Kyle Shanahan on 49ers Loss, “We’ll be fired up for next year”

By | February 14, 2020

Kyle Shanahan on 49ers Loss, “We’ll be fired up for next year”
Kyle Shanahan on 49ers Loss, “We’ll be fired up for next year”
I go ahead. Gas was a pretty normal game at that time. I know we had a two-score lead but move the chains to get first downs. Then we didn’t our two possessions and they did and that’s how it ended up. I mean everybody, I’m in a room losing the Superbowl. You know we had opportunity to win that and we came up short but win or lose today. Doesn’T change how I feel about our team. I’M real, proud of the guys what they did all year. I’M proud of what they did today. Kansas City played a good game.

They were better than us today and we can deal with that. But I was pretty disappointed. Oh yeah man with a good job just going by the safeties and I don’t tell the pocket, was so I’m not sure I was looking downfield, but I’m look like you just missed him: oh yeah, they had three timeouts and it was 10 to 10. The last thing we were going to do is allow them to get the ball with three timeouts, especially with their quarterback and offensive speed, to go in there and score before half the road 10 to 10 is special about, starting with the ball that a plate out.

All right that we should have got points, but they end up calling at P Iron Kettle, so it took it away. I’M not sure exactly what happened. What type of plane is zone defense to look like he’s able to hold onto the ball for a while and then looks like Tyreek hill behind us in a corner route? I don’t get to see a very good from the sidelines, but I was definitely surprised of it. The way they were letting the whole game Go. I mean good things find out more but – and I thought Jimmy play all right there, not a team that does it every drive to get a little bit hot and cold, you know and they can score very fast.

I mean that’s. Why they’re two playoff games that they’re a little cold to start and they were down and if I have time to fix that on both games, then, and that’s how that team is the team? Doesn’T just do it every single drive, but you know it’s a matter of time. You know they got a lot of plays. You know you know we can cover, convert those they’re down there in the fourth quarter and we don’t convert those third downs and you don’t get an explosive run, UNIF them to me chances, I’m just hurting.

I mean guys put it all out there that done all year from the first game of the last game. It’S a real, close team, everyone is disappointed and then they should be. I want to expect anything different and guys put the heart into the season and how can my one game short extremely proud of us and everything, but this is going to take a little time to get over, but will be alright and we just do what we Do we will try to run the ball to play action, convert their downs? I think the place a little bit lopsided a little bit cuz.

I think they had a 15-play drive and I don’t feel like we planned it until the 4th quarter, but play Seether know about all the same. I mean there in the 4th quarter low pass to cattle that he made a good play on. You know we had another big one to Deebo that sailed over his head. I think Jimmy got hit as he was thrown. I couldn’t tell I was. I was a big one and then Jimmy helped it’ll really open on the next track over the middle, but Christians that hell of a job tip in the ball so that into that and then we didn’t convert the third down.

No, not at all the last thing. You’Re thinking about when you’re up three points and there’s that much time left and then clock’s not an issue at that time, special, the timeouts teams have the issue is moving the chains. If you do move the chains and you will wind the clock, but I want to say we had to run on first down and then a tip on second down, I’m not exactly sure, but no he got a little bit before you start thinking about running out The clock – oh yeah, we did consider it, but where we got the ball and the fact it was 10 to 10 that they had three timeouts.

If we would have been exposed to run first one we would have. I don’t want to say we got a 4-yard run, so we let the clock run a little bit to get it down, but now we were at. We were good with that situation. Very good. Do that every single time, so I should have started with the ball in the third quarter and I realize we did get the first now that we did take her shot and what we would have got points from that. But we had that unfortunate family. The game’s over that was thought about for a little bit.

They’Re probably would have if it was less than one, but I was closer to 2 in Robbie’s automatic and her defensive play pretty good at that time to be a problem, and I will lick her wounds will get over this and will be fired up for next Year I got a lot of people coming back. I think we surprised a lot of people this year and we knew we had a good team and you know very proud of the guys and how much better they throughout this year and try to get almost all these guys back and plan on that.

In a few more so I’m going to rest a little bit get over this Elm, but we are will be very fired up for next year.
Watch Kyle Shanahan’s full post game press conference from Super Bowl LIV.

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