Isiah Thomas gets booed by the First Take crowd for his Bulls-Pistons take

By | February 14, 2020

Isiah Thomas gets booed by the First Take crowd for his Bulls-Pistons take
Isiah Thomas gets booed by the First Take crowd for his Bulls-Pistons take
Yanis is handles, get a little better. We can create his own shot a little more and he shoots a little better. He has a chance to be the best player ever he’s seven feet tall and plays defense and takes it to the rack. Like you Shaquille O’Neal or Jordan, the next time he’s amazing eer mean he got in the playoffs by quasi and you can’t call someone the best player in the world when they didn’t get it done in the biggest moment. . Maybe he learned from that. Maybe he’ll do it this year. So I saw – and I know they had tree – they had Gasol and they had to Baka and quite a funnel in that we’ve also in Kauai was on him one-on-one.

He couldn’t get anything done. On the other hand, Kauai did their whole team right back at you, because we’re here in Chicago and Michael Jordan was the best player. If not the greatest player, to ever play. He was getting done in the first-round. Okay, he was getting beat by. Let’S talk about that: Giannis lose to Toronto. He lose to Kauai, I mean, but be honest, is still the best player in the league. In my life, I’m taking Jordan was killing him on the other rent. Then you be right, but that was a total team effort to try to stop and it wasn’t like they have five guys in the paint like we got to stop yawning first of all you’re wrong.

But what else is new Max number? Two number two: let’s remember something here. This is the same Max Kellerman that had Giannis as the number one player in the world last year on a Thursday by Sunday he had 1/5 because the two games against Kauai – let it that’s not even though Nick nurse switch things up, hack Freak. The Greek Freak was coming downhill at you, Kauai pick them up at half court siakam in a Baka and the crew Patrol the paint. What Kauai did was neutralized the dribble, The Greek Freak, and that is what compromises that does not mean that he suddenly not the best player number for we talkin about this season’s the man is a virgin 30 and 13.

Okay, this man’s got the best record in basketball. Alright they’ve got one of the top defenses in basketball and speaking of his former teammate in Milwaukee who’s. Now, with the faces he said, listen that was a team effort to Rodger deserves credit. But let me tell you something about: he took that personally he’s on a mission and he’s got a fire in his belly, even even bigger than the one that he had last year. So the combination of all those steaks in this moment right now, not even two months from now right now, right now, I can’t really measure cuz.

The games are not as important as they’re going to be, and you may be proven right that this was his season. He hasn’t done it yet what you say about MJ, don’t let Isaiah gas you about MJ or anyone’s first time, MJ played with one other the first time they took you guys. 7 games have only lost time, call home when you talkin about Scotty. Like you said the first time he played with an All-Star, I’m saying I didn’t make the boat but y’all voted. Scottie is one of the top 50 players to ever play on my team.

It was me you tell me about any time. You talk about winning championships and I stood up on that stage with the 50, supposedly greatest players ever right and I’m saying supposed to because they had me up there, but everybody had one to two two three teammates that play with them as a top 50. I said up there by myself. Looking for my teammates, I’m not diminishing, got an All-Star dude. He got one of the top 50 play with a puppy. The first time you made an All-Star Game first time all I’m saying it: okay, Chicago Detroit, but all I know is head-to-head Detroit Isaiah better than Chicago in Spanish, in Spanish, in Spanish.

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Stephen A. Smith, Isiah Thomas and Max Kellerman’s conversation about Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokoumpo turns into a Chicago Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons debate.
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