Ja Morant has the tenacity and fire for the game – Tony Allen | The Jump

By | December 11, 2019

Ja Morant has the tenacity and fire for the game – Tony Allen | The Jump
Ja Morant has the tenacity and fire for the game – Tony Allen | The Jump
I want to remind fans at home because you actually team on the Grizzlies team in the Super Bowl and if I had any problems I was sure knew that my boy was going to be in attendance. However, I’m just speaking on the basketball side of things I knew he was a defensive man that got a new dog. He didn’t mad Garden. Anybody want to 5. For the most part, he knew it. The terminology Falls via bag. Switches will guard the guards. If I’m beyond the Baseline, he helped said he knew to get over there to play with. Like I said, then nobody want no smoke. Nobody wanted smoke from you too there’s. Sometimes it feeling, like all the tough guys aren’t. The guys were also syrebral about basketball, but I would say about the two of you in particular, both of your Mastery of sort of seeing the plays as they develop on the floor quarterbacks on defense. I think both him and I both were – and that was something I really look forward to in my one season play with him because arguably one of the greatest defensive players ever you know you asked Kobe who’s the toughest guy guarding it wasn’t. I say Tony Allen, you know if they get a chance to play with him and pick his brain and see him game in game out practice preparing his body. It was just an honor to kind of sit back at times and be able to watch him and steal stuff from his game and add it to mine. I saw it first full game of him yesterday and was very impressed. Would have you thought on this far and he’s out there playing basketball in the NBA stats? Novus is fired for the game. I like how you went to the game last week, and I saw he was interacting with his team. Keeping them engaged. Keeping them know motivated to play throughout the game, so very show veteran signs of veteran. You know that’s good for younger. You can tell he’s going to only get better, just have fun, not looking for them to be at Planet Jones. I need more, better me.. You start to worry about it., I swore it would worry about him days in advance. I would I watched him and playoff series. I watch him getting heads of great players. That was always amazing. You were selfish. You want title with the Celtics this year. They are getting it done with defense. What do you think of this year’s team? Wasn’T what you think they’re stealing it LOL, then think these guys will be this good. I can’t say: Jaylen Brown is looking like. You should have got a little more money. Read a guy is almost averaging a duck on the team, and you know you got the heart and soul. The Marcus Smart he’s fighting over pick-and-rolls taking charge of throwing his body out there for the thing, but it seem like a bunch of fresh air for the whole locker room play a wheel and they got a lot to do with Kimberly. But I don’t know who’s out there willing to get in trade that Steven Adams NBA sooner possibly for what you have to give up right. Is there a player out there who reminds you yourself on the court? Can you scale for us and identify the next Tony Allen August Martin address fake up under and go over? He just eat this very crappy on the defensive end and just doing whatever it takes for the team. 50/50 balls. You know an addict when you talk to the ref. I just love everything about him and it’s only represents trying to win on the defense people like Marcus, Martin, Patrick Beverley, or being rewarded, because before we were just blue guys on defense, that kind of did our jobs and kind of stayed in our lanes. But we’ve kind of put a highlight on that now and there’s a premium for that because they stick out like sore thumbs. You know PJ Tucker, Marcus, Smart, you know, Patrick Beverley, guys are really get down and grime for that, and you know people really watching out for the night, because back when we play this is okay. You know where defensive players, but there’s so much more to it and things we did it didn’t show up on the stat. She said that people being rewarded for now. It’S not leading the news right if someone’s doing the sports section of the local news or anything wider variety of stuff that you guys do. Those little effort plays their visual to no. I was saying it obviously try to Market and everybody phase, making the game uncomfortable for your Best, Buys your political left and that’s just what he needs to be for the clip subscribe to ESPN
Tony Allen joins The Jump in studio to discuss what it was like playing with Matt Barnes on the Memphis Grizzlies and his impressions of rookie Ja Morant so far this season. (3:10) Allen also expresses his thoughts on the Boston Celtics’ strong start this season and if there is a player in the NBA that plays like him.
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