Marriage Story tops Golden Globe Award nominations

By | December 10, 2019

Marriage Story tops Golden Globe Award nominations
Marriage Story tops Golden Globe Award nominations
What’S it out for you here, this isn’t working anymore, they’re, Scarlett Johansson. She plays an actress who get the chance to film a pilot or she goes off to LA divorce. Think of Kramer versus Kramer, some kind of classic movie Vibes in there, but certainly this is a Powerhouse film for acting driver. Have that one of the best I wasn’t too much for the screenplay nominations to act against each other best director and best Motion Picture 94. Blind Pope surrounded by Scandal and the pope who’s going to replace him coming from Argentina play by Jonathan Pryce. This is a film about faith and beautiful, interesting conversations as these two men of the truth trying how to protect it and did very well this morning with four nominations. Very different kind of film Dolemite is my name. Eddie Murphy is playing the black Eddie Murphy on the streets of beautiful production is set design, funniest scene from adding a while, and, I think all come from. You can probably guess Netflix. We are the streaming service in TV and film. You put all the nominations together. You have 30 nomination that leaves all the other stuff and speaking of Television I’ll show you we have the morning show also doing very well this morning from apple plus with actually Jennifer Aniston, the best TV drama, and it is here now a lot of discussion. I was going to be focused on that. Has you say, leaving the other studios in the dots when you talk about Netflix category already gained a lot of fun. One category, but one area does getting a lot of reaction right now, and this has to do with supporting roles. Interesting races. Let’S start with the best actress bored in 04, the Irishman that Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt as a category Tom Hanks, everything Robby for bombshell. Jennifer Lopez choose the movie whenever she’s onscreen as a lawyer in marriage story and then Kathy Bates as a mother and Richard Jewell. So I guess fairy-type categories.
Streaming services such as Netflix left traditional studios in the dust, picking up Golden Globe nominations for titles like The Irishman, Marriage Story, The Two Popes, Dolemite Is My Name and The Crown.

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