitter yesterday Drew Pearson standing at former Cowboys wide wide receiver chiming in saying he recruited my grandson to go to see you said how’s it going anywhere then ups and leaves sat there and lied to my face. He wasn’t going anywhere. So I want to beat him up today on social media. What else can I do don’t take off a grandpa for his grandson? I can tell you that much the world is in college and in college athletics, coaches, dually.

I think you can make a case, though he just sign this new class 35th in the recruiting rankings at one year at the school on Saturday Monday, and then the transfer portal coming back in October. With all of that, please. What is your initial reaction to all of this Colorado to be released? Her letter-of-intent cuz, I think when a coach leaves players don’t sign with the school. You didn’t go to Duke Paducah KY 450. You want to play for Coach Brad. I would think the man that he’s going to play for that’s going to Mentor him and help him realize his dream.

So I think every single guy player that signed with Colorado should be released. Its going to do damage to Colorado, I’ll talk of leaving is done. Damage Colorado right now, they’re going to get paid a payout, that’s just the way it is now. Having said that, it’s wrong and that you’ll do the transfer situation he’s going to try to be passed. A one-time transfer exception that happens. This is a mood conversation absolutely completely, but let me ask and you’ve been good to you and you did a girl.

You’Ve done a great job, but you know what the other day a new station came up and they told you they were going to double the amount of money. You’Re going to make understand your contractor double the amount of money and you’re going to go back to Nick Saban is his one of his men. I am, but I’m not lying to all my coworkers as I do it and that’s my problem with Mel Tucker. 18. 19 and 20 year old men telling them for the head coaching job for Michigan State, I’m committed, complete, unfinished business, make sure you grab the cash me out.

I get on the first thing moving. That is my problem. I think the traditional sales campaign has to change for coaches as a move Ford. There is a moral compass to know Seth and I talked about this lot doing: college basketball and not. I do firmly believe that he was committed to his I’m, not saying that’s the same for every coach. Some coaches have this to use the kind of car salesman like approach with it where they get you to buy, especially think about me talking to a single parent home right where I have a father figure around I’ve.

Seen coaches. Is there a heart in there had sex with my pseudo father, so I think it would be who coaches, if you want to start, but really preparing kids for the next level, talk to them about their business? You know we read on the kicker that he left for 2 years. I was like 19, I’m heartbroken. Call me whatever the heck you want, but like my coach, who recruited me that was just up and left, I need these young man, you don’t understand the impact or having on their life when you just up and get art and Alchemy lesson learned is like if you’re involved in your a high profile profile coach that potentially could leave, don’t hits this the right way might be what Matt rhule.

He was very honest with his kids. He said hate. This is what I’m doing I’m going to go. Listen to the NFL, as all of you would, I think, that’s at least an example of something real time. Transfer 4 months later, turn on YouTube for more Sports and Analysis. Download the ESPN app and premium content subscribe to ESPN, plus right now.
Mel Tucker’s introductory press conference:
The Get Up crew reacts to Drew Pearson calling out Mel Tucker on social media for leaving Colorado to become Michigan State’s new head coach.
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