Kellyanne Conway weighs in on Bill Barr’s pushback of Trump

By | February 17, 2020

Kellyanne Conway weighs in on Bill Barr’s pushback of Trump
Kellyanne Conway weighs in on Bill Barr’s pushback of Trump
Counselor to the president, kellyanne Conway thing of the decision to drop the criminal investigation of former FBI official Andrew McCabe McCabe should be prosecuted for the president recognizes as many people do. Their feels like there’s a to two-tiered criminal justice system. If your President, Trump or people associated with him, this prosecution doesn’t gone. One way for someone like Andy McCabe, wasn’t just a garden-variety FBI agent, just starting out. He was the number two in for a while. The acting director, the whole FBI after Comey was fired.

No one, including Andy McCabe FBI, cancel Lisa, Page from all. Your name has denied that he and he didn’t lie once he lied multiple times. What do you lie about October? The end of October 2016. He authorized the leak to Devan Bartlett than a reporter. The Wall Street Journal and the leak was about the ongoing investigation. 2A Hillary Clinton’s emails, so he authorizes the league and then he lies about even knowing about the league. Then he is able to correct that on tape in an on-the-record Underoath interview in July July 2017 and lies again, and so this is something he will still be a Serial liar.

Whether he’s prosecutor or not. The president appreciates the fact that this Department of Justice, in attorney general Bart, works on any number of issues with this white house. It doesn’t get any kind of coverage, Sanctuary, Cities, Texas, vs, Azar, any number of issues to work on the department. Justice in this is small potatoes, but people say it for what it is. He will always be. Those who covered for him and what were most concerned about is making sure that the 35000 rank-and-file FBI, men and women, who bravely do their job everyday with integrity and Fidelity bravery, don’t aren’t being put in that same big coccyx to with those including Andy McCabe’s bar At the top levels of the FBI in 2016, trying to prevent Donald Trump being president – and he lied several times to the investigators and many people feel the same way Trump tweeted.

This doesn’t mean that I do not have as president the legal right to do so. I do, but I have so far chosen not to what does the president think is his legal Authority to intervene and criminal cases and two water who should be prosecuted and who should not be processed powers. And the present is making the point and the Attorney General Bill. Barr is backing him up on this, that he has not interfered in any criminal case. I know people who are trying to bully Bill bar out of his job like Elizabeth Warren.

She heard heard campaign is dwindling. She didn’t actually disappearing as a viable candidate, so she’s got a pic on Bill. Barr, Sheehy, Steve Cohen president. In the present waves into the whole world. He didn’t have a conversation with Bill Barr about the Rogers drink, a conversation with the whole world. He put it as he is want to do on his Twitter feed on social media and he expresses himself the middleman. I know the middle men don’t like that in the democratization of information where he tells everybody what he thinks and any number of issues, including the stone case Parts Authority, makes it impossible for him he’ll bar to do a job interview with ABC.

If he were to stay and I’ll go investigate somebody, because it hadn’t – and you sense it’s because their blood attorney general shouldn’t carry that at wouldn’t carry that out. Since Watergate presidents have General I’m going forward. Respect bars request for him to stop commenting on current cases, weather attorney general, to do something in a criminal case. The president hasn’t done that he had. He said he hasn’t done it for Varsity hasn’t done it. He hasn’t done that relative. He pardoned somebody refuses to testify against him.

Bush Bush 41 – I think commented on the case in La probably the Rodney King case. So it’s not it’s disingenuous to say that people do presents. Don’T comment on criminal matters. What is most important here, two things one is the president: knighted states has not asked or directed his attorney general privately to do anything in any criminal matter, including largest known number to he worked hand-in-glove with the attorney general as we all are privileged to do on Any number of matters that affect his country turn the Attorney General in Department.

Justice cover a lot of territory in this country Chris, and we work very well with that. Again, let me repeat: drug trafficking, human trafficking, trafficking, Sanctuary Cities, Texas, vs, Azar, elder care. Now we’re do Elder fraud, we’re doing just went to something about law enforcement, new commission they have our law enforcement, feel more deeply respected and better resources. Over the past weeks, former New York City between Michael Bloomberg and the African-American Community. The way he feels about people is so demeaning.

The policy may have been stopped and frisked, but the philosophy was to castigate and denigrate people of color and it’s a disgrace. You were anticipating we’re going to go because one of the statements back and forth had to do with these comment that Michael Bloomberg made about stop-and-frisk in 2015. Take a look. The president tweeted right after that came. out wow Bloomberg is a total races and expanded on that. In a radio interview with Geraldo Rivera, it was shopping everyday. What Bloomberg did to Black to the black community was a disgrace.

Donald Trump supported what Bloomberg did with stop-and-frisk in 2016, with Bella with continued on by Mary blumberg, and it was terminated by card man that stop-and-frisk had a tremendous impact on the safety of New York City is beyond belief, play very, very big impact. So why was stop-and-frisk tremendous then, and it’s racist now he is the president. Is everybody by saying I will head. He said something like that and you unearth videotape like that of him races, races, but look at all the people who are saying you know what I think Michael Bloomberg learned his lesson, he’s apologized that was so long ago.

Chris. It was a few years ago as mayor of Newark, and it wasn’t just stop and frisk. He said: redlining cancelling redlining start start of the financial crisis, the African-American Community, where the perpetrators of that financial crisis, many of them, were the victims. What is he talkin about? This billionaire, who has made his life’s wealth in the financial services industry, is now saying that and ends look. This is not it’s not that Michael Bloomberg was burning a bra burning the flag at Woodstock when he was a teenager.

He said these several years ago, in a few short years ago as mayor of New York, and it’s the way he said it, you can basically Xerox the description of male minorities between the ages of 16 and 25 and handed over to the cops. That is somebody who it looks at people beneath him differently, and we can’t have that. I got pretty sick shock absorbers. My friend, I cannot believe all the prominent African-Americans I seen publicly say I think we can support Bloomberg he’s. After all, he’s electable he’s the one who can beat Donald Trump electability was the calling card for Hillary four years ago for Joe Biden this entire year.

Electability means nothing if the person looks at a large constituency of your electorate, let alone this country. That way. Look what he said about women President Trump. If it’s Bloomberg Trump rape will he be able to make an issue of god-given President Trump’s own Wang history, Michael Bloomberg? According to other Bloomberg, employees said to a woman who announced she was pregnant, as she’s being congratulated by her co-workers has aren’t you going to kill it? This is a woman who relied upon her employment employment as she found out the good news.

The comments he’s made about women me that the Washington Post, how to weave out some of the actual words the comments he’s made about women, the lawsuit. That is all fair game and it’s fair game, because we want to know the person behind the half billion dollars worth of ads when he’s made sexist comments to please Allegheny private United States. If you’re going to do that, you know what I’ll take it on anytime. I’Ll take a leave of absence for the White House and talk all day long about that stuff. Let me tell you something: the way Michael Bloomberg treated employees, female employees who were under his wing who, relying on him for their for those good for their health benefits for their 401K, is 10 created that kind of culture that that unsafe workplace to feel that, you’re Being harassed because of your gender, that is problematic and I think you’re going to hear more of it just sit back and take it.

Is it really worth it to this Democratic party it in the age of the me-too movement black lives matter? You had the first African-American president. You have completely squeezed out and spat out the candidates of color this time, Corey Julian Castro, Kamala Harris they’re out of the race you’re left with all your love with a bunch of white people old way. People at that, with the exception of your next gas mayor, buttigieg and and you’re going to go backwards because Michael Bloomberg will spend money and we’ll take one will insult.

Bernie voters are not going to take that. I predict you can’t keep winning contest he’s like President Trump in that he’s got a committed base off of loyal voters. Voters effects them and they have a big decision to make. If you want to.
Exclusive: Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, joins Chris Wallace on ‘Fox News Sunday.’

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