LeBron James 2020 NBA All-Star Media Day Interview | NBA on ESPN

By | February 16, 2020

LeBron James 2020 NBA All-Star Media Day Interview | NBA on ESPN
LeBron James 2020 NBA All-Star Media Day Interview | NBA on ESPN
You know be a part of Team. Usa has always been fun, I mean it’s always like you know. Just a represent the United States of America that red wine blue is such a such a pride thing. So you know obviously with my name being wanted to know your name send a list of players that just came out not too long ago. You know you’re, even if he mentioned to be mentioned, you know, so we will see what happens. Obviously I got a long season and hopefully I’m still left with the Late Show so we’ll tackle that you know after season I don’t know, I can speak for myself.

Personally, I think I’m just having having a voice having control over your over your own narrative be a passionate about what you believe in no matter of other people, don’t approve of it or disapprove of it so well, for me, it’s it was never just about basketball. For me, my inspiration, I know, I know how many more people did. I Inspire that don’t even play the game of basketball, so I just felt like I could get so much more than just you guys, dribbling a basketball, and you know, and I’ll just try to continue this as far as many people as I can all over the World make an impact as much as I can, and then I live with the results after that.

So I appreciate that question though my biggest obstacle to Akron I’ll leave in Akron. As you said, my biggest obstacle leave in Akron is leaving my family, leaving my family and my friends that I grew up with my whole. You know that’s always the biggest obstacle and then no leaving my kids. That’S in my Foundation, you know not being able to see them all the time on the regular, even though I get you know daily and weekly updates and videos and photos, and things of that nature is still you know, it’s still tough.

You know when you’re not seeing your kids in your school or you’re, not seeing your friends and all that, so you guys make it you guys make it a lot easier for me. I tell you that baby Chicago food – I don’t know I don’t – really have a favorite Chicago Food, my favorite Chicago artist. Oh my God. I respect what he do and I love his craft and that’s it. I don’t know I’m not done. I can’t I got just said: I’m not want to think about 20 to 30 years from now. Tomorrow is not promised and you got to live today.

We shall see what happens, but I’m not want to think about 20-30 years. I’M, like I said, I’m happy to be right here in the presence of y’all and being able to answer a few questions. One try to be better than me. Use me as much as you want. You was what I do. You can use my platform. You can use my words you can use. You know the inspiration that I try to give, but anyway can be great at doing what you love to do you got to commit to it. You can’t hold on you can’t want something but not put in the work.

You know it doesn’t matter what you doing in life, no matter what it is professional athlete or could be an artist that could be a doctor. It could be anything in the world at present in the United States, but you got to put the work in and I think, if you put, the work in the results will happen organically and most important. My happiness to you know if you’re having fun enjoying what you’re doing that it just makes it makes it so much easier. It makes it so much easier to just like you want to do it every day, because it’s something that you really enjoy doing and you don’t look at it at work and also best of luck to you kid.

What’S your name Max I like mac, that’s my middle child’s middle name is Maximus, so I like that, if I was a retired tomorrow and start up a YouTube channel know I wouldn’t do that cuz then I’ll be. I will be stomping on on on my daughter, and I wouldn’t do that now. I would just join. I will see if I can join my daughter’s YouTube channel and see if I can awkward if she said no Daddy, then there it is that she she runs. She runs that she runs the James game, Love Hip, Hop, love, music, I’ve been around hip-hop and music, my whole life and my uncle is a rapper.

He we introduced me to Hip Hop when I was like 2 years old, my favorite artist growing up with Eric and Rakim. I just listen to rock him all the time because of my uncle, so my influence of hip-hop and music. Obviously, you guys see me all the time in the car and my Sprinter, you know playing music, you know, shall not artist, I mean it’s just in my blood, so you know Katie always being together. We trained in the summertime and we have some free time after we knew we would do some training sessions and we just went in the booth and just have some fun.

So it’s pretty cool I mean I don’t know I mean I mean in the 90s. I needed more than just might, though you know the 90s. I was eight nine 10 after 14 years of age. So I’m trying to find my way. I use my transpiration Ken Griffey jr. Deion Sanders Bo Jackson, so many different and then some some people that I was just in my my neighborhood. You know some people that I wouldn’t tell you guys about cuz not going to keep this little kid friendly. But you was going from aspiration as well, but you know I think Mike was perfect for the NBA in the 90s and because of what he represent when you’re ready play the game.

How marketable he was off the floor. You know say: clean great shoes Tina Drive in his eyes when he played again but basketball sup. You know Aunt you just trying to find information from people like that, and you know it and live with it. Disable me safe for me appreciate it, though you know what race is David. I used to be one of the only kids at school that will actually like I used to read newspapers. I would read the Sports Illustrated all the way through our rheault. Like all the articles, I would just look at the photos.

I’M actually read about it: rent out books to the library downtown Akron. You know Reed basketball, cyclopedia books about the game, just trying to learn. History, so to see what you know early nineties, all the way to the mid-90s domain from the Golden State Warriors so many different different Optical. They had to go through the retire and come back and do it again. It was unbelievable run for those guys are pretty much the whole group together pretty much making one or two. You know different changes throughout those that that six-year breast 6 championships.

I think you know, he’s a really good talented player. Obviously, he’s been this season, so I haven’t get the same as much. We haven’t got to see him as much as I’ve been a liar been injured on in and out of, the lineup will watch them, but good strip to him good feel for the game. Very poised you can tell that he spent some years in college. You know the kind of develop his game. You know so you know that that that that definitely helps when you get to this level, and I think it’s going to be really really good player in our league.

Well, let me give advice to a little girl instead of my daughter cuz. I don’t want my wife to hear that cuz she she’s like, but I think it’s not it’s not about just that. It’S not allowed as how about a little girl or little boy whatever the case. Maybe if you want to play, then you got to put the work into it. You got to put the work into it and, and they really care excuse, you don’t need much to play the game of basketball. You know I my first basketball, who was literally create a milk crate that I cut the bottom out of it and nailed it to a telephone pole.

You know dumb, so you know just just play it as much as you can learn about as much as you can watch it. You know I was watching the game of basketball. I do when I was a kid when I wasn’t able to play at the trying to learn, learn from the best you know, seeing the intricate part of the game, how important about passes? How far in a chest pass is how important you know what is being a great teammate and things of that nature. So this game is the most most beautiful game in the world and it gives back to you when you, when you commit to it, and you put all your your passion in your love and your the joy and your your cry and everything.

So I hope it. I hope it if she’s playing right now and she’s 13-14, whatever years of age. I hope that she continued to be great if she can Inspire my daughter so much respect for women football to thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for highlights and Analysis check out.
Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James

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