Kaillie Humphries 1st U.S. win: ‘I never will forget where I came from’

By | December 10, 2019

Kaillie Humphries 1st U.S. win: ‘I never will forget where I came from’
Kaillie Humphries 1st U.S. win: ‘I never will forget where I came from’
Call Kaylee Humphreys was on top of a bobsleigh World Cup Podium again this weekend, but this time not for candid, despite her two-time gold Olympic gold medal for this country. Instead, she was competing for Team USA. When the Team USA Humphreys won Gold in the two women bobsled Lake Placid New York competing for Team USA, the win follows a lengthy legal battle with Bob’s Lake Canada, which actually granted her release. She qualified for the US team through her recent marriage to an American Humphries, joins us now in Lake Placid, New York security nice to have you on the program again, congratulations on the gold medal. Thank you very much. The significance of important was this win for you, but overall I was a bit nervous first race, back on the world’s top Cynthia Olympics. You know I was prepared for any type of results. At the end of the day, though, I’m very happy and proud for what I was accomplished accomplished and you know as a whole as a collective really had to come together. But this is a really good. Starting point definitely makes me believe more in myself as much as I always did, and my skills and my ability to be able to know that you know our starting point is back on top and I can be there. It gives me a lot of confidence for the future. I think yeah part of the case was just built around a lot of mental instability and insecurity, so I definitely did for probably about 7 or so all of that you are and in your abilities, so it took a lot of hard work, Jemez, old and new. It’S taken a lot in the mental game, definitely needed the most amount of work, and so just to be able to to know where we’re starting and to be able to know that I can be back on top is a very good confidence, booster and some candy, Because, here you are competing not for this country for but for Team USA. What do you say to those fans have been loyal to you these many years totally acceptable, and I understand trust me – I thought so hard personally and professionally – to remain a part of the Canadian program. This is an it’s a messy breakup, and it’s not something that I wanted. It’S not something that you know it wasn’t just something that happened at a whim that was quick, but my health first and foremost mentally as well as physically. I have to put that at the Forefront, and this was the only opportunity for me to be able to get back competing safe environment, and it’s one that I had to take unfortunate, that I have that opportunity. But to all my friends to all my fans, people that have stuck by me and my family, everybody in Canada. Thank you so much for believing in me and me as a person. I will continue to do my best as an athlete. First and foremost, I never ever will forget where I came from or what you know and I will remain Canadian, I always will be. That will always be a big part. I’M not exchanging one for the other. I have room in my heart to love both equally. Just as much this is not going to be a Canada versus u.s. Feud on any capacity whatsoever. At the end of the day, I’m in a safe environment, I feel respected trusted and I’m wanted – and that’s the most important thing to thank you to everybody that you know stuff by that and that appreciates the opportunity to be able to achieve. So. Thank you for sticking by me for believing in me, but for you know looking at me as a human being Canadians – and I know, there’s so many Canadians still rooting for you, despite that, what team you are competing for right now, but you know we also point Out that there’s been some horrible criticism out in social media, some people calling you a traitor for switching teams. Has that been to go for you to hear it’s been an emotional roller coaster for me as well, you know it’s it’s not that any of this is easy at the end of the day that I think that’s part of the problem. That’S part of the issue is that everybody Airman and social media. Unfortunately, it’s a great place for bullying harassment abuse all of that to come out if and when people feel appropriate, just the person of this scenario and fully understanding or anything from the past. It’S h, a new chapter, words hurt, and so, if we can just respect and love one another for who we are as people we’re all different, we’re all unique. We don’t know everybody’s situation or scenario, and you know we really need to be compassionate for London, words. That would help you mentioned the future, and this is a World Cup event about many people already are looking at 2022 at the Olympic Games in Beijing. Are you going to be competing in Beijing turn games? Will you be competing with Team USA? Do you think orange Senior Center to earn my spot internationally, and I have to prove to be one of the best on the circuit to be able to go and compete? Compete at the Olympics in 2022 as a whole on this wasn’t against something that I took lightly or just happened at a whim, and this is definitely you know the next chapter of where I’m going. What my God made for this point – and I will continue to represent myself and my team to the best of my ability.
Two-time Olympic champion Kaillie Humphries wins women’s bobsleigh event for the United States. It was her first race since switching competitive allegiances from Canada.

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