Is politics sexist? – BBC News

By | December 10, 2019

Is politics sexist? – BBC News
Is politics sexist? – BBC News
Let’S talk about women and politics: makeup Justice, best woman socassie in Parliament, if any of you or thinking of making women in this election, women have never been represented in British politics with 260, as five of the qualities are led by women this time around. But it’s still far from equal. I don’t think feels like a bit of an old boys club, remove grease from some of the public. Just listen to the abuse stupid your face makes me want to vomit a female and paste said they’ve considered quitting because of abuse. Has a big effect from the fifty percent of 1116 year old that the being criticized more than men put some of becoming leaders and if your female politician just being challenged appearances, female politicians, your appearances will by women this year, it’s down to 20 %. What is wither, women tend to vote in similar numbers to men, but there’s one big difference: election generally speaking with floating test for undecided or switches between the parties. The result this happened in the last election as labor convince things, women and politics, 7 election is cold and suddenly party strategist have to start thinking about how they attract females, oto’s cats. Women used to be seen as one big flock and now they’re much more distinct office. The difference elephant in the room, women of Hazel by the hour than men by an average of 17.3 % set aside, reveal by gender pay Gap. That means fighting against the burning Injustice, woman. You will earn less than mine, so we, the pay got expose like that fix. It is include expanding measures that the female entrepreneur, a hundred percent of wages for the first 12 weeks, then the green make misogyny prejudice against women. I hate crime with funding and training, to tackle it, okay, to agree on how to address the pay Gap, but lots of them. I’M child cat. Okay, he’s quite a big part of this election. Many of the policies are referring to extend free childcare in some food. Other than looking at more Frank, around school days in school age, children play look at houses compared to other countries. I meant the end of her pregnancy C-section, so she could come in to Westminster and goes obvious point, but if it’s The Men Who mostly write the rules and women’s issues, not only are women underrepresented in the place where real decision is made, it’s even worse, we Are going to go off is really important legislation being proposed at the moment, the keys to this election. Remember women’s Tendencies to float and decide at the last minute could really swing things. The question is:
Women make up 51% of the population but what are the parties offering women this election?

And why do women get so much abuse and so little representation in politics?

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