MacKay calls Trudeau’s trip to Africa a “vanity project”

By | February 14, 2020

MacKay calls Trudeau’s trip to Africa a “vanity project”
MacKay calls Trudeau’s trip to Africa a “vanity project”
Assertive leadership Kennedy Peter MacKay, to go swipe it, prime minister Justin Trudeau’s trip to Africa. Is he spoke to a conservative form in Halifax today. Okay, who is the front-runner the Tory leadership race also attacked search for Western alienation. This liberal government is so blinded by ideology. So opposed to natural resource development and it’s crushing our economy across the country. We are witnessing the closure of tackle Industries blocking of projects for political reasons. It’S irresponsible, it’s short-sighted and it’s wrong and it’s causing Canada to falter and all while our country, flounders, the prime minister, is chewing his vanity project in Africa. For the United Nations security seed of jobs in Atlantic Canada,
Conservative leadership candidate Peter MacKay took a swipe at PM Trudeau’s trip to Africa and slammed the Liberals on energy developments.

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