Macron accused of ‘greenwashing’ during Alps visit

By | February 14, 2020

Macron accused of ‘greenwashing’ during Alps visit
Macron accused of ‘greenwashing’ during Alps visit
Across the street at James creedon waiting, you said you going to get online accusations. Emmanuel macron is greenwashing, that’s right, so he is in the Alps today. At chamonix is well well partly to draw attention to climate change and its impact on at the Alps. Actually more impacted than other parts of the world when it comes to global warning. For reason, scientists have been fully honest, but just at some statistical, not in the past 100 years, a number of hours that Sunshine hits the mountains each year as increased by 20 %.

At so you can see the effects on one of the major case years here in in in the Alps, and that’s in in can in about a hundred years. It’S really completely receded. Market indices. Difference is more impacted at then other parts of the world, but there you go this article, for example, recently in the guardian when’s. The fact that the ski industry is really it’s it’s at Extinction, stuff, possibly for the industry according to one, a quote in that art. So many Macomb is there an only bit retention cyst on the glass Glazier and he shared an image website for you.

If you like, this is what we are fighting now. The responses stop people saying well. In 2017, you came up with the slogan, make our planet great again, but actually 20/20 Under The Canopy Gap, in other words, is the actual one. Where is the action following up on the word? Antique often actually cancel a teenager’s is greenwashing. Another word for policies aren’t necessarily ad antique. This is that is followed him since 2019 to 2018 is Macarena, Commission of environmental call.

You remember His environment Minister nicolopulos step down environmental figure here in France, a journalist and activists on, so there were those all that online. Today, people started calling him on on on on policy matters, and so you know we won’t get into the nitty-gritty of all of that, but that should say at greenwashing recent headlines. It was used in tweets and it might want to call it is a little bit down if he doesn’t. He doesn’t because he’s trying to make. I suppose I’ve moved in the right direction here, but some people are saying we want to see real policy changes and economic policy policies were not sure.

That’S what the needed for fundamental ecological reform. Okay, so he’s been to the melted lasso the year, the year, the Sea of Ice, I’ve been to that very same point in chamonix it is absolutely fantastic, still very impressive down in the town. You see the glass skiing outfit of the cost of that, but they were just big mouth of the policy was scrutinized. Sometimes that way, that’s maybe what you do, but I suppose you’re looking for is Trump’s with fresh good. He was given four years of prison for tax fraud.

I was very high-profile case of a French politician going to prison that back in September after 5 months, he was released under Health considered difficulties. This is a photo of his wife, Isabel balcony. There a power couple in French politics waiting for him to be released from prison intriguing there. She is sitting in the car and she’s looking pretty cool impact, Auto at the point being there known for corruption, and so I got went to Grand Theft over there again until he was, but the photographer suspects that she knew what she was doing, our cuz.

She was there for 20 30 minutes smoking cigarettes phone calls.
The French president visited the Alps on Thursday, drawing attention to rapidly melting glaciers and broader climate change concerns. Internet users were sceptical and the term “greenwashing” was used frequently. Elsewhere, French political figure Isabelle Balkany has gone viral for a pose she struck while waiting for her husband to be released from prison on tax fraud charges

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