Jalen Rose breaks down the best NBA Slam Dunk Contest moments | Jalen & Jacoby

By | February 16, 2020

Jalen Rose breaks down the best NBA Slam Dunk Contest moments | Jalen & Jacoby
Jalen Rose breaks down the best NBA Slam Dunk Contest moments | Jalen & Jacoby
You and I were old enough to remember watching this – I was at home in my living room with Dominique and Jordan. Did I text back and forth? Jalen Rose. Where were you when you saw this is what were you thinking so I 15 years old and early, I was in love with basketball Born Into the game, and this is one of the most controversial things in the history of NBA NBA II II to Isaiah being Left off the Dream Team controversial – this is to me Michael, are Jeffrey Jordan by the way great dunkers, who can dunk off of one leg and off 2 feet.

That is crucial, cuz UCMJ, taking off from the free-throw line, but you also seeing kiss the rim from the side. Where is Dominique 50 + inch vertical, always off two feet? Here’S a controversy! Jordan did the saying donkey got a fifty-fifty, so that was the controversy. I feel pretty dark skin back, but there was no controversy in the dunk contest in the year 2000. That is because your former teammate Vincent Lamar Carter put on a show, that’s one of the most memorable moments in the history of the dunk contest. This one was clearly when he said it was over.

It was over. Do you think this was the best performer to the dunk contest? Yes and 2000 is the year I won most improved player and we made it to the finals, and I was mad that I didn’t make the All-Star game, so I remember being in Cabo on the treadmill watching this game. Knowing that the first game he was going to play after the All-Star break was at Indiana was an idiot enjoying all-star weekend he’s doing 360s in Reverse, isn’t putting his arm in the room. He got to be just a little 14. Just someone I got to have some sort of Advantage somehow someway and we play 40 + O2.

He might be the greatest individual Dunk Contest performance that ever will be. The best dunk contest happened in 2016 in the back and forth between to me, the greatest dunk contest performance in the history of the show. Your thoughts mr. Rose anytime, you taking off from the free-throw line, and you taking a basketball between your legs, like that. That’S just an amazing feat and Aaron Gordon turn over the mascot like. I don’t want to be like that in my bedroom about to fall on the bed like. How do you even practice that do you realize that that dunk goes wrong in any way shape or form that he going to fall and hit his head on the floor? Such such amazing athleticism, but the reason why I have to give Dominic and Jordan The Edge is that they’re, both Hall of Famers, that name recognition.

Two players is going to play on Sat perform on Saturday, + being the game on Sunday makes it a little more special, Mississippi behind three-point line in between the wing and the top of the key Jalen. What you think about this little remix of the rules. You know Adam silver watches the show to watch the TV show twice to fall, asleep, listen to the podcast. I have a message for Adam Silver: do away with the skills competition cuz, if Jalen’s bored by the three-point competition he’s definitely skills competition.

Mr Silver, I want to see a range competition. I won’t bore you with the various rules and the whole format that I’ve come up with the Jalen. Imagine if it says the skills competition, you had deep Shooters like Steph and Klay Trae, young and Steven Adams, and they were all just hacked a lot of basketball. You appreciate this. It’S one thing to shoot: multiple, basketballs off of a wreck in Rhythm at multiple spots. On the floor. random play, which means you’re doing it off the dribble on a Saturday night trying to get lathered up like that in order to do a raise finding contest.

That’S why I don’t like the idea – and you eliminate 98 % of the leave – the can’t shoot from that far okay. Well, you enjoy the skills competition open this little bit, so just bear with me: okay, they’re, going to play the game, but every Court’s going to be like its own. Individual mini game starts at 0 after every quarter, the first, the second and the third, and then they will accumulate three of those mini game quarters together and add 24 to that scores. Let’S say one team scored a hundred through those three quarters.

The Target store will be 120 for the first team to get to that Target store, which again, is the leading teams? Keyless go through 3/4 + 24 chapter Kobe Bryant will win the game. What do you think about this convoluted and kind of weird new scoring system for the All-Star Game? If I could be where everybody wanted me to be, when everybody wanted me to be there I’ll, be confused, that’s kind of how I feel 4 after the first recorded.
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby discuss the best NBA Slam Dunk Contests moments. Jalen also weighs in on the NBA adding 2 shots to the 3-point contest and changing the All-Star game format to honor Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.
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