Inspector general set to release report on origins of Russia investigation l ABC News

By | December 10, 2019

Inspector general set to release report on origins of Russia investigation l ABC News
Inspector general set to release report on origins of Russia investigation l ABC News
Also in washing the release of the official report investigating the origins of the Russia investigation, it coaching the inspector-general, the justice department charge of examining was in the original FBI investigation into the Trump campaign contact with Russia was legitimate or chief justice course map. What’S the SEPTA just apartment with reporters to be made public later today, good morning dear, that report has extraordinary implications for the reputation of the FBI and the justice department about the origins of the Russia probe. The big question today’s report will answer in just a few hours. Did the FBI have enough legitimate evidence in 2016 to see Kai special foreign intelligence surveillance, targeting a trump associate Communications, including text messages, emails and even listen to phone calls sources telling ABC News at the inspector-general will conclude that the search warrant was League and sources say The report offers no evidence that the bureau infiltrated the Trump campaign with illegals 5 contradicting the president’s claims. It wasn’t some damning findings involving the FBI, including Alec’s mistakes and omissions by FBI, officials to the court and Justice Department officials overseeing the surveillance warrant. At least one FBI attorney allegedly alter the communication used in connection with warrants of the Inspector General did find evidence of bias against Trump among some FBI officials. The inspector-general was also expected to lay out in detail the exact role of the so-called Steele dossier developed by a former British intelligence who is working for Democrats will find those mistakes did not outweigh the need to investigate numerous contacts between Trump Associates and Russian operatives. During the 2016 election, when the crillon Hacked the DNC Clinton campaign, supporters of the FBI and critics will find something to latch on to hear. This report will give some clarity, even if the attorney general has authorized another investigation. Looking at some of these very same issues, George hear you mention Christopher Steele. We also learned overnight that he was told by the justice department that information to been blacked out by the inspector-general is actually going to be released in. This is highly unusual. Usually, subjects are given the chance to review the information about them. That’S what I do as he has been told that this information will be released. He has not been told what the details are. We reach out to the justice department, we’ve not heard back yet George thanks very much, and I’m going to be joining us for live coverage of both these breaking stories. That starts at 9 Eastern prepare for that George Stephanopoulos. Abc News: YouTube channel you like to get more video show, highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC death for breaking news alerts. Thanks for watching
The report will detail if the FBI had enough legitimate evidence in 2016 to seek a special Foreign Intelligence Surveillance warrant targeting a Trump associate.

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