Jayson Tatum 2020 NBA All-Star Media Day Interview | NBA on ESPN

By | February 16, 2020

Jayson Tatum 2020 NBA All-Star Media Day Interview | NBA on ESPN
Jayson Tatum 2020 NBA All-Star Media Day Interview | NBA on ESPN
Feels great, I’m really excited right now. Yeah playing against tomorrow is going to be fine in the. Hopefully we can match up once or twice so I can take him to the Post, I’m going to go right Adam, so that should be fun. If I know what he going to do, if he know what Imma do, but I’m still I’m still taller than him, so I’m going to be alright, I want to make them feel good about themselves about the weekend, so you know yeah. He got to see me tomorrow, I know, but we should that’ll be fun.

The first thing that comes to mind is yeah. Just how? How much does it mean to use to be great in Ohio? How hard are you willing to work to how much how much you willing to sacrifice to to be as great as you can food I want to play? I don’t know, I think it’d be a good idea. If you fun, the fans were shut out. The rush Broly KD and Giannis last year I mean I knew about Penny Hardaway, but I wasn’t like old enough to read really watch him, but he was he was cold and I don’t think he gets enough.

You no respect or just talked about it enough, but then he was a lot of people’s favorite play Yeah, but you know that sometimes change is good. You know when they bring new things and new ideas, so I mean I’m not opposed to. Thank you for bringing a lot of attention in today. It’D be a big deal. Cuz one just like psychology want to go home, so I’ll be pretty cool yeah I mean everybody. Everybody make the All-Star game is deserving deserve to be here. It’S always a few guys. Every every season or every year that are in the conversation that should have a could have made it and Brad is definitely one of them.

Yeah. 30 points right now again, so I mean being a butt, but everybody here is deserving as well. Oh yeah, oh told me, I had a good game and it was watching there’s only two games on TV that they say everybody was watching. The game, relationship and friendship has grown a lot over the season so far from USA, Basketball to play on the Celtics to Experian also together. So it’s been a good ride, it’s hard to explain, but it is a different feeling. Alright, you know it’s my third time being also but first time being play no Sunday and it doesn’t, it feels different.

You know it. I just feel different staying healthy. I think that’s big for us and you know I feel like we have enough Talent we play at hard as anybody. You know we just got to be consistent and not looking too far, but just just to keep working. I got a long way to go. I try to work on the areas of my game, so I got a long way to go and as often as I can. I’ve been wearing a headband a lot lately cuz, I ain’t had a haircut appreciate it. That’S not here. Taco Bell, I’m not going to. I’M not going to answer that question.

It’S always competing this weekend is about having fun. So you know we’ll worry about that when the season starts back up, but it’s just by having fun, I know, take it off, but are we beat the? Could I don’t know? I go back and forth every day. I think it’ll be cool. I don’t know what to expect cuz it’s my first game, so you know, I think, it’ll be cool. I think it’s going to be competitive, going to be fun. I was a lot of things that he did, but work-wise would be the most thing that I would try to emulate and pay attention to watch him I mean that’s.

A cool is that I was playing. I’Ve always been really good before all star break and no we were winning and we were really playing well as a team. So hopefully I can you got the All-Star break and we’ll keep it up I’ll look. I just do what I did last year and then I can just retire from the skills competition unless somebody else when only if necessary, rookie year when he was in LA so that was my second time doing it. It was it’s always a lot of fun. Just getting to interact with them in and see how much joy they have playing basketball and as well as WNBA players out there and Muggsy Bogues and matumbos out there, so just being with those guys and having fun before.

I think it’s cool kind of like Streetball somebody got hit a game-winning shot, so I’m excited to see it’ll be tough. Whoever we play in the playoffs is going to be tough to eat is really good this year, especially the guys in the playoff race. So it was earlier right now, but you know every play it’s going to be tough. I think you need that because he’s been playing extremely extremely well this season, so we deserve it. Yeah I mean, I think I think it’s a pretty big deal being 21 event. All-Star Game – that’s something I don’t take for granted.

I’M just really liked and happy happy to be here. Yeah. He just continue to get better every year, and especially, you know, you know after the win a championship in Kauai left for you is kind of like you know, really elevated his game this season and what rappers are one of the greatest? Oh Larry Bird, one of the greatest players of all time, so I still got a long way to go to be in that conversation, so, but that’s a long way away from them. Got2B that’ll be dope. The difference I mean, I love how clear they got to play with my life, a lot for a true professional one of the one of the best guys to be around.

So no, it was tough when he left, but you know it. We like 50 or summer games, then so we were used to playing without aisle and vice versa. Sometimes sometimes it do surprise. Yeah, of course, it’s still very fresh in people’s minds and no people toys. So he definitely has a big butt. So many Kobe jerseys here and tributes are there should be? Oh? No. I still do it never changed, be kind of stole my thunder, but it’s cool. I love tacos, so he can. He can do that Marcus Marcus Morris. When I was on his team to know he would need to talk to people, I got it.

I got the outside water yeah, but I mean St Louis is better than Indianapolis. So I told him that all the time how good Chris was, I played against them in the playoffs twice two years in a row, but just you know practicing with him and working out with him everyday. Chris Smoove. I really like this game with whoever hot Kimber Kimber play against on the wall. Yeah just been in chemistry. We continue to do that, translate for the court. I know which is which is good fighting stuff. I would have talked to him about it, but it is just.

I got the I make Chris Tucker yesterday and he knew who I was, and that was a big deal for me cuz. I think Chris Tucker’s one of the funniest people ever to live. He told me he was a fan: LeBron Anthony Davis go by James, Arthur, so he’s coming to practice today, so that’ll be cool on a Celtics Aron Baynes semi ojeleye cuz, a big strong guys to like. If somebody some attack us Buy-Back tomorrow, you’ll see, did I expect Improvement. Yeah I’ll try to get better every year, so hopefully, next year, I’ll be better than I am miss you All-Star All-Star, so you get a feel for it.

Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum fields questions at NBA All-Star Media Day 2020 in Chicago.
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