Jailed in Greece for helping migrants: The story of humanitarian worker Sean Binder

By | December 11, 2019

Jailed in Greece for helping migrants: The story of humanitarian worker Sean Binder
Jailed in Greece for helping migrants: The story of humanitarian worker Sean Binder
A man who is facing charges for being part of a criminal organization of money laundering and of people he’s already spent over a hundred days in prison increase, and although he was released, volunteering for a nonprofit organization, the Emergency Response Center International supporters say the crime has Accused of is saving life it showing a binder welcome to the show need to angle for the things you when you are rested right so I mean suppose I join the organization because I had I had training and search-and-rescue. I grew up in Ireland and I worked at the shoreline and loss and I have rescue diving training and I have a boat license and I also have come from a research policy context of European Defense and security. That’S when I realize that the European Union is currently responding to one of the most severe humanitarian crisis to follow the concert since the wars is by securing our border against those people’s were most in need, and so I felt I understood that policy context and I Have some of the practical skills? Why did I go to Lesbos, which is going to primary entry point for asylum-seekers? I am to offer some kind of stencil for about a year. I was coordinating the search and rescue efforts, the civilian search and rescue efforts. We had a team of Medics, we had certain Rescuers interpreters, we could respond both on land and at Sea and with those assets Tree in conjunction with an always in cooperation with the authorities would ask us to respond because, for instance, the man that have the same Medical training, as we had or the same kind of assets, are resources that we had remember one day to stinky that the fun text vessel that was operating in the area had went out of blankets and, despite being in Greece, and we do see a lot of Patients who have hypothermia – and so we were able to deliver them with our bales of blankets, because they had run out a number standing, shoulder-to-shoulder with police officers looking out to sea and thing of to respond to boats that were coming in and very positively. It kind of took Sarah mardini by surprise. We were doing something called a spotting shift that happens at the southern Shore at the last final tape, where it’s safe for about to arrive and between the hours of 12 a.m. and 7 a.m. are there looking at making sure that nothing is happening. That is perhaps dangerous and then at 3 a.m. police officers came and they checked our passports. This is pretty regular, but then they also check charging, and I took it in for questioning pending further investigation that taken confiscated. Our laptops or mobile phone said search through our bags of flour for drugs, found nothing and then 3 days later later saying something like a German spy has been apprehended at the border with a Syrian accomplice. They were infiltrating the military camps if it seems like they are if it seems like a spy novelist, because it is like one, it was really polemic and written like that pain between 1/2 months and returning facing charges of sensation, smuggling or organization, money laundering, fraud and Even Espionage were spying and we Face 25 years in because, if I’m serious thing is that there’s nothing special about what we did, it wasn’t Criminal, it wasn’t heroic. It was just providing the basic Medical Care to people and when you step back when I was in prison, I was researching my case. It turns out there’s a hundred fifty eight individuals across the European Union being prosecuted, email from a guy called Norbert Valley. The pastor in Switzerland he’s been prosecuted because he let asylum-seekers sleep on his church pews during a storm that at the moment, given their political and the legal context for the current existing and is situated, we have been forced along the axon electronic level. Suspicious people are among the groups there, unfortunately, the necessary documentation. Currently, we don’t give out visas to people who are Asylum Seekers entered countries, but they have to be in the territory to be an asylum-seeker. Essentially, we secure our border, so there’s no legal way of making that Journey. We are forcing people to undertake these Muggles and extremely dangerous Journeys, and that is why it is so fundamentally important. 18900 people roughly according to have drowned or send missing in Mediterranean. It is the most dangerous ocean for the most dangerous city in the world. That is because her policies and we’ve seen design for 15 people. Six people are life: jackets, lots of children, I’m very confident that we will not be found guilty. They say that we’re spies because we’re using communication Services – that’s WhatsApp forward, but the point is not that we are going to be found guilty. It is enough for this to be a case that is extremely costly for us. Take such a long time and have a chilling effect on the shoreline on the southern Shore, where we were three or four civilian technician: organizations there are now zero and it comes in at time when, in percentage terms, it is more dangerous to make this journey. The sum total of the on Sunday review of humanitarian action as criminal is to cause more people to drown thanks so much for you.
Our Perspective guest is a humanitarian worker who is facing charges of being part of a criminal organisation, as well as money laundering, people smuggling and spying. Sean Binder has already spent more than 100 days in prison in Greece. Although he was released on bail a year ago, he is still being investigated by the authorities. Binder was arrested while volunteering for a non-profit organisation, Emergency Response Centre International. His supporters say he was simply saving lives. “There’s nothing special about what we did. It wasn’t criminal, it wasn’t heroic”, he told FRANCE 24.

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