Is Trudeau ‘two-faced’? Trump’s changing diplomacy rules | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley

By | December 10, 2019

Is Trudeau ‘two-faced’? Trump’s changing diplomacy rules | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley
Is Trudeau ‘two-faced’? Trump’s changing diplomacy rules | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley
So much to talk about what went down at the NATO Summit in London this week here is Trump’s version, love that music trailer, it appears Trump is mired by all the Allies he’s in the center of every shot. He posted that video on Twitter, what it doesn’t show is not taking his hand and his family doesn’t show this FFM. Smallest prime minister, Trudeau, caught on hot mic. Joking about Trump, turning a photo off into a 40-minute news conference. It was even the opening of Saturday Night Live where Trump is banned from the cool kids table. Jimmy Fallon plays Trudeau got picked up in a new political ads, is on Twitter alone, clear how he felt about those comments and honestly with two dice. Nice guy. I find him to be a very nice guy is often about being two-faced, keeping a poker face in front of the cameras, closed doors but Trump. What has changed? The rules he’s not Too Faced yes reporter to make career that affect checking his lies, and he does call people names in public on Twitter 3 week and Miles if a similar story playing out in the impeachment case against Trump, the president of Ukraine, to investigate, didn’t Even pretend that’s not true, he says Corruption of the American Republic in the old days diplomacy, you couldn’t even say it was Too Faced. So you were one thing in private and you were another in public people like that Trump’s brand of diplomacy. We saw at NATO very different. How how would you describe his diplomacy? Lack of diplomacy is a series of Demands are mostly very self-interested. That’S what we’re seeing Ukraine has no conception of any public interest or government interest on the purpose. Government is for him to use it as if he were inherited it as if it were something possession that his father had bequeathed him. The Ukraine start to EU camp and that’s one of the reasons he gets on so badly with the Democratic allies it’s available to China before meeting with Trump to extradite 40 or 50 copyrights or trademarks are Trump’s family Minister, Canada, prime minister, Great Britain, the chancellor of Germany, the state department, is now issuing his tweets. We’Ve seen his tweets affecting play: plotsky mint wheat, the official policy of the United States used to help Ukraine become a democratic country and to support Ukraine against Russia, but the real policy of the United States was exactly the opposite in an area after area. The reason we have government by Twitter, because the rest of the government has no idea what President Trump is going to do. President Trump 5 minutes before has no idea. What he’s going to do. Something’S working, he doesn’t have massive support, he’s got a solid minority and because the American electoral system is so lopsided, he is, 42 % of the country has more voting power than the 50 % of the country. That is opposed to him. So it’s not impossible that be re-elected to the mechanism of the electoral college, but if he is re-elected, he’s going to have an even bigger bigger popular vote deficit. The last time. Last time you lost the boat by 2.9 Million. I think he’s on his way to losing the popular vote by 4 million in 2020. That’S for the impeachment hearings, where there are similar themes playing out that there has to be a show. He is a show. Is it working in the intelligence Committee hearing, headed by a representative, Adam Schiff, that was done very successful? You could see the factual record. You can see our President Trump manipulating us foreign-policy to his own advantage, a committee that was committee headed by Jerry Nathan, Adler, New York. Those are less successful. I think it was a lot of fun to be on National Television. Read The Washington Post a couple days ago and is arguing that Justin Trudeau is the one who is obnoxious and and and arrogant and that the old ways he is the Modern Age. And he should know that. There’S private gaggle and one of the successes of present at our prime minister, Trudeau. His first term was that he did Manish the Trump relationship, which is a very challenging relationship to manage in a very disciplined why he did not allow the people around him to be recorded, derogatory things. And the point is not whether it’s true or whether Donald Trump deserves it. The point is: can Canada afford what is going to the Revenge? President Trump is now going to exact the only way Trump operates. He has no, he doesn’t care about greater things like that. He cares what his own ego was being featured prominently and Donald Trump, more insults. All kinds of harassment will be all kinds of harassment issues. It’S such a complex relationship as we’ve seen with the releases of these call records from Ukraine that Donald Trump spends his time. Not thinking about what a president does he get Petty? Can people with cross that’s what his brain is consumed with? People will remember that the idea that the United States could be governed in this way. You can never exclude it as a possibility for the future. When something has happened, you know it can happen. Thank you is a long-time Canadian diplomat several free trade agreements. He is in Ottowa, so behind the curtain, Twitter, changing diplomacy, absolutely every Chancery, where they were talking. Democracies are non. Democracies are now that they are kind of 24/7 watching. What’S going on, not just in the classic diplomatic note back and forth taking place the twittersphere. We have to be aware of that. It’S like the the old news fire that you had to be watching this. This now has direct impact on business, because readers leave a room and they’ll send out a tweet, that’s that becomes the means by which we often find out information on her inner kind of real-time basis and then were expected to react in real-time. That’S hard Pharmacy by Twitter is going to be how we do business and it means a foreign Services have to be much more agile and the ability to respond quickly is now a premium that, unfortunately, what gets lost lost in the translation is analysis and judgment, but It is obliging us to, as they do business differently, arrogant, he’s following the old roof of diplomacy, where your polite in person whose weight is working well certainly Donald Trump’s way, is forcing others to react, and I think it said kind of debasement of diplomacy and civilized Behavior, but it’s you have to respond, especially when it comes from the present, the United States. If this were some tin-pot dictator some smaller place, I don’t think it would matter, but because it comes from the present, the United States, it changes the game.
The U.S. president called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “two-faced,” but traditional diplomacy has always been two-faced.

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