London flight placed on lockdown after passenger shows symptoms of coronavirus | ABC News

By | February 16, 2020

London flight placed on lockdown after passenger shows symptoms of coronavirus | ABC News
London flight placed on lockdown after passenger shows symptoms of coronavirus | ABC News
The latest on the novel coronavirus, the US government is now preparing to evacuate. Nearly 400 Americans stranded on a cruise ship in Japan look forward to a cruise vacation, but these folks have been stuck on this ship for a week and a half, and when they get back to the US, they will go back in a quarantine of the first Death from the virus outside of Asia, Chinese man dying in Paris for the latest on all of this is Maggie Rulli who’s in Yokohama, Japan. Maggie do you leave a good morning? It’Ll all be popping telling us that they are desperate to get off of this ship and now they’re saying they said to be given two bad options: did they get on this evacuation slide in their stuck in quarantine for another 2 weeks, I’m bored.

Sure when they’ll Be allowed back in the United States, tensions are running pretty high this morning, dog in Japan for more than 11 days at least 285 people on board at tested positive for the Cove in 19 virus, including another 67 new cases, and now it’s just today. The US Embassy says the emergency. It will begin tomorrow. All-American to show no symptoms and want to leave will be flown back to the US with a one to go. Another two weeks of quarantine, us authorities say the more than 23 American to already tested positive for the virus will continue their treatment.

Japan, people like John Herring he and his wife Melanie, were onboard celebrating his retirement we’ve been following them all week as John battled, a high fever, and yesterday he tested positive for the virus. I would rather be back on the cruise ship back home. Health officials are working to stop the spread against individuals who presented with flu-like symptoms will also be tested for the China coronavirus. This will give us an early-warning system I’ll further spread in the United States cases where flu test were negative.

Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles to Chicago and New York, see more cases here in the United States tested positive for the virus. Will The Americans on board have to decide about being evacuated by tomorrow when the plane comes, but many of them tell us that they’re not scared for their house send a plane with potentially sick people. Again. Thank you. We really appreciate it and watch live event. Coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts.

U.S. official says the government is getting ready to evacuate Americans from the quarantined ship in Japan.

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