London Bridge Attack: Vigils held for victims – BBC News

By | December 10, 2019

London Bridge Attack: Vigils held for victims – BBC News
London Bridge Attack: Vigils held for victims – BBC News
Good evening, sweet days off to the attack on London Bridge, videos have been hell to the victim’s twenty-three-year-old saskia Jones and 25 year old Jack Merritt. They both been helping to run a program for educating offenders when one of those attending was Ben Khan attacked people with a knife. This the merits father, has criticized some of the response to the attack, including political pledges, to review the early release of convicted terrorists. He said his son had given everything to fight against an agenda of hate. Prime minister, Boris Johnson, the Labour leader Jeremy corbyn, were among those attending a visual near London Bridge has a special correspondent fishing reports now Cy recently, Jack Marys and saskia Jones had proudly held a degree. Certificates hundred stood silent, his girlfriend his mom and Dad held onto each other this day was surrounded. I suppose this was what Cambridge had meant to them, and this is what they meant to their friends and families maritz girlfriend Leanne, leaving flowers in the city of London minutes from where they died. The noise of political argument squatting come together this morning and condolences, but also in a spirit of defiance to say that London will ever be count or intimidated by terrorism. Free on beIN was speaking at the prison education event. On Friday. He spent the day before with Jack Merritt at the high-security jail kid, but he and I was at Cambridge grad, so he could have been anywhere. Anything you know with his Early. Education is private education and I felt like a total chaos, but you know how these guys stepped up in the moment, and you know did, would you know if you would do and put their own lives In Harm’s Way, Informatica Brave in his own regard? He he he was the first line of defense. He was the first person to confront him at the door. I saw people die and I saw things that never going to be able to unsee the first eyewitness from inside the building. He prays those former prisoners attending the event who fought back for these guys, who did time in prison and literally save lives, including a maintenance man cool down the when the noise goes to his chest, and you know it’ll rip in the doorways, the it’s a choice Between diabetes reduction to spit always happen to the pavement, but the public are going to be facing the same problems. Announcer the terms fools like Jack Merritt, saskia Jones was trying to play her part and improving people’s lives. She was a lovely, lovely woman and you make me laugh things to people too. Quite scared of me. She wasn’t, she was Fearless. She was a warrior. She was going to change the world. Maybe she will. The politicians have come to pay their respects, but got nervous. Father has been clear. He doesn’t want his son’s death to be politicised. He doesn’t want this to mean politicians bringing tougher sentencing. Tonight. Moritz father wrote his son would if he could comment on his desk, receiving that it was being used to perpetuate an agenda of hate, feel his passion. He said never give up his Lucy Manning BBC News investigation by the security service MI5 since his release from prison last year, but you’ve been given one of the lowest priorities. He been convicted all the terrorism defense in 2012 as part of his release conditions. He was obliged to take part in the government’s distance and disengagement program which aims to rehabilitate those involved in Tech, questions and I’ll be lost about the role of prison on the Probation Services on how effective the radicalization programmes can be. As I home Affairs correspondent, Daniel Sanford, explains Osman Khan radicalized is a teenager by the notorious extremists before being convicted probation, but despite old I was, he is, I’m still being under supervision. He came to London on Friday and skills to young people. How did the system fail? Former Governor are nachos and wrote a report for the government deal with terrorism, prisoners which he feels wasn’t properly implemented. He says the number of these prisoners is relatively small: that’s only 221. We have to get in there and start challenging and measuring if or high they can change if they refuse to change or if they are demonstrating they’re pulling the wool over his eyes by pretending, they’re change, they’re still dangerous and in my view they should be kept In prison indefinitely in 2012 did several counter-terrorism courses, while in prison there’s some people question their effectiveness on released last year. He had to do further divided. What’S the distance and disengagement program, Ward, GPS tag and had severe restrictions on where he could go into, he could see and although his behavior seems good, he was also still an active person of interest for MI5 victims campaign. The column was given permission to travel once before in the summer, but last time he being accompanied by a police escort. Then he was invited by The Institute to be to be a student of the courthouse last Friday permission to Kyle and it was granted. But this time you traveled a lot and we dancing at school. Everyone came on a mission to kill the father of Jack Merritt, one of those called murdered. His said he would be livid at his death being used to call for tougher sentences for the prime minister. Midget he defended himself a complaint against sentences for many years. It was invited manifested in 2012 understand that no government can prevent every attack. No one would believe any political leader who said they could be inquiries into how comes murderous intent was missed already on the way and the check on mt4 terrorism prisoners recently released has resulted in two of them being returned to prison. Daniel turn to BBC News London Bridge with a home editor Mark Easton. If someone else Direct, what would the answer be very clear that major errors of judgment were made by those who had responsibility for ensuring that the public? I think he was only on the highest level of public protection controls, as we had was allowed to travel to London. Alone. Public protection arrangements are led by multi-agency 70 % of 70 % increase in the numbers managed under that system. Since 2010, when it comes to parliamentary committee, want the prison services in the text of the Parliamentary, the politicians from across the Spectrum are already promising that they would increase money for the for the police and other Justice measures. If Alexia, but now the whole approach to managing the risk of this very dangerous group of radicalized individuals under review and one must assume, I think that there will be new protocols and new safeguards introduced. Okay, that’s very much again.
Vigils have been held in London and Cambridge for the victims of the London Bridge attack. Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones were helping to organise a conference on educating offenders, when convicted terrorist Usman Khan started attacking people with a knife. Mr Merritt’s father has criticised the political response to the attack, including pledges to review the early release of convicted terrorists. An American academic has given the BBC one of the first eyewitness accounts from inside the building of the attack.

BBC News has also learned that the killer had been under investigation by the security service MI5 since his release from prison last year. He had been convicted of a terrorism offence in 2012 and as part of his release conditions he was obliged to take part in the government’s de-radicalisation programmes, which aims to rehabilitate those involved in terrorism. Daniel Sandford investigates the effectiveness of these programmes and the role prison and probation services have to play.

Part of the BBC News at Ten’s coverage of the London Bridge attack, presented by Huw Edwards with contributions from the BBC’s special correspondent Lucy Manning, home affairs correspondent Daniel Sandford and home editor Mark Easton

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