Is there nostalgia for Gaddafi in Libya?

By | December 10, 2019

Is there nostalgia for Gaddafi in Libya?
Is there nostalgia for Gaddafi in Libya?
We were talking about putting back together a failing state or a failed state if you will, but was it ever a state in the way that we know it? I think the short answer is it was a very weak and and fragmented political entity that we could go back to the main to Legacy of the Italian colonial rule of court, of course, cut off his own peculiar brand of of governance worsened. when he really gutted The state of terms of political institutions, he he ruled in a highly personalized manner. He created a kleptocracy where he empowered his family. As we heard he played tribal favorites. You could attribute some of Olivia’s problem to the. I think the mixed blessing of oil wealth in terms of the bloated you know public-sector a generational problem, but I think it’s important to underscore the false seduction of the man rule. You know that. Just the sort of nostalgia for going back to some authoritarian figure who will keep things in check who will contain the migrants, that’s not going to work and seen that the lids going to blow eventually and when it blows quite violent. So we should avoid that analogy. They saw a lot of people. You can easily find people who will tell you spontaneously., You know before we had. We had Pace, we weren’t dying. It wasn’t such a mess dichotomy between one thing, Lauren order recognizing that if it’s cool but then we can never return to that says spring St all this cuz under Stelzer for going back to the Ben Ali or when there’s a strong man there, who course recent Elections prove that’s not the case. Nostalgia widespread the death of the destruction on the fact that now you got hotstar who seems me wanting to impose it on my Moto E4
Frederic Wehrey & Catherine Norris-Trent explain to François Picard’s panel on The Debate that nostalgia for Gaddafi-era Libya may be mischaracterized as nostalgia for peace and political stability.

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