Is Scheer hurting the Conservative party staying on as leader?

By | December 10, 2019

Is Scheer hurting the Conservative party staying on as leader?
Is Scheer hurting the Conservative party staying on as leader?
Andrew Scheer standing strong saying that he isn’t interested in the naysayers and those that are serve trying to stir the pot and it in terms of sort of negativity with regards to him at being leader. What is your take on? How he’s handling all of this? The strategy is to say that he is going. What is Tai Chi federal dollars are needed to provide or going to work very slow, very painful decline. Butt as well as we know you and I’ve spoken about this in great detail in the party works with. If there is a level of uncertainty, well, I think in two ways it can be very problematic if they choose a different leader in the other sense, if, if you stays on s s party leader women’s rights or against lgbtq rights, pushing forward now to December 5th That that’s when the house reconvenes, prime minister Justin Trudeau, is going to be delivering his throne speech all eyes on the Liberals and this minority government. What do you anticipate supports, deliver on compromising the part of the NDP, probably insist on universal if they’re going to be much much meaning for with that? A lot on climate change, their indigenous issues as well as going to be top-of-mind with a lot of people watching that Lori
Political science professor Lori Williams discusses if Andrew Scheer refusing to step down as Conservative Leader is impacting the party.

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