Matt McGloin’s emotional XFL rant was ‘raw stupidity’ – Bart Scott | Get Up

By | February 17, 2020

Matt McGloin’s emotional XFL rant was ‘raw stupidity’ – Bart Scott | Get Up
Matt McGloin’s emotional XFL rant was ‘raw stupidity’ – Bart Scott | Get Up
After an uninspiring first half against a DC Defenders on Saturday Matt McGloin of the Guardians was Dianna russini in the second half and the former Penn State quarterback did not hold back. What is the team need to do on offense to get something going here? No point well that we get to hear the players in the game with their emotional response. Did you like it? I hate it. I hate it at granny, because the reality is like in those moments when your emotions are so high. You don’t have the time to gain your Clarity and take a chill pill and cool off.

You have a lot of stupid things going through your head and when you don’t have the opportunity to take a deep breath, you say a lot of stupid things and I think Matt McGloin is going to sit there today. Truth is, he looks bad. We had a rule that anything said between 12 p. m. or 12 a. m. and 6 a. m. never counted cuz. We knew our emotions were so high. If we knew we had no clarity, we had to take a time to actually breathe and decompress never had that, and I think he’s going to sit back and regret that I hated it as an ex-player.

I agree with your philosophy would say: when are win map again success has many fathers and failure. Do you realize that your Matt McGloin, you should be happy that you even allowed to touch pig skin and you going out there’s going to interception. You plan the worst game. Your life, you going to say I confess they did it you’re supposed to take ownership season 15, doesn’t know him it’s early in the season. How you throwing everybody under the bus – and I disagree – he had plenty of time to decompress behind the curtain in the next 6 months in the whole draft combine process.

For that very moment, you want to know what you’re getting when things are at their worst. As a quarterback, Matt McGloin just revealed himself to everybody in football, can I know the XFL is different than the NFL. I get that and I we’ve got to view them differently, there’s a lot of good things, but just hasn’t xplayer. I know if there was a microphone in front of my face and I wear Owen 11. I just threw two pics and someone came up to me. I probably am going play something that I regret and something stupid that I can’t take back that my teammates going to look at Mingo, hey dude! Why don’t you stop throwing it to the other team and stop blaming us? A reason at as one who will I ever was was a reporter before I came here that they don’t open the lock room, Italy after the game, and they do give everyone some time.

Those of us on the other side of this might say to actually hear that raw emotion to hear that it would be, even in this case it’s a most interesting thing that happened the entire weekend of the XFL. I mean he’s on a ticking clock right now: opportunity a chance to get out of a training camp, invite to an NFL roster. It’S going to be very difficult for Matt we’re going to go in that locker room and go hate. Follow me in this game. Next week, guys because we could do it in these guys going to wait, this is my only chance to get back in the NFL and they’re walking interesting line there, because they don’t want to just be about the six guys who were eventually going to make the Back end of an NFL roster, what they’re doing in and of itself and I’ll say it again.

That was the most interesting thing that the entire week career because he’s toxic. I guess that’s thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for more Sports, more analysis, download the ESPN, app live streaming Sports and premium content subscribe to. Espn + will see you there.
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Dan Orlovsky, Bart Scott and Mike Tannenbaum discuss how XFL QB Matt McGloin’s looks bad for saying the New York Guardians’ Week 2 loss vs. the DC Defenders was “hands down the worst game I’ve ever been a part of.”

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