Iowa Caucus: Democratic Candidates Speak Amid Delayed Results

By | February 14, 2020

Iowa Caucus: Democratic Candidates Speak Amid Delayed Results
Iowa Caucus: Democratic Candidates Speak Amid Delayed Results
Best, this is just another election. This is well beyond our party. This is about the ending and are of a well. I need an heir god-willing of a President Who this is bigger than it really is. We cannot. We cannot allow Donald Trump to be re-elected to the United States presence again Trump Chris, the former President Trump an improbable hope, became an undeniable reality. We don’t know all the results, but by the time it’s all said and done, Iowa what you have shocks the nation, because by all indications we are going onto New Hampshire Victorious.

We know there’s delays, we know one thing. We are punching above our ways and we are feeling so good tonight and I cannot wait somehow some way I’m going to get on a plane tonight to New Hampshire. We are bringing this ticket to New Hampshire, so even in a crowded field of candidates, I even during the well-earned impeachment hearing of Donald J, which kept me bolted to my Senate desk. For the last two weeks we kept fighting and you kept fighting for me. People of the United States – this is a campaign in Iowa and outside Iowa appeals to a diverse group of Americans, and we know that’s going to be true and we call whoever is going to be.

The Democratic nominee is going to have to appeal to the diversity in America and in the Democratic party, and we know this campaign can do that, and so, if we’re going meet mr. Trump. The first thing we’re going to have to do is inspire people in America across the Spectrum to show up in November of 2020 and win message for every American onion is stronger than Donald Trump. When that one man is replaced by one very persistent and tonight what happened, we saw that tens of thousands of winds around the state realized that their economy is transforming around them in profound ways.

I’Ve seen it myself, it’s gone from the Farms to the factories to the streets and eventually, we’ll hit the highways. This is where we have to turn around yangyang. We have to actually make an economy that works for us instead of the bottom lines of these huge companies.
The first election of 2020 devolved into chaos Monday night as the results of Iowa’s Democratic caucuses were delayed over technical problems, throwing a pall over the legitimacy of the first-in-the-nation contest and enveloping the race in uncertainty.

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Iowa Caucus: Democratic Candidates Speak Amid Delayed Results

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