Jimmie Johnson discusses his NASCAR career, family and his final season | SportsCenter

By | February 16, 2020

Jimmie Johnson discusses his NASCAR career, family and his final season | SportsCenter
Jimmie Johnson discusses his NASCAR career, family and his final season | SportsCenter
Which Championship was the most special special? I would struggle if 1 + 7, then we both won the the disappointment of the two years before that Mark for me and what it did Army inside of my own between my ears inside my head. Just gave me that that was that was the biggest one. To what degree did that first, one alleviate remove some of those insecurities. You were discussing a moment ago, I wouldn’t say until probably the Third. I was really really comfortable in my own shoes. I don’t know. I won one huge relief, but for whatever reason it was just one kick anyone a second one.

So when the second one and the third one I was chasing tail in some way and in my own head light in the deepest parts of my on my own head until I won my third, I finally took a big, deep breath and was like I can Do this right now, after all this success, can you still want to do? Well? I still feel in my heart that that I’m as good as I ever was a more experience and more time and knowledge were comfortable in my own shoes today than I’ve ever been here too. So those insecurities of like don’t want to think that I’ve lost my fastball and I’ve lost something I don’t believe I have my heart and so I’m I’m looking forward to proving things differently, someone to say that I have.

But what do you say to your fastball? I don’t really think I want to prove it out there. You know, that’s that’s, ultimately what I want to do. I defend myself. Of course, I believe in my heart – that’s not the case, but I got to figure that out. You have this philosophy this year that you’re not chasing anything. Why what changed? I would say when I went to make my announcement that 2020 is going to be my last year and still wearing this uniform line that I was in. I just recognize that I’m I’m a little out of character.

I’Ve started chasing the state championship and I didn’t realize if this hashtag, that I use and kind of our Mantra was really in at the root of my decision. But I’ve just had this thing in my own head, I got to 18. I need to be the guy that wins 8 and when I decided that I was going to make 2020 my last year, it’s freaking of that. What did I do to you psychologically when you did have that shift allowed me to say 2020 last year and then, as time went on and I live with them or the other piece of started to fall? But that moment is when I was like I’m done.

This, I feel good I feel accomplished. I want a more Balanced Life, and here I go actually a bit of pressure to be the guy that got ate the constant push to be the guy who won more championships than anyone who’s ever strapped into a NASCAR stock car. What is that? It is something that I under control, and it’s not that it completely destroyed me, but I had the competitive spirit, is high in any pro athlete right. So it wasn’t my daily motivation, but it wasn’t too far. Behind I mean it was just there and in until I identified it and realized it now, it was there Wayne on it for a long time.

One of the greatest and most difficult parts of fatherhood is just that being present when you’re a full-time driver out here with a 38 race schedule. Every day you have sponsorship commitments, you have Team commitments, you have meetings. What’S the difficulty, what’s the challenge of being a present father and husband truthfully? That is why 2020 is going to be my last year. I want to be more present. I want to be present everywhere. I just I just don’t want this hole that don’t like just a flash by and I’m staying in room, looking a bunch of trophies and it’s never been to me.

If you look back at 2020, once you get done, what’s a successful season, winning man the final for now to back up and try to apply what I want to accomplish in 120, enjoy it with my family, enjoy it with my friends, enjoy it with the fans And Inlet in what 19 years of racing at this top-level and the accolades that come with that? Let that in get on YouTube for more sports highlights and Analysis, be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming.
Jimmie Johnson sits down with Marty Smith to discuss his past championship wins in NASCAR, how he wants to prove he still has it on the track and cites spending more time with his family as a reason for why 2020 will be his last year

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