Jerrod Nadler’s full opening statement in impeachment hearing on evidence against Trump

By | December 10, 2019

Jerrod Nadler’s full opening statement in impeachment hearing on evidence against Trump
Jerrod Nadler’s full opening statement in impeachment hearing on evidence against Trump
No matter his party or his politics is the president places his own interests above those of the country. He betrays his oath of office, president of the United States, Speaker of the House, majority leader of the Senate, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the chairman and ranking members of the House committee on the Judiciary. All have one important thing: in common: we have each taken an oath to preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States. If the president puts himself before the country violates the president’s most basic responsibility, he breaks his oath, the American people, if he puts South before the country in a matter that threatens our democracy than our promise to the American people, requires us to come to the defense Of the nation that o stands even when it is politically inconvenient, even when it might bring us under criticism, even when it might cost us our jobs as members of Congress, and even if the president is unwilling to honor his oath. I am compelled to undermine, as we heard enough searing. The framers of the Constitution were careful. Students of history and clear in their vision, for the new nation of the threats to democracy can take. Many forms that we must protect against them is the dangerous it would be monarchs fake, populous and charismatic demagogues. They knew that the most dangerous threat to our country might come from within in the form of a corrupt executive who put his private interest above the interest of they also do if they could not anticipate every threat a president might someday pose. So they adopted the phrase, treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors to capture the full spectrum of possible misconduct. George Mason, who proposed the standard, said that it was meant to capture all matter of great and the dangerous offenses against the Constitution. The debates around the framing make clear that the most serious offenses include abuse of power, The Trail Of The Nation through foreign, entanglements and Corruption of public office. Any one of these violations of the public trust would compel the members of this committee to take action when combined the single course of action, they stayed the strongest possible case for impeachment and removal from Office President Trump put himself before country, despite the political partisanship. That seems to punctuate are hearings these days. I believe we agree, for example, that impeachment is a solemn, serious undertaking. We agree that it is meant to address serious threats to democratic institutions like our free and fair elections. We agree at win. The elections themselves are threatened by enemies, foreign or domestic. We cannot wait until the next election to address the threat. We surely agree that no public official, including, and especially the president of the United States, should use his public office for private gain, and we agree that no president may put himself before the country the Constitution and his oath of office is promised to American citizens, require The president to put the country first, if we could drop our blinders for just one moment. I think we would agree on a common set of facts as well prayed and asked him for a favor. That Paul was part of the concerted effort by President Trump to compel the government of Ukraine to announce an investigation, investigation of corruption writ large, but an investigation of President Trump’s poll Rivals and his political Rivals President Trump put himself before country. The record shows that President Trump withheld military aid allocated by the United States Congress from Ukraine. It also shows that he withheld a white house meeting from president selenski. Multiple Witnesses, including respected National Security Professionals, decorated War veterans, all testify to same basic fact. President Trump withheld the aid and the meeting in order to pressure a foreign government that favor President Trump put himself before country when the president got caught with Congress, discovered that the agent from Ukraine, the president, took extraordinary and unprecedented steps of the American people. These facts, not in dispute. The facts appear to be beside the point as we review the evidence today, intelligence Community, let me be clear. Every fact allege by The Whistleblower, has been substantiated by multiple Witnesses. I said, Republicans alike also match up with the president’s own words. As released by The White House, where is that a still says, we’re perfect is it a person needs to verbally acknowledge the name of a crime while you wait for it to be a crime at all. This point is also clear testified that the president into his Rivals was, apart of his personal political agenda, not related to the foreign policy objectives of the United States. Until Ukraine announced investigations – and yes, multiple officials testified that the arrangement to be a quid pro quo for the president’s personal political benefit Trump put himself before country. The president’s support is it going to argue that this whole process is unfair? The record before us is clear at this point as well be invited the president to participate in this hearing to question Witnesses at the present evidence that might explain the charges against him. President Trump shows not to show he may not have much to say in his own defense, but he cannot claim that he did not have an opportunity to be heard. Finally, as we proceed today, we will hear a great deal about the speed with which the houses addressing the president’s actions to the members of the committee to the members of the house and termites citizens. I want to be absolutely clear. The Integrity of our next election is at stake. Nothing could be more urgent. The president welcome our elections in 2016. He demanded it for 2020. Then he got caught if you do not believe that he will do it again. Let me remind you that the president’s personal lawyer spent last week back in Ukraine meeting with government officials and it apparently the same so-called favors. If he’s here today and force Congress to consider the impeachment of a sitting president, the Donald J Trump, the president of the United States has put himself before his country, he has violated his most basic responsibility to the people he has broken his oath. I will undermine if you would honor yours, and I would urge you to do your duty. Let us let us review the record here in full view of the American people. Then let us move swiftly to defend our country. We promised that we, I now recognize the ranking members gentleman from George’s recognized before me. The gentleman from Georgia is it to J1 of rule 11, insist on my pointer border unless you’re willing to immediately schedule a minority hearing day. That is not a proper point of order in today’s hearing. If the ranking member thinks we would be violating the rules of the house, if we considered articles of impeachment before holding a hearing is point of order would be timely and a meeting where we considered articles of impeachment. That is not the purpose of today. Siri and the point of order is not Timely.
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) delivered his opening statement during the panel’s impeachment inquiry hearing into President Trump on Dec. 9. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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