Inside the Secret Network Helping Protesters Flee Hong Kong | The Dispatch

By | December 10, 2019

Inside the Secret Network Helping Protesters Flee Hong Kong | The Dispatch
Inside the Secret Network Helping Protesters Flee Hong Kong | The Dispatch
We’Re on our way to the airport in Taipei, Taiwan we got a tip of some protesters were fleeing Hong Kong just landed here. Okay, how do you feel okay and afraid to talk? So everyone was arrested last night, skipping songs, but they didn’t find the journey alone. We learned that a secret pipeline, including donors and Smugglers, has helped more than 200 protesters escaped because right now hundreds more facing serious charges and must make a choice, risk spending years in prison or leave home, possibly forever. I wanted to self ruled and Democratic. The Beijing considered to be part of China, Hong Kong also has a degree of sovereignty that Beijing could strip away. So many and Taiwan share a similar perspective with protesting hongkongers. They view China’s Communist party as a threat to their autonomy for Hong Kong is playing here. It’S a friendly destination and a stark departure from the unrest back home unrest that has roiled Hong Kong 4 months. Thousands have been arrested younger than 18 it convicted. They could spend years in prison, but the tension here goes beyond riots and clashes. Protesters tell us Erie sense that they’re being watched and followed at the start of the summer Allie was a senior in college about to begin her career as a school teacher. Then she joined the movement. There was an incident with the with the police. Can you tell me about that sticky notes, which is why a big part of the underground network is made up of volunteers who raise money like this woman? She may never meet the protesters she’s helping but she’s. An important Link in the chain show me that you know somebody to leave him home for a while. I start to do some fundraising. Is it come my friends, friends friend I think she said she has raised over $ 60,000, which is Health 11 people flee to Taiwan by plane we’re following the group of protesters who just arrived at the airport there first stop. Is this church not so way out for either. jungle can relate to the plight of hongkongers who feel targeted by China like Daniel Daniel is part of a group that storm Hong Kong’s legislative Council building on July 1st, indeed International Tire it’s allowing protester to stay on Visitor’S visa, but if not offered them a path with xylem turn off Hue motion.
Risk years of imprisonment or flee? We traced the journey along a covert pipeline helping Hong Kong protesters escape to Taiwan.

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