Jimmy Butler 2020 NBA All-Star Media Day | NBA on ESPN

By | February 16, 2020

Jimmy Butler 2020 NBA All-Star Media Day | NBA on ESPN
Jimmy Butler 2020 NBA All-Star Media Day | NBA on ESPN
I mean I feel, like I’ve been to All Star game before, but I think it’s always a little bit special, where my whole NBA career started here in Chicago a lot of love for this city. But as far as it goes like remove from that man that I’m so stuck in the right now and moving forward that over all just a blessing to be able to wake up and play basketball, everyday champ, I think any time you get to witness and and Watch two of the greatest everybody game compete against one another smiling while they’re doing it, knowing that this game doesn’t count as much always special injuries.

Next bus man, this densities done a lot for me to me. Kids are so important in the city. So, every time I come back I’ll try to do as much as I can with them just saying when you professional athlete that there that you can see their face and you’re doing so many different things with him. I think it means the world to those kids and it’s it’s definitely Point them in the right direction. Competitive Nick’s Nest kicks in. When does that happen? I don’t know, I think you you talked about it before the game during the game, but at some point in time it do pick up a little bit.

It is supposed to be fun, though. Obviously nobody wants to tell get injured. So whenever does pick up, you got guys out. There compete Bamm-Bamm, whoever bam guy Wall-E, it’s incredible Chicago fans. They love their teams with a gun into the bad. Obviously, this is like I said this is where my MBA career started. I still have homes here, I’m always here during the summer time. I got a lot of love for this city and I’m so fortunate that the city still has a lot of love. For me, I mean it’s always a opportunity and it be a definite blessing to be able to do it, but it is all about saying, what’s going on at the Town health, that good stuff and be a blessing and play, but I mean also, I want to Actually get to spend some time with your family as well always special and even more special.

I get to go, see kids, that I’ve seen you know whenever I was here and my first six years of my career and, like I said earlier, this community still has a your back on me. They embrace the kid whenever I first got here, Help Me Grow to become in the man that I am and for me to be able to get back to the community. Go see these kids to show them. I don’t play for the boys anymore, but I’m still here and it’s Community to me. That’S what my heart lies. Yeah I mean it Mars. That’S that’s my guy! That’S famous! Like a brother to me.

I love Brazil. I love her till. I think my love for football / soccer is legit starting to catch up with my love of basketball. So after my career I’ll go pay for Flamingo, I mean, I think, he’s incredible on both sides of the ball and then he does everything. Well, you can just focus on defense with the guy. He can score of the ball. He can get everybody else involved, but I feel as though that’s why he’s going to players in the game right now is because he changed the game and so many different way who got.

We got bam, DJ and Duncan yeah. I’M excited for these guys, as I tell him all the time or back of Miami like. I think there are a huge part in our success, I’m so happy for him and obviously I want those guys to win, but if they don’t it’s okay, I think it’s a privilege and opportunity to be acknowledged and even to be out there competing with the guy That they’re competing against, but if I had to money on somebody, I put it on my gas to do some new pieces in the mix. Everybody is getting used to everybody still, but the second half of the season.

After the break we got some business to handle. I think that’s the I don’t know is that the goal, or is that the point of a rebuilt? I would think so, but you know what I got. I got faith in management here. No, they have to know what they’re doing. I think their decision was right for them and I’ll continue to to wish them the best. I think they got some really great young talent that they’ll figure it out. I think they got nothing but time. Yeah, of course, like come on. This is this in Chicago. This is home for me for a long time still is home.

For me now is it’s a definite possibility, maybe towards my career, but who knows, I guess we will find out when the time gets here call is growing, but definitely a Miami, and I think there’s we were late in so many different ways outside of basketball weather Beyond I’m playing dominoes, my love for like soccer is unreal, so I get to go play all the time in Miami about the cold weather in the snow and it’s like everywhere. We go there just something else to do and is that Community has been absolutely amazing for me down here in Miami legit hold on.

I ain’t that good yet give me a couple years know Pennsylvania. I have a dog on mightynest, Sylvania, ninji and goren, and you know we he’s teaching me so they never single day going. Is he just? He just tells me how he saw Luca grow into being the player. That is so. You have to be a fan of it cuz he he definitely work for he’s been around the game for so long, and what he’s doing in the league now is no surprise to the Hammer to other people off in Europe, but my fan is very fun. To watch a bunch, what’s that Goran told me all the bad words to say to it just goes to show you know what the heater are great at bring it in guys that can get stuff done on that are overlooked.

That works on incredibly hard and try to protect their crap. I think that they put each and every one of our guys include myself in a position to be successful and two big knowledge and Anna recognized for being an incredible Talent. What did I bring? Not s***? I think that that that culture was already there it just spent me. I think I just brought myself that what they brought me, their their coach, is going to stay the same with or without me why, I would say Brittney Griner. I would because I remember and USA in the Olympics how she was talking about how she could be Boogie and a one-on-one, so she know my team, so they could bottle.

I mean he’s influence, so many people, that is it’s beyond basketball, just come in tablet of getting up being great, pushing through any and everything and wanting to be the best at what you do. That’S in life in general, not just basketball, not just what you do, but anybody can say you know. I want that Mamba mentality. I have two there’s no other choice but to what defines Michael Jordan? Oh, where can you find Michael Jordan? That’S what you’re looking for! Damn where can you find Mike, you can find his jersey and that you see he got a steak house on Michigan.

I don’t know, that’s all I got I’m sorry I’ll, probably just a man all the teammates that I got an opportunity to play with that. I got the bill bonds with Brotherhood with old guys young guys got it up scene been in the league for a while. I think that that’s special to me, cuz, I never in a million years thought that our been NBA be playing for the Chicago Bulls. But whenever I got here the organization, my teammates and coaches dalen bracelet to win some games to figure out how to win on the road. I think we’re still coming into who we are, but we definitely have to figure it out.

We got to figure out really soon we’re capable of it. I think coach, both coach, Pat, we all know we have to do so I’ll coming in after the break, no clear your mind, get a little bit more Sunshine outside of Miami and I’ll come back ready around say what bring it up. That’S! Okay, make me no difference, they want me. I ain’t playing, I ain’t worried about it happening. We. We have to continue to find it, but we’re fine. formula. Now I think we got a lot of great guys. I can do so many things well enough or we just got to put it together.

We definitely got to put it together, but here in Miami is, it is a place they always find a way. Now it now it’s up to us to do legit for real he’s straight to the point directly involved in everything and I loved it. Cuz that doesn’t show daddy cares. He wants to win. He wants to win now, it’s not about cuz. You know. None of this is guaranteed. He realizes it. Everybody in Miami everybody in the organization. You realize it till you try to make it happen. I didn’t leave they traded me. So I guess I got.

I got kicked out at the right time. You know you got another champion that knows what it takes to win knows what it takes to even get there so with him. Obviously, his talent is there but his mental and how is so vocal and how he’s trying to teach a this is. This is how you have to do it on the road at home in order to win in the playoffs in them and get to the championship, and then you know when you get there you’ll take it up another level. I think that’s the biggest part of have it drain on a team. Is he knows what it takes to win Stocker, I’m nice.

Would I lie to you in front of his Mike stocker? No, no. I think Miami appreciates me a lot like and I’m here. I don’t know no, and it said you don’t even be worried about it and I’ll be so locked in so doing what I’m supposed to be doing for Miami I’m having fun doing it, I’m happy, which is what it’s about winning. I think we still have a long way to go, but I think more than anything, we’re capable of doing something special, that nobody thought we was going to do. Anyways, it’s incredible Chicago loves the sport of of basketball, anti, have so many great basketball players here at one time and choose for this city.

I think like when you think of a team in an arena you know where Michael Jordan played is 1 + was going to pop up we’re Scottie Pippen played is going to pop up where they free. , That is going to pop up Chicago is a a basketball Powerhouse, for you know, High School growing up into the league, like basketball weighs, is really really important here and I’m bored to be able to be back at the house all weekend when people paint you is that, but you view things a lot differently and then you Just go out there and do what you’re supposed to do.

Jimmy Butler fields questions at NBA All-Star Media Day in Chicago.
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