“It’s clearly not over”: Pam Palmater on TMX pipeline expansion

By | February 14, 2020

“It’s clearly not over”: Pam Palmater on TMX pipeline expansion
“It’s clearly not over”: Pam Palmater on TMX pipeline expansion
Some big decisions ahead for Justin Trudeau, but maybe big, trouble, look, cost or ballooning for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. The government house on Friday will cost over 5 billion dollars more than it is estimated that about 13 billion dollars now how to find a buyer for it and then another Frontier. Does the government have anything green lady, controversial new oil sands project at open-air mine? Roughly twice the size of the city of Vancouver, if it ever gets built to introduce 260,000 barrels of oil, liberal government ever hope to reach their goal of net zero emissions by 2050 or hid their pair of Target difficult decision.

So I can sort it out. That’S why the scrum. government and University of Tampa and Alberta, conservative MP, John Barlow I consulted – is the fight against TMX over as well as attractions in other First Nations and other environmental groups are now also contemplating other an additional actions. You’Ve seen the Nationwide protests across the country, so this isn’t just about what’s happening here in TMX, and we know that there’s already been conflict on the ground in terms of what certain territory one of the Trans Mountain subsidiaries there will be in swetnick territory this.

This is by no means over play a long game on all of they will. I anticipate that those decisions. Decision will be appealed and look. There’S there’s a solidarity building and we seen this in waves in Canadian history before but there’s a solidarity building is Pam said among other first nations in the country, because Precision actually was basically said: they don’t get a veto on these projects and so then what does Free prior and informed consent mean anyway and the whole. The government is now Focus very much on that if it’s a promise legislation to move project forward but to accommodate the indigenous concern, but we’ve already seen blockades in the biggest passenger quarter in the country going into the weekend.

So I see this continuing and being a huge headache that mean a video. Otherwise you can consult any project to death. The Supreme Court has said the same thing that we have to properly consult First Nations, but they do not have a veto, and we have seen in BMX that it was sounds of consultations that brought about the changes in not only along the Waterfront but also along The Route so consultations do make a big difference. The next step, though, I think, if we’re going to seriously First Nations in these kind of projects as we need to get, they need to have an ownership stake and TMX.

I think that if they can see some of the economic benefits from getting our resources to Market, I think takes away a lot of the edge against and opposition. What is an indictment of this whole process to get these projects approved a private-sector projects, private sector dollars? The taxpayer would not be on the hook for this. Let’S be honest, I’ve been very difficult to find a private sector buyer for TMX, once the Trudeau government stepped in and bail them out and now does it cost.

For this from the beginning said they’re going to buy this pipeline, did the cops were going to be well beyond 4.5 billion? Is that a lot of people follow that file expected that cost to balloon? The legal fight has added tremendously to the cost Bill. Morneau, the Finance Minister have committed to helping indigenous communities by an equity stake in it, so First Nations along that route, most of them support this thing, so shoot me a listen to the majority and it doesn’t matter if there’s a thousand First Nations in a different Area in a different context that say: okay, if one says no, they have the right to say.

No, I don’t start with you you’re from Alberta. You know the government they got this rocking out. If they approve it, environmentalist will go crazy if they reject it. Alberta is going to go crazy once the answer here. Assessments add to this meets. All the criteria to environmentally safe have 14 First Nations signed on it. We were talking about having first name First Nations ownership. Well, that’s going to happen with this Tech Nine. So this text, all of the boxes now, let’s be very clear – the joint assessment was done in July.

They gave me the green light and met all the criteria at now. It’S a political decision, mental impact because those emit those resources would be displaced by other countries. That don’t develop their resources to the same environmental standards of Canada. Prime minister’s office, who talk to the senior officials there pouring cold water on it. They’Re saying this project may never get billed as 20 billion dollars more megatons to the emissions and something that the government is comfortable doing so I think they’re going to do is put a lot of conditions on this, and I know they question will be.

How does Alberta and Saskatchewan react, and how does the Foreigner Masters react to a decision like this one of the boxes that the project doesn’t take yet is the economic viability of the company itself is already hinting that this is a problem, even without all the conditions We might expect so, even if the government at this point says we’re going to hold off, the company itself, has signaled a little bit of the government and how did the people, who proposed that project and say Justin Trudeau, has to do with our way or the Highway, how did they get around that? If the company itself is questioning the value of it at this point to approve it? Mental assessment that is detected decide whether wants to build it or not.

That should not be decision of the liberal government in the cabinet to make the position. Does Tech have the financial wherewithal to build this or not environmental company or a political approval or rejection of this project? So what are they going to do by Takamine? They really need to look at their overall National Economic strategy, they’re racing literally diving to the bottom of an industry whose bottom is falling out or The Economist who are saying the oil history of the associated Industries collapse in his early as 10 years, they’re making economic Predictions around 20 and 30 years not even include the fact that we’ve got this impending tidal wave of climate change, and you can’t ignore that the one in economics front First Nation, front and climate change front.

None of these projects make any sense when you have other countries worldwide doing a hundred percent renewable. Why are we investing in Tech? Chernobyl? You just a quick last word on that you should I respect that. She’S being disingenuous, every study they will be net zero emissions by 2050 matching with prime minister, Trudeau is saying so we have done everything we can Alberta to try and make this work, and I think it’s up to the two Justin Trudeau to ensure that if Unity Is really his school, but he stands up for Albert on this well, this could be one of those texts.

Mightier final frontier won’t leave for Justin, Trudeau on natural resources and we’ll find out what he does. They’Ve got till the end of February. To approve that I got to leave it there, John Barlow pound, palmateer economy, Charles always great, to see all of you here. Thank all of you for spending part of your Sunday thoughts on a way you can see him pretty snowy day politics or warm it up. Next week will be back here in 7 short days.
Indigenous activist Pam Palmater and MP John Barlow join the Scrum to discuss the TMX pipeline expansion’s impact on Indigenous people.

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