Lara Trump reacts to Jill, Joe Biden defending son Hunter on ‘The View’

By | February 14, 2020

Lara Trump reacts to Jill, Joe Biden defending son Hunter on ‘The View’
Lara Trump reacts to Jill, Joe Biden defending son Hunter on ‘The View’
We have had so many guess so far and you were the first one who got a standing ovation. Tom has something very special already gave me this beautiful poison ring in the back, so I’m going great so far for me so you’re all set. Don’T worry about to take a pill and get stronger and Joe Biden on The View defending their son. I mean you obviously expect them to do and him, but I think the bigger Point here is that what they’re suggesting that the kids should be left out of it listens. None of us in our family have been left out of anything and it’s been quite the opposite.

Whenever the president was elected, my husband and I made a choice to completely get out of any new deals at 4 and Deals. You know just to make sure there was no image of impropriety. Not even the slightest pain is Touch of that the opposite happened. International business news, foreign deals when his dad was vice president. Yet we are constantly hit on our side. People are constantly making up things and saying that we’re done something wrong to. None of us have done anything wrong, but of course you expect them to defend him.

I think that the hypocrisy is is glaring here and then people can see that Joe Biden would be doing better in the polls. If Nancy Pelosi talk about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden breathe and they were collateral. Damage thing was so bad. For the Democrats we had records. Fundraising at the Trump campaign, thanks to Nancy Pelosi calling for impeachment. So a little gift to us okay. , But yeah – listen to did certainly didn’t help Joe Biden out any really help himself any and all fairness, so I mean either way. I don’t know that that he I was never worried about Joe Budden people consistently, would ask me before he even got in the race.

Are you worried? I was never worried about Joe, and now we see he’s worried about anybody. Cuz. It’S going to be very hard to go against incredible track record and 6s of this president. When, especially, you see their front her now he’s a self-proclaimed socialist, who wants to completely reverse course, wants to go the way of Venezuela, the USSR, Cuba. I mean this has never worked in any country successfully socialism and he wants to bring it here. It was completely do an about-face on this great booming economy.

It would change this country in America, we’ve never known and I don’t think you’re going to go. Meanwhile, there’s some fine what’s going on, we know what happened in Jacksonville when the the Trump supporters were signing people up and they got run over. Thankfully, no one was hurt, their 10th got run over by a guy was happy to do it, and then we had some violence over in New Hampshire, where 15 year olds go to buy some crazy lunatic and here’s some of the quote, because we know people don’t Like Trump, but he wore the happy cuz he’s a proud fifteen-year-old.

It doesn’t what people are going to be like. What’S your reaction to that entire family, thank you for your incredible support for our president. This is disgusting, this sort of thing, and I actually think my brother-in-law call and talk to them yesterday, so they know how we feel, then we could get slapped in the face. That’S that’s what I hear the reality. Is you never hear about it going? The other way you never hear about Republicans are Trump supporters hacking so viciously anyone on the left. You know what this is America, we’re allowed to have whatever political views we want we used to be able to.

But now you see this, it’s really scary and you know what I have consistently said that I think people are going to be much more hesitant to hourly support the president they’re going to come out and vote for him. Don’T mistake me and on November 3rd, but they’re going to be a lot more hesitant to support them because of things like this outwardly so wearing a Maga hat, get you slapped in the face and assaulted, and what does disgusting? What kind of country is this if this is acceptable, and I want to say thank you to Foss, you guys have really been made sure that this gets out there and gets talked about.

No one else has said anything about this buying large in the mainstream media. I like to know the answer to that Steve. I mean, I really think it’s because you know that the mainstream media is the de-facto marketing arm of the Democrat Party and they do everything they can to push against Republicans and bolster Democrats, and they don’t want the narrative fair that if you know these Democrats are These people that hate the president are coming out and it and doing this and it’s not everyone. There aren’t select people that do this this, but it’s just it’s disgusting and it has to stop not right.

Trump 2020 campaign adviser Lara Trump joins ‘Fox and Friends.’ #FoxNews

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