Impeachment hearing Monday, New Zealand volcano erupts, Pensacola shooting investigation | ABC News

By | December 10, 2019

Impeachment hearing Monday, New Zealand volcano erupts, Pensacola shooting investigation | ABC News
Impeachment hearing Monday, New Zealand volcano erupts, Pensacola shooting investigation | ABC News
Good morning more power, the committee vote on articles of impeachment is expected. This week our coverage on ABC’s life begins at 8:30 eastern time this morning, number to the death toll is rising. A volcano erupted at a popular tourist destination. In New Zealand least, five people are dead and dozens are missing. Volcano experts are warning. Rescue crews to stay awake during another eruption tours were seen walking inside the room of the white island volcano just before blue volcano. Is it New Zealand’s most active and it happened showing increase activity recently, police are on special alert today in Hong Kong, amid calls for a general strike with a sea of light flashes when their cell phones, the demonstration Mark 6 months and the pro-democracy protests began. The March was largely peaceful with few reports of violence. We have to California for number for where an animal conservation active recovering after she was injured by the tiger at her part-time, the cat’s got a little too playful. They begin to play with her and the Ben go to both his paws and wrapped around her legs, and she fell down another one jumped on her and begin to pull on her before they got her out and call some lacerations cast included a group of firefighters Who helped carry after the attack, Steve Harvey and the Miss Universe? Universe Pageant does that are we said the wrong way and was quick to shift the blame. It’S Malaysia, okay! Well, let me explain something to you. I just read that in the teleprompter at y’all going to quit doing this to me, I can read it said now they trying to fix it now see that’s what they did to me back in 2015, in 2015, Harvey announce, Miss Colombia was the pageant winner when It was really Miss Philippines. Tybean talk to young girls is leadership and she called women. The most powerful beings in the world is Puerto. Rico was the runner-up good morning. Everyone welcome to America, and I’m pretty sure you already know this woman to my left ear. Tony from our sister Network, ESPN have a great job over to ESPN. The paint for the Democrats work through the weekend rapidly moving to drop articles of impeachment ABC Serena Marshall joins us from Washington Sarina good morning, going to include obstruction of justice and abuse of power. Now later this week we do expect those articles of impeachment to be drafted and potentially voted on, Define before Congress in the process of focusing that into something that you hold them accountable. The Democrats say, there’s shows a rock-solid case. We have presented to a jury would be a guilty verdict in about 3 minutes flat Giuliani spent the past week crane, something even Republicans were uncomfortable with weird but he’s over there. He wants to go before Congress and say, and also to the attorney general and the Department of Justice. I hear he’s found plenty, there’s a reason to continue their Breakneck Pace moving too quickly. That would be a valid concern at the president. Wasn’T moving quickly to have his lawyer that go over to Ukraine and continue to cheat at our elections to call the whole thing. A sham read a perfect conversation, even if they took to Twitter Sunday firing off nearly 100 tweets and retweets in just one day. Most targeting Democrats and the inquiry United behind him, there are no hearings currently scheduled for later this week after today’s, but we do expect the transit Judiciary Committee to introduce those articles of impeachment in the coming days. Tennis Toni story this morning, the valley shooting spree out of Florida navy base that’s now being investigated as an act of terrorism. If the suspect is radicalized during a trip back home late last year, ABC’s Trevor Ault has more do Terror that the community is safe and there’s not any sort of immediate the additional terrorist acts. At this time, training program you have foreign military personnel coming to our base. Are they should not be doing that if they hate our country looking into claims by al-shamrani classmates that he wants mass shooting videos at his home ideology? That may have been a factor in this attack images and cell phone video taken immediately after the Rampage as families mourn the loss of three young lives: 23 years Ensign Joshua Watson, 19 year old, Airmen Mohammad Sami hytham, twenty-one-year-old, Airman Apprentice, Cameron, Walters, members of the community. Lining up to pay respects during a solemn procession, returning the Fallen to the Naval Air Station, who fills ABC News, New York purchased legally in Florida. Normally, it’s illegal for non US citizens to obtain a gun. However, there is a federal law that allows official representative from certain foreign governments like Saudi Arabian to obtain a gun, is doing court. Today investigators say Steve: Emoji, filmed and posted chilling videos on YouTube and when she appeared to be rehearsing a terror attack, the video show a man pointing assault weapon that people from a hotel window in downtown San Diego he’s saying he had a plan in place. You take every tip seriously because you just don’t know if it’s going to be a real shooter or not you’re, talking about shooting out of a window down on people below which is exactly what happened in Las Vegas, and so that’s why it’s so alarming charges against Them include possession of an assault weapon, those are preparing for another tough week. Temperatures are soaring there and conditions are expected to be even worse. Tomorrow, Kenneth, nearly 90 fires are burning and about half of them, uncontained 700 homes have been destroyed since the fires began Avalanche. In Colorado is the first caused by an avalanche in Colorado. This season by Methodist Church Pages, the lead pastor says the holy family is standing in for families separated at the border by Administration policy. She says her church scene to address social issues, can sudden death of 21 year old, rapper juice wrld the artist whose real name was Jared Higgins died Sunday morning after reportedly suffering Cardiac Arrest at a private hangar at Chicago’s, Midway Airport, just hit lucid dreams has been Streamed a billion times billion times and made him a star juice, wrld collaborated with fellow rappers Travis, Scott and Lil yachty and torben Nicki Minaj label says to lose someone so kind, and so close our hearts is debit. Now, in lighter news, Red Sox legend that we go to face has returned to his native Dominican Republic. It was his first public appearance since he was shot and nearly six months ago or the fees was greeted with cheers and standing ovation at at baseball exhibition. Shooting and they loved him there and I’m pretty sure, was so good for those residents Dominican Republic to see him. What is a victim of an art or an art? Crime eruption in New Zealand will go across the van for the latest. For this overnight at least one person is dead after a volcano erupted on a New Zealand Island popular with tourists and officials warned. That number is likely to rise to school across the pond to Julie McFarland in the London Bureau for more Julia good morning. What’S the latest AR she just heard from the police Deputy Commissioner that in New Zealand and he is., She said that there are now at least five people known to have died in that corruption, on something that is very very, concerning from ombre to try and get To the area, so police were Ross if there were any more people on white Island if any of anyone in the vicinity – and we just do not know the conditions hazardous, waste. Falling ashta for the moment, there is believed to be a True Grit that white Island At the time, a group of less than 50 people, more than two dozen Australians believed to be among the group, the police commissioner, said that several people had been treated with bun injuries, another number while being treated at the hospital. It is a totally uninhabited islands, but it is very, very with Taurus uninteresting. There was a local geological monitoring site that said a few days ago that they had recorded heightened volcanic activity at the islands, but they said that the current levels did not constitute any kind of risk Taurus at that time. That’S the thing to know about this is that it came really really out of the blue, the volcano. What island it is billed as a top tourist destination. It is an active volcano out of the blue was completely unexpected on because it’s such a big tourist destination. It is frequently visited by many to a group to load it to a groups operating day trips to the island. So it’s a huge huge mannequin. Send images are shocking videos end to this war.. It’S the last five and a half years thousand people have died over the last few years that Easter crayon that new president of Ukraine, President Vladimir zelenskiy, he was elected on a campaign promise to bring that conflict to Salinas of France and Germany are also going to Be there and they’re going to have to help the negotiating details. Now few years ago, in 2014, both parties signed the agreement that involved some sessions on either side. But since then they’ve been squabbling on the prices of how they going to implement those Demond from either side. So that’s what they’re hoping to agree on today, some kind of price as for how they are going to end at a final settlement, something holding local elections and some special autonomy for certain parts of eastern Ukraine. But there is a huge amount of a pressure and he has promised to bring peace to Eastern Ukraine. 1002 potestas anything Ukrainian Capital, kids. They were very, very angry about any possible concessions. At me, pain is my mate to the Russian people, holding signs saying no capitulation. I got a new prime minister and before you, okay Boomer, may I hear that she’s young Tamar and she is 34 years old. How does that make you feel about your state of life achievements? Last prime minister Ukrainian president, 35 years old in Finland is sun tomorrow and she was Transportation. Minister Aponte chose her to succeed the current prime minister when step down last week. She is also going to be head of a coalition government women coalition government, stop and very interesting details about son of a single mother for prime minister at because I’m thinking about here 35 is the threshold for our constitutional requirements of what now I’m in this Coalition. They’Re, all quite young, and some of them are similar rage in between the thirties and forties, but run by women. I think we can take something from okay, ESPN people, don’t know that, but yeah reminder notifications stream. Yesterday’S final day of the exhibit a performance artist from New York City grab that ate it then bragged about the move on Instagram in a post, titled hungry artist. He posted art performance by me. I really love this installation very delicious days, different story or destruction of valuable property. We are almost as expensive as that banana, while going for as much as $ 6,500 in SoHo. That’S because apparently these are Fraser fir, trees or very limited, which means the price goes up your supply and demand. So so I guess someone’s paying $ 6,500 twitch person picture of. Why are you doing this? To me, America, Tony she’s, quote shocked and overwhelmed by the attention the ad has generated on social media, especially the negative continue the story on the Peloton wife with really acknowledge, but yeah, Mansa, Louie or Louis thinking Louis 20 years ago, with Kim they took a trip To the Dominican Republic to have a religious celebration, Monie forgot Southwest Airlines, I’m really sad for 50 years, Broadus Oscar the Grouch refer to himself as the most unknown famous person in America. After entertaining and educating generations of children, ABCs will ganss has more is 82 inches of pure Sunny, yellow happiness and Caroll spinney. The beating heart that brought Big Bird to life spinney has been underneath those 4000 featherston Sesame Street’s first episode in 1960, when big bird looks like this Phineas arms operating the head beak and eyes supposed to see. If I have any mail today to write, the actor has also been the voice behind Sesame Street some Notorious Grump Oscar, the Grouch, who was Prince when he made his debut Vinnie, says Oscars voice was inspired by a cab driver. He met on his way to a rehearsal the actor worried he wasn’t up to par with the rest of the cast on his way to quit. He ran into the guy who built the Big Bird puppet convincing him to give it another month. Spenny gave it another month and another five decades: Big Bird receiving a star on the Hollywood, Walk of Fame taking trips around the world and neither are spinneys 5 daytime Emmys and a Lifetime. Achievement Award he’s been training his successor since the late 90s, but Matt Vogel didn’t on the yellow feathers full-time until just last year, Vogel, whose last name means bird in German pay dommage to his late, great mentor and Sunday’s Kennedy Center. Honors, saying Carol told me to keep an innocence and childlike quality alive, not only in Big Bird, but in myself. Thank you Carol are things to Will and talk about. I mean the rest of the cast of Sesame Street was in attendance at yesterday’s Kennedy Center Honors. They wore yellow feather hand to their suits, suits and honor their late friend and Mentor Big Bird Sesame Street, all those so iconic and so instrumental important to children. So many lives around the world the world, and that was the man behind it. All will tell you what to watch out for is we start the week on this Monday watch out for today the house Judiciary Committee will hold another hearing as Democrats wasn’t the case for impeaching. President Trump are expected to focus on abuse-of-power and obstruction and drop articles of impeachment over the today’s. The hearing begins at 9. Eastern live coverage start streaming at 8:30. Right here on ABC News live on the origins of the Russia investigation is coming out today. The FBI had asthma faces for opening the pros of ejection of President Trump’s claim that it was a Witch Hunt, but the report is also expected to document Errors By investigators attorney general is overseeing a similar but separate criminal investigation. I have lunch with vice president Mike Pence and hold the round table on school choice for hosting a Christmas reception at the White House, grit & Grace at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library college football’s final four results at LSU is number one heading into the Camp Clemson In the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale Arizona, the winners will meet January 13th at the Superdome in New Orleans for the championship championship game. I love that they do after a sporting event very jealous of you, because you get to it like. What’S the allegedly drunk people in their home said she knew they really are Tumblr is here and guess what she’s back tomorrow as well? Alright, that’s it for us on this Monday.
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