Libya migrant crisis: A humanitarian emergency

By | February 17, 2020

Libya migrant crisis: A humanitarian emergency
Libya migrant crisis: A humanitarian emergency
Welcome to the France 24 interview on Phillips now, the largest flow of African migrants, trying to escape to a better life in Europe is attempting to do so far. I only one country – and that is Libya who are summarized by choice. Others come by force and live. It is now described as a Purgatory when migrants face of pulling conditions, sexual abuse, torture and becoming the victims of human trafficking is that facing the deadliest stretch of the Mediterranean Sea conditions are now so bad that even the United Nations and the European Union are being Criticized for turning a blind eye to discuss this, I’m joined by Caroline block the before the unhcr.

Libya operation welcome Carolina. France, 24. Actually, it’s close to the countries where people come from a lot of them from sub-Saharan Africa, so they arrive by land and they try to leave for Europe by c a short stretch yeah. It is helping because there is no organized structure, two to help them or to prevent them from leaving the country two separate groups fighting each other for control of the country, and then you’ve got many militia groups. You mentioned some refugees and asylum-seekers being held in detention.

Some of these artificial, which operated by many others, are run by smuggling trafficking, gangs and groups. We don’t know how many exist. We don’t have access to these facilities but say it in my whole experience and that’s decades being a journalist and more a decade being an emergency humanitarian press office that, I would say, Olivia is one of the most challenging politicize complex, difficult and dangerous places that I’ve Ever worked in the microwave, not any difficult for migrants and Asylum Seekers and refugees right now, it’s incredibly difficult for ordinary Libyan civilians who caught up in this conflict since April over a hundred fifty thousand people alone being displaced in Tripoli, Ariat, so every day is becoming Increasingly challenging access and security is very difficult.

A quarter of osthoff unhcr national stuff, more than a quarter of them, have been displaced. They had to leave their homes because they are living in high-risk areas at the city, so they’ve moved in with other friends will family, but they still do that job everyday, but it’s very complicated are the from Africa from the Far East Aloha many other countries where They principally coming from Apple for Workforce. We estimate around 640,000 migrant workers living in Lapeer but, as you said in the introduction, others are refugees and asylum-seekers.

These people, who don’t want to live in Libya, I don’t want to parsnip puree and Nicole, is Europe. Predominantly many of these people are from sub-Saharan Africa before that countries, like Syria, Yemen countries in Conflict, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Palestine, Somalia, it’s a mix of people and the people that profiles change a month-by-month Tazewell we’re guessing molte Starts Now, for example, people coming from Molly from Nigeria Back in the time of the formal living leader, Colonel Qaddafi, the European Union used wisely pay him money so that he would prevent migrants from attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Europe Accord.

Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown by the United States, new Europeans, Viking, 2009-11. So all the Europeans in a way responsible for the situation that they have caused in Libya. Libya is seen as a front line Transit States regarded by many countries in Europe as a if they don’t stop people coming from livius and they don’t stop people arriving on these Shores. So this could be an explanation for what’s happening at the moment. You think there’s some kind of pressure that organizations are the unhcr the United Nations could put on Libya’s rulers or the country is divided between a government that is internationally recognized in the AAA that deliver National Army, which is in control under General, Have Eyes Off of Voss ways of the country to come to some kind of an agreement to improve the conditions for the migrants, because, as we just talked about they played situation in Libya, is so dire that, in a way, the migrants all the victims of a situation where they have No control over them civilians of bearing the brunt and when I say civilians that means older Olympians, it means refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers.

Without that piece, we can’t move Ford’s. It’S preventing agencies, including you and play stations from providing Health to reaching these people in neat, and I think, piece and place when the deceased father we can move forward and other things on improving the situation on the ground, including what’s happening. In. consensus is too little bit about the conditions that these migrants face in Libya. If we look at some of the reports are coming through, it says that they face towards your sexual abuse.

All the trees attention a complete list of Human Rights and to make it was there even account for the unhcr. Your organization, Adil Soviet National Organization of migration, are absolutely absent in some of these areas. Why not will Festival doesn’t recognize refugees and asylum-seekers? Is people in need of international protection? It regards the illegal migrants, people without the right documentation and they can be liable to be arrested or held in detention. Unhcr is granted limited access to official detention, centers run by the ministry of interior at the moment.

Figures around 11 and right now than number of people. We estimate to are in detention who are refugees and asylum-seekers is around 2,000, so the numbers have substantially going down in the last year, but not entirely sure. Why? And it would be speculation to come Tom that I’m we go to the detention senses to provide life-saving assistance. We do not condone the system, we have repeatedly spoken, a spouse, it both publicly and in private hope they are, and maybe we can describe some of the numbers and the closures of Santa’s and the small numbers that maybe we can describe some of that tomorrow.

Advocacy efforts to get people released from detention in an orderly fashion. There is this new UN assistance program, which is basically pay migrants to leave you and sent us to sleep rough. I don’t really understand what the basis of this is. It seems quite hard on the stand up. Moms have been actually paid to go and sleep in the streets because that money that they have receiving through that can also be paid to traffic. Just to try to get my getting across the sea to euro, we going against the whole idea of trying to help these markets in the first place.

What is the idea behind all of this? We have a facility code December 2018 as a Transit sites, and it allowed us to move people the most vulnerable people who have been prioritised for evacuation and resettlement flights outside of Libya to go there for a very short space of time before that flights outside of Libya to safety successfully so many months until the conflict in Libya was sent from July onwards after the the airstrikes on to one of the detention centers in Libya. We supposed to bring some of those people who I survived, that attack as an exceptional measure to the facility and then at the end of October.

Another group of several hundred people from another Detention Center Apple slim, including the oven community, came into that facility. We made very clear to people at the time. We cannot provide assistance to you hit your most, unfortunately prioritize for these very few slots that we have, but if you need to Center, we can provide assistance to you. What’S 95 % of all Refugee and Asylum caseload who live in urban areas, we can provide you with support. We recognize you just come out of detention that you’re very vulnerable, which is why we can provide cash support for food housing.

We can provide medical checks. We can fix up his appointments for our protection stuff, to interview you to assess your needs and possible solutions, and we can move forward on that basis. We will treat them like the rest of us, as I said, around forty-six thousand people, a living as Asylum Seekers and refugees in oven settings of Livia, but we could not help them at the ggf now it’s since then, the ggf at the situation on the ground Is got even more complex. At the beginning of January, three most of shells were fired, close to the center and Samosa fragments were landed inside complex near a warehouse 30.

We are praised it and then at the end of January – and I have to say the whole complex is rather large – it’s under the jurisdiction of the ministry of interior military exercises, without that this is a time of War or conflict, and this was a red line That we could not accept it was jeopardizing the safety of everybody staying at the gdf, including I’ll stuff and partners, and we announced that we were suspending operations at the ggf, with great reluctance going to have to leave. That looks want to talk about a course in the subject.

I thought you were not sure. Caroline Gluck, the spokesperson for the unhcr Libya operation, that we come to the end of this edition of the interview from France, 24 turn off, oven, Capistrano don’t get you. . I, like the cultural aspect, Canyon. I get to learn a lot about francophone African francophone in general, just from France, 24 France 24 with you everywhere all the time at 2.
The largest flow of African migrants trying to escape to a better life in Europe is attempting to do so via one country: Libya. Although some arrive by choice, others come by force, and Libya is now described as a “purgatory” where migrants face appalling conditions, sexual abuse, torture and becoming the victims of human traffickers, before facing the deadliest stretch of the Mediterranean Sea. Our guest Caroline Gluck, Senior External Relations Officer for the UNHCR Libya operation, tells us more.

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