Macron welcomes Putin, Zelensky for Ukraine peace talks in Paris

By | December 10, 2019

Macron welcomes Putin, Zelensky for Ukraine peace talks in Paris
Macron welcomes Putin, Zelensky for Ukraine peace talks in Paris
Heads of state since 2016, the Lost meeting with the four heads of state president was in Berlin, and that was back in 2016. So I guess it could be a very important step in, as you said, in deep, with gladimir Putin this summer in the Broncos to fold laying the groundwork for this meeting. Lindsey Vonn Emmanuel macron’s also met with president selenski at least twice once before. He was elected and wants just off to his when selenski made his first state visit to France. This James, though, is just a 1-day Summit. What are the chances of something tangible, coming ounces today, he’s gay this been going on behind the scenes for months now in order to prepare this specific Summit, and I know you’re not going to change his tactics with Vladimir Putin in particular, you changing to a more Open play mercy with him trying to engage mower with Russian is hoping. This is going to be very free worlds are being told her. They release a pallet that, indeed, the sanction have been starting to weigh on the Russian started, to have some efficiency. Of course, the president changed as well in Ukraine. Now it’s his presence. Alinsky was more open to compromise with Russian. At him. Ejected today is for Ukraine to resume its full sovereignty to to the Border with Russia, and India will have to see. If that happens, it’s true the older players are under a lot of pressure. Is that she’s olinsky? They were the protest yesterday in Ukraine asking him not to sell out the eastern part of Ukraine to Russia, see what comes out today, but indeed hopes up high
After a three-year freeze in negotiations over the conflict between Ukrainian government forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, a meeting is set for Monday at France’s Élysée Palace.

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