Jason Kenney encouraging John Baird to run for Conservative leadership

By | February 14, 2020

Jason Kenney encouraging John Baird to run for Conservative leadership
Jason Kenney encouraging John Baird to run for Conservative leadership
Cost to build a Trans Mountain pipeline expansion has jumped 70 % to 2.6 billion dollars initial estimates three years ago and paid the cost at 7.4 billion, but design changes such as adding thicker pipe and enhanced leak. Detection for delays have pushed cost up significantly. The delays include the 2018 court of appeals, decision that struck down the approval of the project and now joined by the premier of Alberta, Washington, Premier Kenny great, to have you here on the program to 12.6 billion.

. Well, that’s a surprise, but the federal government took ownership with a pipeline, because regulatory uncertainty caused the American company Kinder Morgan to leave Canada and leave us in the lurch pipeline has to proceed because, ultimately, it’ll be, it will be worth a tens and tens of billions Of dollars of government revenue and will support thousands of jobs, and it will help us to stop effectively subsidized in the US economy right now. We, we cell part, will it a big deal to set the price effect of because they’re the only buy rubber energy.

We get TMX done all of a sudden. The price of our greatest asset goes up, that’s good for all Canadians, so this is unfortunate, but still Nestor. We get this. I guess I would say the moral of the story is. We need regulatory ends with a regulatory certainty so that in the future, companies don’t leave. The country like enter Morgan. Did and that’s why I hope the federal cabinet will approve the tech resource. Mine Anderson refer to the pipeline now is a different project. The expansion is a different projects than for what it initially was.

What are your thoughts on that to see that as it is as a different Project based on the needs technical at answer to that? So all I can say is that as a project like this gets delayed as it has been for years, and evidently the costs go up, that’s why we need a straightforward and predictable regulatory process where decisions can get made and big protros can be built in a Reasonable amount of time, so that way, we don’t end up losing companies leaving the country like Kinder Morgan or be taking a decade or longer to build a project which is normally take two or three years.

It is because it is with this increasing costs to be an increase in cost to Canadians. Do you think, as you’re presenting this is going to cause you no thousands and thousands of jobs? Well, there’s no doubt, as I say that, over the course of of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, it will generate tens and tens of billions of dollars of value in Revenue to the Canadian economy and revenues to 22 Canady governments to the British Columbia, Canada, Alberta and At least share that across the country, through Equalization and through our whole system, if it will transfer Alberta, has contributed about 600 billion dollars net to the Canada since about 1960 primarily stored energy resources.

We want to continue to share that. We can’t, unless we get Global Market access, including through pipelines like the Trans Mountain expansion set in Washington, because you certainly are there for that selling points. To say that Albert has a place for investment, cutting unnecessary red tape by Third. Our goal is to be the fastest to moving in and freest economy in North America. The Canadian Association of petroleum producers recently predicted that we will, for the first time in 6 years, see an increase in capital investment in the Canadian energy sector of two billion dollars.

That will create, they think they asked me 8500 new jobs and we estimate the job creation. Tax cut will create 55,000 that full-time private sector jobs when it’s fully implemented. But if a ticket around you’re talking about the importance of energy security and we need to get those pipeline bill, for example, Keystone XL TransCanada energy – is given notice of his intention to begin building. At this year, under a presidential permit was issued – and I’m here Governor’s Senators Congress people members of the US Administration to confirm their support for that project that it will be worth tens of billions of dollars of values of Canadians as well.

One of those discussions going to be about a certainly no wanting to meet with Premiere logo with regards to his concerns on the pipeline. Well, I think it’ll go, has no objection to the Transmountain or Keystone. He obviously supposed to know pipeline going through what he does. Support liquefied-natural-gas also supports us on our opposition to the federal, no more pipelines. Lobby b69 and honor objections about the carbon tax in treating in our jurisdiction along pretty well will also be joined by New Brunswick Blaine Higgs and later this afternoon the five of us will be meeting with United States trade representative.

Basically, trade Minister secretary Rob lighthiser to talk about the ratification of the revised NAFTA Trade Agreement, as well as other trade issues and irritants are. We all know that there is is a renewed at protest. Ernest attitude at both ends of Pennsylvania, Avenue, Congress and white house here in Washington. That’S one of the reasons we’re down here. As Team Canada, we will be joined by Deputy Prime Minister chrystia Freeland as well, and I will also be attending. Meetings of the national Governors.

Association in particular, will be meeting with governors in states where were having opposition to pipelines that permit Canadian energy exports to the United States come from Alberta, that’s mainly energy. We want to continue that. That’S good for all. Canadians want to switch gears. A little bit to Premier Kenny to looking at the conservative party in the federal conservative party is the situation. It is in right now. Looking for a new leader, you would publicly stated this morning, John Baird, should it be seriously considering a run? What are your thoughts? Mr.

Barrett has an expressed. Any desire is as far as we know. Rather, he was of course part of that report. Looking into the party post-election thoughts on why you think John Barrett should be the man a couple of days ago and encouraged him to put his name forward. I think that that conservatives would benefit from a larger field and John is a prince conservative with deep experience. Both at the provincial and federal levels, as well as in the private sector, I John, is bilingual and he has great connections across the country and internationally in, and I think we need.

We need. Candidates were principal conservatives who can win, who are bilingual and who have relevant experience, and I think John – and this is not an endorsement, but I sure hope he puts his name for it, because I think would be good for the country party to have somebody of His Calibre offering their talent and experience for for leadership at an important time attract Camino Federal conservatives, Heather best result. As an opposition party, ever-increasing number seats won, the popular vote went up and in almost every region to Dexter nearly had a great candidate race.

A lot of fun yeah, I would say you know where we, where the federal conservatives lost was it was in Ontario and they’ve got to work harder to regain the confidence of folks in Ontario and also out you know it’s. It’S. The Canadians have a tendency to re-elect government. We have, we saw a majority liberal government turn into manure tea. I just think what Canadians are probably looking for what they would consider confident and save change, but ultimately that will be up to the conservative members to decide what they’re looking for it.

One thing I would advise my my fellow conservatives obvious that we need to offer Canadians a choice and not an echo. The country doesn’t need to Liberal parties being a party that believes in in economic growth, fiscal responsibility, reducing the cost of living responsible. It also responsibility on the environment. I think people are looking for that balance, your political background and experience that you had hired by albertans to do a very big job just nine months ago, and I committed to them.

I would stick to this task and that’s exactly what I’m doing or going to commit the committed to keeping my word to albertans, and I think I can have a player rolling some of their debates around National issues. But I hope that there will be a good field of candidates for conservatives to choose from, and certainly won’t include me thanks for the opportunity.
From CTV News Channel: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says the party needs principled Conservatives and that John Baird is good for the Tories.

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