Meet California’s first Asian-American sheriff | USA TODAY

By | February 17, 2020

Meet California’s first Asian-American sheriff | USA TODAY
Meet California’s first Asian-American sheriff | USA TODAY
Is very special to me not just as a native Californian but being the first Asian-American as the sheriff here in San Francisco. I was born and raised here so to be in a position now where I am an elected official as the first Asian Pacific Islander is very humbling. It gives me a sense of responsibility to be not just a leader in the community, but also a role model and someone for others to look up too, because what I would like is for us never to have anymore first, where we have people who are in Positions of leadership or in positions of trust in the community, where we’re all on equal footing, and we don’t look to it as a first for anything, also embrace.

The fact that I just represent an Asian Pacific Islander here as a first but also I bring many different cultures and turns of my personal background on half Japanese half Chinese and I’m married to a Filipino having to Diversey that we have in our family. It’S very challenging because the Run year were constantly celebrating different cultural touchstones and Milestones up it’s a it’s a good thing, but it’s a hectic crazy thing to in regards to some of the challenges we face. When we, I have a federal perspective on immigration, which is different from the perspective we have here in San Francisco.

I feel very fortunate to be the sheriff of San Francisco and be a part of making sure that we ensure that our values that are beliefs are a part of how we govern and a part of how we deal with people and provide opportunities to be equal. On all different levels, even though this make inflict with some of the perspectives of the federal government, I think that Francisco is very forward thinking in terms of how we deal with many of the challenges as relate to people who are criminal justice involved and also have A immigration statuses which may conflict with how we for that information to the federal government.

California’s first Asian-American sheriff, Paul Miyamoto, is well-aware of milestone set in San Francisco.

Paul Miyamoto , the 23-year department veteran, who was sworn in as San Francisco County’s 37th sheriff in 150 years, sees his rise up through the ranks simply as a result of hard work in a chosen profession.

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