Kenney blasts pipeline protesters as ‘outrageous’

By | February 14, 2020

Kenney blasts pipeline protesters as ‘outrageous’
Kenney blasts pipeline protesters as ‘outrageous’
How old is happening? It’S no secret that the same group have been planning. I think this is a dress rehearsal for illegal protests on pretty much any major project out again the hypocrisy of all of this. This, the coastal Gosling project is designed to take Canadian natural gas to our West Coast, export it to developing countries like China to help accelerate their conversion from high emitting thermo-kool to radically lower emissions from natural gas, rollipop told we should a policy, that’s based on evidence With the evidence, is this the single greatest thing that Canada could do to reduce Global greenhouse gas emissions and to address the climate issues would be Mass? How to increase our exports of LNG right winner right now, we have virtually none.

If these folks were actually concerned about CO2 emissions, they would be calling for the acceleration of the coastal gas leak project not trying to shut down our economy. Commuters. People try to get to work because they’re supposed what today to Canada playing a role in the essential conversion of thermal coal to natural gas as a major source of energy around the world, not about indigenous rights, because every one of the 20 elected First Nations council’s Along the coastal gas link route following extensive consultation with their grass roots members, include the elected Council of the wits waiting people support the project, including the majority of the hereditary Chiefs or the wets waiting people.

There are what’s the weight in people who have been hired. Bicoastal Gosling contractors we’ve been contracted ready to get to work as cheap as former Chief councillor Ellis Ross of a high slippers Nation, current MLA in British Columbia set this isn’t about indigenous rights. This is about equal ilysm, coming from people in urban southern Canada who are projecting their own Fringe political agenda on the indigenous people of Northern Northwestern Canada, who want to give a Lifeline of Hope to their young people.

As Chief Ellis Ross said in in a video posted this week, you know when you’re, when you’re a chief and one of those communities when your leader, your main responsibility, is to ensure that that that that the teenagers it in your constituent in your in your band Have an alternative to dependency despondency and sometimes the life of addiction, and he said that alternative employment. So this is not about indigenous people, it’s not about being it’s not about carbon emissions left aetiology.

That is, frankly opposed modern industrial economy, and I think it’s about time that are police service has demonstrated that this is a country that respect the rule of law. Allowing people to you know completely destabilizing the lives of thousands of people costing all of us Untold cost.
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