Jimmy Garoppolo on Super Bowl Loss, “Never had this feeling before”

By | February 14, 2020

Jimmy Garoppolo on Super Bowl Loss, “Never had this feeling before”
Jimmy Garoppolo on Super Bowl Loss, “Never had this feeling before”
Add stuff I mean never had this feeling before so kind of an unreal feeling, but it is what it is last night you know some place that we usually make, but that was a tough one out there. Eventually I get Lonesome crowded so just make some more plays that we normally make so stop one yeah that I was an opportunity for us. We just didn’t take advantage of it. Specially rapid turnover think we all are kind of felt the same way coming up after I drive it was tough, but I was just going to give you some credit there.

A good team nominated some new wrinkles coming into the game, but no 2 weeks are very kind of expect. That yeah I mean I mean everyone. It was having everyone felt very similar stocks, losing it for a guy. You know, especially for Joe just everything he’s been through. You know, it’s all team Carnival themed, don’t like anything. I’Ve ever been a part of, and I wouldn’t trade, those guys for anything outside I mean you can see that guy dies in their. It mean something to guys, and I know I made you got guys – who care about what they’re doing guys, who care about each other, and I know we’re young team got a very bright future.

Now I got to take this in stride. Remember this feeling – and you know that if you listen to in the offseason that Charlotte I mean just you know, didn’t make the plays, we normally making no credit there good team, but I love the game and you know there was a better team today. That means to dream of, and everything is just and we got off rolling out right now and getting. Couldn’t finish it off until it stops. But I know it’s been a hell of a year with these guys everything we’ve been through.

You know from the very start. I mean it’s just incredible story: that’s been wild and I’ll. First, full season is a starter. Coming back to the ACL, I mean it’s a it’s a lot of things wrapped into one. So now, there’s three positives, but not the end of the day. It’S about wins and losses. Can I get the chew some credit, like I said before, they’re good football team. I just wasn’t our night, you know one of those nights, it definitely helps. I think I just Ford, you know how long the game is, how long halftime all those little things that go into it, but at the end of the day we just didn’t make enough plays and no they did just died.

I’M just a feeling, a lock room. I mean the unreal feeling something I’ve never felt before. I’M sure that none of these guys it felt before some, but you know the one positive you can take out of his guys care about it – guys care about each other guys care about this organization, good camping. This year it’s hard to look at it right now and see that see that good. But in a couple days down the line, you know maybe look back and look back on a little bit. I mean the way down the road, but I know we got young football team, very talented football team and she’ll just one of those things you got to remember this feeling left you in the future.

We usually do, and we didn’t know Chief some credit, though they’re they’re, good football team and I’ll have to poop at hex code reader. You know. , I well deserve. I think, there’s a lot of things. You can learn from this game. You know just died things you could use in the future. First full season, you know going to the Superbowl and everything in me knows a hell of a ride, but you know at the end of the day, people just remember the wins and losses yeah yeah. It’S how we’ve been tracking it for a little while then get the no perfect look at it.

I kind of fell into it, and so he play on third down like that for him to go. Get the first down it’s hard to see it right now, but there are some positives that you got to take out of this. You know young guys stepping up on the biggest stage like this. I appreciate everything, one of those guys in that locker room. I think I know we just didn’t make the plays and we had opportunities too, and so I tough tough way to go down. But you know it is what it is.
Watch Jimmy Garoppolo’s full post game press conference from Super Bowl LIV.

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