Liberals repeat vow to ban assault rifles on Polytechnique shooting anniversary | Power & Politics

By | December 10, 2019

Liberals repeat vow to ban assault rifles on Polytechnique shooting anniversary | Power & Politics
Liberals repeat vow to ban assault rifles on Polytechnique shooting anniversary | Power & Politics
Let me be very specific: we have an absolute unwavering commitment to bring about a probation on military-style assault weapons like the one that was used at that event and has also been used in other tragic events. Public Safety Minister Bill Blair confirming the government’s intention to ban military assault military-style. I’M sorry assault weapons like the one used in Montreal 30 years ago, but the minister would not say when that order in council will be table or which weapons specifically be on the list, and this isn’t the first time the Liberals have promised stricter regulations on Farm Firearms, so are we likely to see a band in this man days time to bring in the Friday power panel in Calgary tonight to CiCi’s Kathleen petty over in Montreal the logic Patrick win the next week in studio, lodebar, 3 Vestal and McLean’s Paul Wells High? Everybody tell me more about what exactly he was Saint and what he did commit to him, what he didn’t win his remembrance of the tragedy. This morning, weapons used in Ruger Mini-14 be part of this military style, Canada. Of of what an assault weapon. It is usually a milli military-style automatic is that we would find out as soon as possible, but he wouldn’t commit to this specific gun being and an end, and I have a feeling it’s about. If he doesn’t, I think groups will be very effective for 30 years. They were promised by Ann McClellan, actually at the end of the 90s, that this specific rifle would be banned. Pro-Gun groups are hunting groups or or or groups that are in favor of of access to guns, pushed back really hard against the government’s. But in this case you also have at least two in front of cameras that they think this military assault weapons should be banned. They should have been banned already, and it should be done soon, so Marc garneau, mr. transport and at night, sounds., Mendes and then pee from a tree off both said they wanted it and I said we’re going to have some good discussions and caucus. So it seems to indicate that will be interesting conversations in the weeks ahead, Rock 1995. It’S astonishing to me that this that this specific weapon hasn’t been banned. You know what the Liberals are saying exactly in 1995, the gun registry was supposed to cost $ 2000000. It’S going up 2626 thousand percent, 527 million dollars to put the thing into place. It’S been removed and all this kind of stuff, partially removed and then recoup by Quebec and all that kind of think Australia had a night-and-day reaction to certain tragedy in 1996 back guns and that’s how they sell that. We did not have that night and day. That’S the bad side for me great piece of mail by the way today by Patrick. Why talking about this is the culture has changed to the extent here, especially here in come back so in 2012 recoup the blade on a the data from the can gun registry V by the conservative government, for the reasons that were talking about right now and the Government, that’s in power. Now that is acidic is a populist is a populist government is a government that has scapegoated immigrants. It is a government that has issues, and even this government feels the need to make sure the that registry stays in place, and not only that has actually dangled the idea that there will be further gun. Bans within the province of Quebec is a really really big sea change that I don’t think you would have seen that otherwise Kathleen, because there are it’s not just this band at they’ve announced they promised in the in the campaign. Is the avoided essentially promising a national ban on handguns and they said we’re going to give cities the ability to do so that we have no details on how that will work? We know previously having power for four years. They didn’t do any of this that this done, and we know that there was a ton of disagreement in Discord between rural and peas, with in the liberal caucus and urban MP’s over how far things should go like there is a. There are a lot of political considerations really. This is been going on for three decades and I take that. I think all truly. Perhaps things have changed over there three decades, but it is striking. It seems to me that we have we’ll figure this out. After all these years and we’re still sort of battling this in terms of being arguments and either side – and they haven’t largely move, the culture has changed. I agree, most people would argue against. Any kind of band would suggest that your ear Banning the ownership of what they consider you know something they have every right to purchase and and keep as long as there are a lot Hyden citizens. So that’s how the argument goes, but of course most of us live in cities. We don’t live in rural areas and that’s for the argument obviously has the most resonance. But you know, speaking to with murder, he’s talking about very specific. As part of this Fair Deal panel that Tai Jason county is talking about in the proposals, one of them is to use provincial powers to appoint as Chief Firearms officer, and so I would be very interested to know one another answer. I’Ve asked how that might intersect and influence what the response might be here to any kind of band, whether it’s on military assault, rifles or even the ability. But the federal Liberals are talking about allowing municipalities say to Institute a handgun ban and there is a counselor here who has been working on drafting a motion to do exactly that. But it hasn’t as yet been introduced a little bit of something big happened towards the beginning of those 30 years officials and I Halsey complex to implement and it it made. It was very difficult what does substantially Rural Electric motivated super clear on the notion and super hazy on the details, because I list will have a constituency and we’ll rally. Opposition to a ban has the water ban. Weapons will be able to. or London or Okotoks panel. Rather, on pause for a few minutes because standing by at to talk about what the government’s plans are where gun control is concerned, is Minister of Economic Development Melanie, usually she’s with us in two minutes, we’re back from the commercial night today marks 30 years since the Ecole polytechnique Massacre, it remains Canada’s worst mass shooting a horse, a catalyst for the gun, control debate that persists. To this day, the liberal government is going to ban assault rifles like the one used in that attack plan to give cities the ability to ban handguns Melanie. Usually is the Minister of Economic Development? She joins us now from Montreal thanks for making time for us. I appreciate it. 20 spoke about your government’s plans where gun control is concerned. I wanted to ask you that you have pledged to introduce a ban on military-style assault weapons. When will you do that? Bill Blair is active after you working on the file as we speak, we’ve been clear in the context of the last electoral campaign that we wanted to proceed to a military assault, unbanned and actually we’ve seen during the campaign how much we were able to get a Good consensus, I’m convinced that we will be able to work with the parties that are represented within the house of garments to make sure this is done. It’S been thirty years that people have been asking for this, specifically people that are linked to the victims of polytechnique and it’s time to act and it didn’t so. Why should Canadians believe that you will this time? I think that we have a clear mandate from the population, because this was a conversation that was really really taking place during the last collection. Joe Blair also worked a lot during the last year. He did all the consultation and therefore I think the time is right and I think also that’s people across the country and in particular in the GTA in Toronto, very preoccupied with the increase of gun, violence and and and violence linked to gun and gangs. And specifically, here in Montreal, this conversation is alive. Everybody remembers where they were on the December 6th 1989 here in the city. For my part, I remember my my mom had to tell that one of the brothers of the victim he’s just had lost his sister. She was a high school principal, so we’re all linked to one in that each other and we’ve been asking this for a long time. So now it is US politicians to act, and it is up to the government to do something. That’S why the prime minister send it just now at the ceremony. I take your point on the Mandate that you were given during the election, but you you raise the issue, for example, of what people in Montreal are asking for the mayor of that City. It was over a year ago that she specifically asked for this action and for a national ban on handguns 8 Mile prior to the election Bill Blair receive that consultation that you referred to, and yet your government didn’t act on it. There are other instances in the past where liberal governments have promised more action on gun control as well. Do you promised Canadians that you will do this? What your prom now in this mandate? That’S exactly what this feature the throne reflected. That’S exactly what was told by the governor-general when she was reading the speech of the throne. That’S what the Prime Minister said in the the comments this morning at that’s exactly what he repeated in the context of this important ceremony. So these are not only words. It is our mandate, it is our action plan and that’s why we’re going. We are obviously know that this is a difficult thing to do, and we obviously know that over the past year, some liberal governments in particular have tried to do so. But we think that this is the time and I think that the conversation has evolved enough over the past 30 years to go ahead with the son, and we know that this is a priority in many Canadians homes and that’s why I want to go ahead. Your colleague, Minister Blair, who’s overseeing portfolio was asked very specifically today. If the ban would include the weapon that was used at ecole polytechnique 30 years ago, the Ruger Mini-14, he would only go so far as to say it would include. Weapons are organs lights. Can you tell us, will the weapon used in the massacre 30 years ago be banned by your government? Will? This is something that the victims of the families of technique have been asking 4 years, and I know that my colleague build. There has been looking at this particular assault weapon, but more than that to many others, and so when the details will be ready will be communicating them. I’M sure we know that it is an urgent matter and that’s why, in the context of our new government, with the speech of the throne that happened yesterday, we have to leave mention and indicated, and I’m not just before, though, I’m not very clear on your intent In the context of what happened 30 years ago today, in the context of the speech, is the prime minister made today in reference to ecole polytechnique? Can you unequivocally say that your government will and the weapon used in that tragedy? What we said is we would be banning assault weapons. What we also said is that we would be making sure that there’s a buyback problem at program, and so these steps that are necessary and we will be working on making sure that they’re put in place our government has now two days is now a two days In power and, of course, we’ll act diligently to make sure Altima that there’s no rush for people that want to buy these firearms and that they go and buy them. We want to make sure that actually things are done very very thoroughly. With respect that didn’t answer the question: when will you be able to question of whether this weapon will be banned when will be ready and that’s why we’re taking the appropriate steps to do so? Okay, I’ll leave it there. Thank you. Thank you. I imagine capello’s host of power in politics, see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video
On the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, the Liberal government vowed to ban military-style assault weapons. On Dec. 6, 1989, a gunman stormed École Polytechnique and killed 14 women.
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