Inside the Libyan trap: France 24 on the frontline

By | December 10, 2019

Inside the Libyan trap: France 24 on the frontline
Inside the Libyan trap: France 24 on the frontline
Libby, The Infernal tribe documentary by Catherine, Orchestra and Julie, don’t know Alison, Abdullah milk out here on France 24 weeks. You can also see on our website and were joined by Katherine Norris Trent, who film that to just recently also with a research fellow at the conflict, Research Unit of The clingendael Institute and from Washington Federal Quarry senior fellow at the Carnegie International Peace and the Author of The Burning Shores inside the battle for the new Livia, thank you for joining us during his wealth from 2 to 5 person for the UN High Commissioner for refugees. Welcome to the show, Catherine! Let me begin with you. We lots to talk about it in that reports. They that we saw and that’s again on our website with the fighting on the Frontline talk about that later with the with the military situation, is inside of you at the outset, states that it is Malta and the living Coast Guard that there’s this with migrants on Board brighten: this is part of his coordination, with sing between some European coming and leaving us Ortiz in the Libyan coast. Guard cells control room in Triple-A, a funeral before they get a lot coming in this one was first Kumon, basically get it back. Obviously, part of that is to stop people drowning because you so how many people have X in terrible condition, don’t believe in Christ. God tell us they get that Iran is too late, they’re, just dead bodies floating on the water. Sometimes I find nothing. Sometimes they find votes that they’re about to sing, I’m they want them on European shoes, and this is part of the solution to fund the Living Carrots call David. They were trained by you to meet up with me. Italian vessel tulipia, which Kitty as we saw, is a next time we see in the report a man uniform at over there. It’S a coast guard official or a policeman. He says he turns this is what’s the solution. Members of the people we found out later, who were pregnant with another, a confusing situation Festival on the ground, which is one of the problems for trying to help the situation. Every day he possibly had seen 500 people brought back on his boat and the Tripoli frittella, and there are other Cruiser tell her. She would strikes you when you watch that report, Italy, Reedy 2017. It took a certain amount of measures and the Coast Guard is the aspect of its policy back then that kind of work that we did work. The statistics have fallen since 2017 right now, the number of arrivals into Sicily, V Olivia, just roughly bits, always every month, 1000 in 2016, it was roughly 15,000 per month. So, from A New Perspective or from an Italian perspective, the whole thing worked and then all the consequences inside labia well, that’s a separate issue that is not consider the Europeans problem at this stage expected anyway. It’S true that the opinion is anti. The opinion in Italy is in more anti migrants, but the statistics as a zero. The stage see the situation is there. Another way is there is there was another solution, whereas, as your other guests mentioned is working, but it what moral caught and I’ve been inside the tension centers in there, a living hell, I mean, runs the gamut of course, From Slavery. Rape, sexual abuse is now with the war they’re being endangered further, of course, what’s the solutions it’s bigger than any International Community commanders now in Libya requires actions by African States a revision of EU entry policies. I mean the first step the first, because these detention centers are in the conflicts only been hit by airstrikes. The militia is, of course, are trying to construct them into militia workshops and endangering them further. Please come to the gates of the capital, adding yet another layer. Three conditions were already deplorable and there was violence against these. These migrants centers, but now, of course, with the conflict, those malicious, some of them have been. You know, moved to the front there. Of course, their secondary concern is caring and feeding for these migrants and they’re. Putting them In Harm’s Way so can I was you know I was in the war zone. I saw the aftermath of an air strike where there was some migrant workers killed in a factory. So again, there’s there’s the front line between the line between civilian areas and the combat zone has been blurred, and that’s, of course, impacting these these vulnerable migrants April April. We have had a lot of fun things going on, including, for instance, the displacement of over 130,000 from Tripoli to all the neighbors or outside. It has also affected the guitar inside the country, the ones that are in detention center, because most of the attention centers have been very close to conflict over 40,000 refugees and asylum-seekers that are living in urban areas in Libya. Worse, Detention Center that Katherine and her crew visited is actually one of the better ones. We can talk about better ones or worthwhile to the conditions in the tension. We definitely should not be detained in the first place because forced to play its own country and this person is seeking International protection. So it should not be penalized for the time on November 27th set published a report that said some 400 refugees who came from the Abu Salim Detention Center. The South, which country had apparently quote been without food for weeks, the garden, adding that the unhcr planning to withdraw food from 600 other refugees and migrants in the center include survivors of bombings, torture, forced labor in human rights abuses. That’S not the case. Transit Center for refugees that are prioritized for reception, Mini 4 Solutions out of Libya. We can evacuate them out of stevia. The current situation is that the sentries assistant, stepping clothes, cash assistance, winter clothes, sleeping mats, blankets and other kind of assistance to all the person that wish to depart from the center and the join their communities in City. I think it’s a new day trying as best I can on the ground of many International organizations, are extremely tricky. I guess I just wanted to ask: how do you feel that the UN is overwhelmed by the situation in Libya and what else do you need? What do you need International States? What you need people to do to help this situation? I mean the situation is far from being idea. You have been in the country and you saw that the security is definitely a challenge. People on the ground and civilians. Definitely the situation is very dire assistant. Let’S talk about the more that the the fact that this is all happening on Europe’s doorstep: the new vice president of the European commission, Margarita chinos who’s by the ways official Port commissioner in charge of promoting our Europe. When is wife, he spoke to France, 24th Luke Brown. No one is happy or proud with the situation that exists in Libya. Libya is a state which isn’t the cows for the Civil War. There is no reliable, lock it up, so the situation of the compass is so far from satisfactory. It’S it’s traumatic, it’s unacceptable, but it is not the European Union, whatever is left to pay of the government authorities Olivia and Cesar 200 miles. It’S a vast area in Which Europeans cannot go there. It’S for the libyans to do to organize their operations, so I think that it isn’t. It is not fair to blame the European Union or the situation that is much more complex and much more complicated because of the ongoing cows of the Libyan Civil War. I’M not interested in blaming the EU. I think what happened was I care. The most about is optics, for example, like the issue of having a war zone, difficulty of access and even before the April War, a lot of areas with multiple detention centers with no access like right now does the city of bunny or lead, which is completely on The side of Marshall Health are well. You have at least 10 to 15 detention, centers each one harboring somewhere between 500 and 1000 migrants and the conditions there are awful as well. So it’s easy to focus on Tripoli because it happens to be a the government of national core which country continues to enjoy International recognition. So all the pressure is on it. It’S under siege by the war and on top of it we are kind of protecting information gaps and the accountability pressure is exerted only on one government, not the the other one meaningful reporting side as an information blackout, extremely shocking, which is huge. The difficulty that when you listen to the European commission vice president, be recognized and I’m going around saying: well, it’s not our responsibility to responsibility of Lydia. So what are you doing? You’Re Europe? Well, it’s interesting because two failed States, but this is one that is gaining more and more favor internationally speaking, if you watch the EU attitude of the next seven months, it’s not going to remain static, there’s a lot of political changes happening and it’s it’s important. The difference between the behavior verses on land on land – it’s a big, We don’t know anything – is completely opaque and, as a result, it’s the libyans problems, but in the water everything you know, information is available. The dinghies are monitored in Witcher, 2, located and so on and so forth. So yeah you’re right that it’s a it’s a very complicated this course which hides a certain amount of hypocrisy. What should the European Union be doing? Well, first, I’m not ready to your opinion. So easily I mean bear culpability in this – stems back to 2011 and turn to the aftermath of the overthrow of Kadafi and not, I believe, not doing enough. In the aftermath book. The European Union has been incredibly divided toward Libya. I pursued their own self-serving agendas. France and Italy and Libyan militias Libyan political Elite on the ground has been very Adept at exploiting that, of course, there are some European states that back Khalifa have tar that I think, tacitly approved. Auto Bend supported his operation in April on April 4th. So the European to do bear a great deal of responsibility for this in and on the migrant issue. These militias know that stopping the migrants has a huge issue for for Europe and so their position, I’m cells as partners for the European Union and, as we heard, Italy was directly responsible for this policy of basically subcontracting AA containment policy to the militia Libya. Of course it’s been back decades and there are multiple social, economic and political reasons, but I do think outside Powers, including the Europeans, have responsibility for it with the state of plays right now inside of Livia was back in April and launched his offensive on the capitol 1000 kg 120000 displaced, the front line is static. You filmed at fighting right by the front line, gets really close to the capital city Sesame of an environment. The fighting is restore taking place in this kind of very surreal. Atmosphere between is abandon her and see what you could find to climbing up in a children’s toys and slides in the garden needs to be with possessions when they only just left all that things from house to house – and it just said it’s a devastating scene. Really. It’S been stagnating for a long time because of the match in Paris. Follow this militia leader motion was an engineering student basically become his life ever since many people, you know I’d really like to return to civilian life. We saw his family business that right odesina. That’S what he would like to be doing with his brothers, but he’s it’s a trap for many libyans as well, because this is cycle of chaos and violence to get out of that. There’S so many ways in which it just seems that there’s no way to get to break that the release talks of almshouse did the brigades we stopped for the glory. When you looked at most sending that report he’s got his. What is it? A hardware? Store hardware store, on the one hand, on the other end of the militia leader. Does he really have an incentive to give back his gun? Will many of them? Do I mean they? They tell me they want to return to their normal life, of course, is a malicious, have their own sort of self-generating logic, and we’ve been in this spiral of this trap is azure filmmaker. I noted for forgiveness over 7 years now, and I mean let me congratulate the filmmakers on a very visceral, inhumane depiction of just the exhaustion of War. I mean Fighters like this embroiled in successive you, no conflicts and I think for some of them serving in the militia. They don’t have another option in the problem. Is the state is paying these militia so there’s a financial incentive for them to keep. You know darling, but for others they they do want to return. They want a better future, but they are tremendously concerned about what’s happening now in the political yuno future of this country, just so to say that they’re, simply driven by money or power. Many of them genuinely believe that they’re defending a civil civil state defending a civil state do you grew that Jello has agreed with everything that has been said, except this notion of a stalemate. It is true that the line visually depicted this way it looks. It has look Frosty the same, but you know I was in anxiety once you go into, Psychology was completely different. The morale level was different. The amount of Civilian loss of life and destruction was was much lower than now, so that, though, the war keeps changing, and I don’t think we should use their words together after haftarah has been able to raise the bar in terms of acceptance of Civilian deaths and Displacement targeting a soft infrastructure, soft targets and – and it has been turn off because the moral of the other side has been tanking, so it’s Reedy a picture that it keeps moving and nothing. I don’t think we should call it static. You subtract that we were following or he’s recently as well. They say that they see the impact of these drones, which they say a friend by Egypt in Tripoli. We were able to film the remains of drain, which was presented to us as a UAE drone which was shut down information about. We continue on this investigation, but the use of this is combat dresses, 1/2 hours. Would he change the conflict? Absolutely – and I agree with what was said – I was on the front lines in late November and and the momentum is absolutely turned in heifers favor because of the injection of technological Weaponry. Much of it brought by the arrival of of over 100 Mercenaries Russian mercenaries in early September, but also the persistent use of drones. So again, this is a very high-tech War. That’S really, I think, grinding down the morale of the DNA Fighters. They just can’t find Sanctuary. They can’t drive there. Pickles are hunkering down for hours on end Motors are being rain down on them. Some of them told me they’re, leaving the front to go home, so it’s really taking a toll. Now Hefner still has a long way to go in terms of moving his forces into these densely Tinsley populated urban areas, downtown Tripoli, but for the first time I could possibly see him possibly see him taking Trip Lee in the consequences of that are quite worrying. I’Ve seen this summer in the high hundreds, this is from multiple institutions, International organizations. They absolutely have. I mean they’re, bringing with them laser-guided artillery they’re, bringing snipers DNA fighters. To tell me the entire, you know the Precision of what the Elena is throwing at them has just increased. It improved right and there horse recently that the Russians may actually be directing LNA forces on the battle in terms of Battlefield in terms of maneuvering. So they are bringing a qualitative forces in, and I think it’s a psychological impact again speaking to the commanders, that their casualties of increased in their morale has really plummeted. Interest in Libya back to the days of of Muammar Qaddafi in terms of arms contracts, energy, but I think they’re driven really by opportunist and they see disarray. They see, you know a failed Western attempt to put the state back together. They do have some ties to sleep I have two or even though he lived in the United States for decades he was trained in the Soviet Union. I think his vision for Libya Accords with their vision for an authoritarian order in the middle. Do the strongman so they’re backing it, doesn’t embrace them 100 % And he’s their man in Tripoli, but is one Us official said the Russians? Are you know they’re putting their finger on the scales and their tipping? This battle is in a star’s favor. What’S the reaction right now in Washington, there’s there’s alarm and in many quarters I think, but the question is so: what, and how does Washington bond is Washington going to go head to toe with the Russians is Lydia worth fighting the Russians over? I don’t think so. In it definitely not, but I think they it’s injected a new sense of urgency in Congress and other quarters to two ending this war and, of course live argued is the Russian interference is just one piece of it. You’Ve got, of course, the emiratis flying drones and they are, they are launching missiles on to civilian targets. I actually was able to corroborate the remnants of a missile that was fired from an emirati drone on a factory that killed civilians to the emiratis. I have a big role in this, but of course it’s Russia, that’s really getting the attention of the United States right now. Western journalists are having a hard time getting to that side of the front able to work in areas controlled by halifa haftarah. We do have a presence in the East and we are. We have been Distributing assistants, detention centers, run by the authorities as well as different settlements. Where is play levy on families? So are we have this partnership with local ngos or people? The last couple of months there’s been an intensification. Is it harder for you to work on both sides? It’S been eight months that this conflict, so we have been on all fronts. We would have been evacuated. People from different detention, centers that were literally in the conflict Zone, we took several hundreds to our Center. mentioned earlier in all the countries or directly to European countries, and we are still working through that. The situation is very, very complicated, but we are the most vulnerable persons and forth trying to get these competing governments. The dueling government, the sit-down. There was talk of a some kind of an agreement being flushed out and then it all kicks off in April. I’M not doing anything, I’m just very upset and frustrated with the situation in general. Looking to International Community weather is actually going to provide any kind of solution. Who knows me the Libyan problem? The puzzle is one of the most complicated writing internationally to find any solution to not attending not whether they cannot sleep. The General in 2018 is well in Paris and Rome, and it’s a simple issue. I mean the back in late August, we heard about Angela merkel’s initiative and the idea was very healthy and very simple. It was to stop the try and cool off the foreign interventions and I don’t think it’s very complicated. Turkey was intervening on one side to move to Maine, to name the main Statham, The Other Side. You have the Emirates by the way the unwritten. Just running. Drones are also using a fighter. Jets to bomb life are jets with pilots and the idea was to like to try to slow them down going on between countries that are close to the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar, turkey, on the bike to simplify Gossett. What the discussion hasn’t happened. It has happened on the Turkish side and the Turkish intervention is still smaller compared to the MRI T1 and nobody has been able to even mention this notion that maybe the emiratis cool off, and so the burning format has not succeeded in. One reason is that friends has used its diplomatic muscles to make sure that nobody criticizes the American mission in Libya because it agrees I mean it doesn’t want to hurt or Ellen ate a Sunni Arab state that is perceived as the ideal Ally Frances. Where that the United States is exhibiting the East North Africa region of the of the long-run and in that scope, in that new context, it would love to work with someone like the emiratis. They agree on the ideology: they love the economic dynamism of ammiratis and there’s no question: there’s no desire to eliminate them or to anger them in anyway. So there’s an agreement profile of a leaf 1/2 * victory has the emergence of April France, Libya and that’s a dream that has been going on in Paris full deck. Yes large extent, France has been a key enabler of Khalifa have tires operations, not just in Tripoli. About in Benghazi several years ago, in terms of quite frankly, very double-faced policy we’re, on the one hand, they’ve they pay lip service to this um brokered process, while secretly supporting, if I have tar with advisors in and support. So it’s part of a broader. I think you know Regional strategy they’re attracted to his quite frankly strongman version of of Politics, the economic Dimension, Francis ties with the Emirates. All the factor into this angle of this has been overblown and inflated by the Emirates. So the islamist you know question or resolving the islamist issue as a way to get this conflict. Stop it’s not going to work. I mean this is about broader. You know, self-interested pictures of economic Dimension and I think, quite frankly, also a product of the American Vacuum. Here the American ambivalence in you when you talk to Libby and they genuinely believe that more American pressure could could end this conflict, I’m not completely sold on it. Certainly more American pressure on the emirate’s could move us in the right direction. Country – and you know you have to respect that and you still see women not drinking and it wasn’t a barrier to us. You know we were there. I went with the militias, I was talking to you also in French against record / Maritime Waters. Another Visa are close to Crete. As a result, the Jhene is lucid enough to know that it’s a mistake, because turkey is alone: vs, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Cypress, France in the eastern part of the Mediterranean and the fact that they signed up. They are I’m signing on the dotted line. Just a few days ago is an indication of how desperate the Tripoli government is because, of course, it helps turkey. Turkey is looking for that for that kind of argument facing the International Community and the government of Tripoli is losing a lot. So I hope turkey is delivering a lot of weapons to justify for that huge gift. The Trip Lee gave it days ago, but it’s 3D realpolitik at this point, what’s in it for turkey icefield in terms of you know, cutting out its rival grease. You know turkey has always had long-standing economic ties with with Libby, especially you-know-who, Tripoli in the western part. So again, I think census and Economic Opportunity, they’ve provided arms and weapons to the Tripoli government. But I think there are no limits to the how far turkey will go and, as we heard, there’s a relay symmetry in terms of the have the Weaponry being provided in terms of the Emirates and Egyptian and Russian arms. Far outweighing with a Turks are providing. Since the start of the conflict 2011, Muammar Gaddafi was moving in on Benghazi. The International Community got together. It was France and Britain with the u.s. not far behind, leading the charge to push him out back in 2011 when the Western back forces, so we’re scrambling from Benghazi to East Catherine was part of a previous team. The travel to Tripoli, their Hollywood Bashar sat down with Muammar Qaddafi alluded to pass deals on keeping the migrants out. We had good relationship, chainsaw off Union in Tim’s, off blocking immigration, find a Mediterranean and head for Italy or France, and intensive stopping that receipt. In your report now this sense that well Kadafi that’s a threat and the sense that booby-trapped the country in your report, as well with all the weapons about it as well. In terms of me at this deal with it saying he, basically, you have this kind of arrangement with the West best compact Bible picture in politics, and he controls that the weapons in circulation and and the guys I was saying we had strict rules by letting why They went to their now, waiting with it and we’ll just it’s just as open-top, which is coming through. So many migrants have been coming into Libya for decades is a large migrant what. After conceiving working on building sites and being part of that country’s economy. For a long time, some of the migrants like that who is deeply supported by all the European States, uses similar language. He goes to conferences and says by the way, if you notice, the statistics of migrants from Egypt to Europe is zero, which is to me a threat. So the logic is really unchanged since the Kadafi days and she listens. If 10 and 1/2 * said in an interview., If, if, if you’re up for it to be particularly wants the migration issue solved, they better give him something like 5 to 10 billion over. Of 10 years. It’S exactly the same. The score we were talking about putting back together a failing state or a failed state if you will, but was it ever a state in the way that we know it? I think the short answer is it was a very weak and and fragmented political entity, and we could go back to the legacy of the Italian colonial rule of court. Of course, cut off his own peculiar brand of of governance turn bath. I mean he really gutted. The state of terms of political institutions, he he ruled in a highly personalized manner. He created a kleptocracy where he empowered his family. As we heard he played tribal favorites. You could attribute some of problems to the. I think the mixed blessing of oil wealth in terms of the bloated you know public-sector generational problem, but I think it’s important to underscore the false seduction. The strongman rule. You know that that just the sort of nostalgia for going back to some authoritarian figure, who will keep things in check who will contain the migrants, that’s not going to work and seen that the lids going to blow eventually byblos is going to be quite violent. So we should avoid that analogy. You never know that they stop showing a lot of people. You can easily find people who will tell you spontaneously, let you know before we had. We had Pace, we weren’t dying. It wasn’t such a mess dichotomy between wanting Lono to recognize before, but then we can never return to that face since the Arab Spring, going back to the Ben Ali or when there’s a strong man, there course recent election Nostalgia for the maybe among some people, but Don’T have widespread all the death and destruction on the fact that now you’ve got hotstar. Who seems me wanting to impose the Strong Memorial civilian Cyrus? Quite the garbage refuse collectors pricing on the front line or when able to come to health issues around that people smoke filling the air of several fatigue or of his latest War, which is which is really touching and Dean Libya. The Infernal trap you can see it on our website, it was for reporters the France 24 investigated magazine. I want to thank all her shower as well for being with us from Washington from Tunas. Thank you for joining us here for this special edition of the France 24. Today,
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