“It isn’t going to be easy”: Minister Marc Miller on finding a solution to the blockades

By | February 17, 2020

“It isn’t going to be easy”: Minister Marc Miller on finding a solution to the blockades
“It isn’t going to be easy”: Minister Marc Miller on finding a solution to the blockades
Don’T break through yet how is the political, legal and economic crises over the coastal gasoline pipeline escalate right now VIA Rail lines across the country, are shut down and have been shut down since Thursday, so is CNC store Network disrupting ship cookie supplies? Politicians have been prevented from entering legislators in a controversial press conference where he told protesters to check their privilege. Andrew Scheer has not demanded that Justin Trudeau, directly RCMP to enforce the law and remove the pro he said.

Do the right thing. We cannot allow a small number of active us to hold our economy hostage and threatened thousands of jobs pick up the phone. Tell Minister Blair put it into the situation hereditary Chiefs of the wet sweat Nations and their supporters were protested at Coastal link. Gas pipeline in British Columbia now the pipeline was given the green light by the provincial NDP government has the support of all the elected Chiefs of the information, including some, but not all, of the hereditary Chiefs.

Now that it’s Parts, solidarity protest across the country where a key rail line is being blockaded yes, 9 hours meeting with mohawk leaders at the blockade try to negotiate a settlement so far, there’s no change. So what is the way forward? Should the police move in as Andrew Scheer has demanded, or will that further inflame the situation and what could all this set for other projects like Trans Mountain pipeline, let’s find out joining me now? Is the Minister of indigenous Services Mark Miller, Minister thanks for joining us yesterday meeting everyone’s asking? Is there a way forward to end the blockade? Yes, but it is going to be gone from 0 to rhetoric and vitriol in this situation, and the question I ask myself coming out of the meeting is: who are we as Canadians and what we believe in 30 years ago? Police moved in and got a Stargate and someone died Nerf or nothing.

We learn from every wash. It was clear. The country suffering is clearly suffering there shortages and only get worse. If this continues with the question, I asked myself and ask: who are we as a people? What we believe in do we believe in peace and dialogue with people that we don’t necessarily agree with, or do we just invoking the Aldi’s I’ll start with injunctions and when police, when police go in, they they exercise discretion. We’Ve learned from every wash the challenge. I ask myself at the end of the day is: do we use all means to ensure that there’s a peaceful resolution to this, or do we just Dig Inn like we’ve done for years and decades and come to the same conclusion? We keep eating the same errors, and so my advice to my colleagues is: let’s ensure that we get to a peaceful solution that involves dialogue.

Yesterday I went in people were very suspicious. The people there are under stress, they’re under fear and when I say they’re, very good people that are there, they believe in peace. They come in leave in peace. The Great Law of Peace is founded on that issue, but they believed deeply that they’ve been hurt and now they’re standing in solidarity with what’s wooden NBC on substantially similar issues. It’S my advice coming out of this is we need to keep that dialogue open. We need a cat who won the government, has to enforce the rule of law or stand for the rule of law and to there’s an economic imperative.

So how long? In your view, can this dialogue go for and what is the way again? The dialogue can continue without the blockade. How, when does the blockade go down to the dialogue on a productive level? Can continue I’m dealing with highly volatile situation? I don’t have a luxury dealing with what I say I am doing what about now and now we engage in dialogue, open dialogue and see if we can make some Headway. That includes to your question significant progress in DC. We need to move out there and engage with the leadership in BC.

To get people together, have those difficult discussions and see if we can make some Headway. Nbc is resolved as it does. A blockade come down in time to make a beldam. Take me to the government on these issues for engagement and open and clear dialogue. What was not, who is the prime minister going to Barbados Justin? Is he going to cancel that trip and meet with the wet sweating or meet with the folks? You met with the mohawk he’s fully engaged on this issue. He has full confidence in the people he’s asking to go out there, including Minister Bennett, that takes one games with from the BC Premier, and then the provincial government should know that we’re fully engaged in resolving this in a peaceful fashion end with o.

He will be engaging with leadership today. Hopefully we can come to a 6 meeting where, where we can continue that dialogue and have an open discussion and talk to these guys, we taking positions, we posted, we tweeted. You have Leaders with the cilic statements that are inflammatory and make the situation worse. Armchair quarterbacks. We stopped dialogue in check your privilege to the protest. Was that inflammatory to do get feedback on that during your meeting and ignorance and lack of knowledge, and we can educate ourselves unless we go in there and see what people that we don’t necessarily agree with and have deep-seated grievances against kobach was created and discuss the Various issues as grown-ups and a message to Premier Kenny and Andrew Scheer Anderson says pet government.

Your job follow the rule of law. This is a lawless country. What do you say to that very important for four years in the army during the 90s? So I know when things go wrong, my statement to them is: let’s not get absorbed by fear and ignorance. Let’S realize our mistakes from the past and make sure they don’t happen again. Cuz. It’S is not going away anytime soon and if we don’t solve it, the right way: peaceful, open, dialog, it’s going to come back again and again and again with the major infrastructure projects that we need and take to get our resources to markets ready to challenging issues.

Better opportunity to be document zero position to guess at this point, I’m running session to do and that’s exactly what I’m doing, I’m engaging with mohawk leadership. My colleagues are engaging with West Whitton leadership and that’s what needs to be done if we’re going to leave this to a peaceful resolution of a Canadian expect with us expect of the country.
With train blockades happening across the country, Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller discusses the road to finding a solution.

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