Macron calls for better long-term relations with Russia

By | February 16, 2020

Macron calls for better long-term relations with Russia
Macron calls for better long-term relations with Russia
It’S so humid that reflects differences that have cropped up, not just during this presidency of Donald Trump, but predates it the days of Barack Obama as well, people feel in it in Europe. I ripped is beginning to appear in the transatlantic Alliance. That’S the United States is moving in a in a different direction, which has accelerated during the Donald Trump years, but didn’t just appear in the door from you, the Obama years as well, when he suggested the United States should be shifting its focus away from Europe tours Asia, the European responses to say what look you’re, giving that circumstance.

We have to start thinking much more seriously about what we need to do for Collective defense. For instance, one of the issues. Emmanuel macron speech. Okay, bye this morning, what the position of Europe should be? You know how do we take this project forward? Engage with the peoples of Europe sure that the faith in those values that he was talkin about tonight quote remains, and it just remains but strengthened since well. It would have been interesting things that eat with everybody.

Europe needs to strive for better relations with Russia in the long term, French President Emmanuel Macron said Saturday, adding that while he isn’t proposing lifting sanctions they have changed nothing about Russia’s behavior.

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