Mason Rudolph calls Myles Garrett’s claim a ‘bold-faced lie’ | Get Up

By | February 17, 2020

Mason Rudolph calls Myles Garrett’s claim a ‘bold-faced lie’ | Get Up
Mason Rudolph calls Myles Garrett’s claim a ‘bold-faced lie’ | Get Up
1000 percent – false he posted bold-faced lie. I did not have not and would not utter a racial slur. This is a disgusting and Reckless attempt to assassinate my character. Obviously, it’s a difficult conversation. Do we have here, in the absence of having any car Street knowledge of specifically what did or did not happen, but then you were making the interesting observation earlier this morning about what you do find yourself in this circumstance how you would handle the shoes of Mason Rudolph turn off right now and I am one-hundred-per-cent adamant that I did not say that I’m going to Extreme Measures to prove to everybody that I did not say that cuz you’re the reality.

You guys know that says: players, the second most important place for us as players outside of our home is the locker room, and our second family is our teammates. In as a person in that locker room, I would need to go to Extreme Measures to make sure that everyone understood Who I Am, What I’m About That Ain’t cross. That line and my reputation in the locker room to my teammates is everything so Mason. Rudolph is 100 % committed to staying and improving that he did not say that then he needs to take Extreme Measures to make sure his teammates in his coaches completely understand that he would never cross that line.

You say: go to stream measure talking about maybe potentially defamation of character. You talked about maybe taking a lie: detector test to prove to your teammate, because we trust each other. Sometimes with our safety. I wouldn’t write a life fire safety and if you have somebody that you’ll maybe said something derogatory about pretty much 70 % of the locker room which is made up of African-American, then you have a fragmentation. That’S more! What is going faster in my time has been a great job and get out in front of it, but Myles Garrett brought it back to life and they don’t nip this in the bud if he doesn’t get in front of this is going to fester and it’s Going to grow in the first time signs of adversity, things are going to start there to really fragment that lock room.

You can’t have a successful season that way active player. What has been your observation? Heroes? Who followed this someone who’s? You know, as a someone who’s innocent, very trying to show that there’s no reason why they did something – and you know he’s he’s a great player and for him to keep bringing the subject up when everybody want to push it up under the rug. That is the reason why he’s bringing it back out he’s trying to prove that he’s right and Rudolph morning everything you know he’s supposed to be pause, look to for leadership, and you know if he use that language or if he didn’t he needs to prove his Is this the sort of thing that you’ve ever heard direction or another Direction? The sort of thing that Myles Garrett suggesting happened here at the bottom of a pie? We have it wrapped musically uses language around each other that type of noodles plan.

Sometimes you use that type of things I have to do something later this week with my daughter. Who’S was called that word at her school because people get used to it and it will happen when you get in certain situations. You can’t restrain yourself. I mean this is unfortunate. Part of our culture and sweeping on the rug does nothing no Blackberry. We need to get out in front of it and make sure that we have empathy for each other and understand the Power of Words. Thank you for watching ESPN YouTube for more sports, highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming.

Myles Garrett’s ESPN interview:

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Mason Rudolph speaks out on Twitter, denying Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett’s claims that he directed a racial slur at Garrett in Week 11 of the 2019 NFL season. Mike Greenberg, Dan Orlovsky, Bart Scott, and Darius Leonard react to Rudolph’s denial.
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