Kenney pushes Trudeau on Western issues

By | December 11, 2019

Kenney pushes Trudeau on Western issues
Kenney pushes Trudeau on Western issues
They are political Rivals, political opponents, trying her to work together past couple of days with what I call Tina British hate ministers and 11 Deputy ministers List of Demands. Some the Prime Minister won’t meet. Some you just might was willing to listen to our case and indicate an openness on a number of issues. That open is, has some limits? Kenny wants Trudeau to scrap liberal environmental laws. He says our crippling the oil patch that won’t happen, but they could tweet to make life easier for the energy sector. He’S indicated an openness, and we appreciate that the Prime Minister reiterated the government’s openness to talk about implementation on those environmental laws and on finishing the TMX pipeline expansion. It was respectful and intelligent both sides turning down the temperature, but one side, keeping up the pressure. As penny made, it clear he’s looking for Action, the next few weeks will be critical in determining the seriousness of this federal government to respond to the deep and legitimate concerns I in western Canada. The next next week on the agenda is Alberta’s request for Ottowa to find a way to support oil-producing provinces. Financially request has the backing of all of the provincial governments. They just need the federal government to say yes, David Cochran, CBC News Ottawa
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney used meetings in Ottawa to push Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to move forward on Western issues like the TMX pipeline.

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