Jalen Rose: Lakers vs. Clippers, OKC Thunder & Zion Williamson | Jalen & Jacoby

By | February 16, 2020

Jalen Rose: Lakers vs. Clippers, OKC Thunder & Zion Williamson | Jalen & Jacoby
Jalen Rose: Lakers vs. Clippers, OKC Thunder & Zion Williamson | Jalen & Jacoby
U-Pick is the best team in Los Angeles. This is tough because I had to do two different designations and it frustrated me with fans and media, it’s how how players are and how they are versus meet. So, like I agree with you that the Lakers number one seed in the west, they have great size, LeBron James, Anthony Davis. We know about their squad, but they’re not as effective going against the Clippers against the field other than the Clippers. I would do that, but head-to-head today I still have to take the healthy Clippers against the Lakers.

I really do. The Clippers have proven themselves to be the better team, and I was before they added Maurice, who is a key piece to what they do. We will have plenty of time in the future to discuss who’s the best team, Los Angeles again and again through the summer, but that wasn’t the only game last night and it and we’re going to get to Zion we’re supposed to talk about Zion, ESPN, Zion Zion. With the real story here to me is the Oklahoma City, Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder, have won seven of the last 10 big one Road games in a row and a fire sale at the trade Westbrook they’re supposed to trade Chris Paul to the Heat, and he faced Didn’T remember to get traded to see that contract driving, they are now solidly in the playoffs in the Western Conference and they got a big win against the Pelicans last night.

How have they been able to be so successful this season? I want to make sure I do a couple of things. I want put some respect on his name, because a lot of us thought he was foolish when we look down at the paper and felt like he was training, Paul George and Russell Westbrook. In the same all season, and when you look at how this veteran-laden team is playing with an influx of young players plus to ask they got going long-term, that looks amazing. Also stability, Billy Donovan we’ve seen him Coach a big 3 with hard and KD and Westbrook overcome all of that from Victor Oladipo on and off the team.

Paul George has been on and off the 10 until now having Gallinari and Chris Paul is Steven Adams, grizzled veterans going to show up the work and then shrewder and I and I got SGA and so now legitimately a playoff team and also a squat. You don’t want to play, and this is why I said what I said when you compare the Lakers versus the Clippers, the Clippers I’ll give an edge versus the Lakers necessarily give them an ad versus the rest of the West, depending on the matchup cuz. All things are strengths and weaknesses.

I’M not saying that the Oklahoma City Thunder or the Memphis Grizzlies are going to win the first round. Ok, Google! What is the Oklahoma City Thunder have a chance in a first-round to win a couple of games every time he keep surprising me and it’s getting to a point where this is normal. Is this a normal game for Zion Williamson? You know the people what they want, and I know he missed a lot of game, but the second time all stars at this year, but they’re not following us like Zion, how far in just 10 games – and let me just point out something: that’s a basketball trick That does not show up on the stat sheet.

Okay, that he does, that usually Elite prospects, don’t always do he’s virtually playing harder than everybody else. Gif grabit get a deflection in the paint he jumping all over. Everybody respond! That’S what I love when you get all of those hustle effort buckets, then all of a sudden you getting the transition laws and your great athlete play multiple positions. Upfront he’s become an immovable force in the league and they’re so far behind. I don’t believe that they’re going make the playoffs it just too many squats a leapfrog, but I’m telling you what building around Zion is everything that the Pelicans hope that it would be offensive and he is an elite Athlete on both ends of the floor and just Very quickly, let’s just let’s just stay in it and just watch this block from Zion, because I am doesn’t just get up on offense.

She almost goes up for the shot fake and then he can recover and get up for the second one, but that Jalen Rose was impressive, but it wasn’t nearly as impressive as what my guy Steven Adams did. The shot veteran leader on that Squad they’re going to be in play, I got to say one more thing about Zion and how the geometry of the team works with Brandon Ingram was really getting off this year. They have a plan that a lot of 3/4 was Ian, is they have? Their plan had a lot of 4 5 and it goes to show you how fragile opportunities can be cuz at Zion been playing all season.

That Pelicans would have an All-Star, but it wouldn’t be Brandon Ingram, we’re so glad you’re watching ESPN on YouTube for more Sports analysis, download the ESPN app in for live streaming Sports and premium content make sure you subscribe to ESPN plus we’ll see you there.
Jalen Rose picks which team is the best in Los Angeles between the Lakers and the Clippers, weighs in on the Oklahoma City Thunder and New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson.
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