‘Libya coordinates with EU countries to bring migrants back’

By | December 10, 2019

‘Libya coordinates with EU countries to bring migrants back’
‘Libya coordinates with EU countries to bring migrants back’
But let’s begin with this humanitarian situation and this boat ride that you took you at the outset: states that is Malta and the Libyan Coast Guard that there’s this with migrants are bored AAA of Shannara others down the living Coast where they get a lux coming in This one was first they’ll get it back. Obviously, part of that is to stop Johnny, because you so how many people have time since that thing in the Twinkies are in terrible condition. Sometimes the living Coast Guard tell us they get that Iran is too late. They’Re. Just dead bodies floating on the water, sometimes I find nothing CU is Rain by Selena. It was an Italian vessel. It’S part of it to be a bring Morgan’s back to Libya, which is
Catherine Norris-Trent explains to François Picard’s panel on The Debate how European states coordinate with Libyan authorities to bring migrants back to Libya – which is an active conflict zone.

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