Impact of Trump’s tweets on Roger Stone case

By | February 16, 2020

Impact of Trump’s tweets on Roger Stone case
Impact of Trump’s tweets on Roger Stone case
Hello, everyone on Lana Zak, thank you for joining us. President Trump is ignoring calls from his attorney general to stop publicly hang on justice department activities. As Democrats are now demanding investigations Into My AG. Barr intervened in the Rodger Stone case this morning on Twitter. President Trump insisted that he did not ask for her to step in on the stone case, but he has quote no right to do so. He maintains, as president as a reminder, officials from the Attorney General’s office reduced a sentencing recommendation for stone.

The president’s former campaign advisor Federal prosecutors initially said that stone to go to jail for in accordance with sentencing guidelines after Stone was convicted of seven felonies. All for prosecutors, working on the case resigned in protest. Now the Attorney General says of the president’s comments or making it harder for him do his job is what bar told ABC News in an interview on Thursday women here about cases pending in the department at about Judges before whom we have cases make it impossible? For me to do my job and to assure the courts and the prosecutors and the department that we’re doing our work with integrity.

What’S up with you before we talk about bar we’re getting some breaking news about former FBI director deputy director rather Andrew McCabe, the justice department announced that it will not pursue charges against him. Why would the doj interested in him in the first place and why play now decided not to pursue these charges? We have to remember that he Not only was the deputy at the FBI. He was also for a brief time. He was the acting FBI director after James Comey was ousted in during Inspector General reports that the internal Watchdog for the justice department during one of their investigations, they uncovered evidence that McCabe had misled the department about disclosures.

He made a reporter about the Clinton foundation and he’s been in legal limbo for the past. Here is wondering if he was going to face criminal charges Impala, let’s go ahead and turn back to the stone case. What does the law say about whether the president has, as he claimed the legal right to interfere in these types of federal cases, legal issue, as it is tradition? I, since Watergate, there’s been a tradition that President’s of both parties. I do not want to give any impression that there is political interference or political influence over the justice department, not something that’s really been observed all by presidents of both parties, and I need the president again tweeted about the Department of Justice.

He can see it right. There, even though his attorney general publicly or just him to stop bars, review quiz, also weather, I don’t think we’ve ever seen from a member of the president’s cabinet before does the Attorney General still have the confidence of the president or in does. He also have confidence from the rank-and-file at the justice department right now. I don’t think there were a lot of people that are to the president were surprised that he tweeted even after being urged not to so that wasn’t a surprise.

I mean we’ve often seen with President Trump that he’s asked to do something and then he’ll do the opposite Hill, just kind of take what action he wants to take. The comment you’re mentioning, did surprise a lot of people because I don’t think we’ve seen someone who’s in the cabinet who’s been that outright spoken critical of the president. But you know the president of the White House. Ever I’ve spoken to even even more rank-and-file Republicans, say: they’re very much supportive of Bill bar he’s gotten a lot of Kudos from a lot of people on Capitol Hill and at the White House, and I think That Remains the Same.

You saw the present in his tweets this morning, not Placer contradicted him, but also praised. Him went out of his way to praise Bill bar and I think he enjoys that confidence still at the White House seems like a shrewd political move that allowed him. Both cover from Democrats were questioning whether or not he was acting on the behest of the president. It gave him perhaps some more confidence with the rank-and-file and, as you say, we didn’t see from the president any anger from that interview with anything it was the opposite.

I want to stick with you for another second, because house intelligence committee, chairman Adam Schiff tweeted this in reaction to a bar interview bar, admits. He intervened in the sentencing of a man who lying to Congress to cover up for the president, he’s only Trump’s tweets made the political nature of his intervention obvious. So Anita is a white house at all concerned about the Democrats till father issues off for the rest of the year and they they are prepared for that, and they know that it’s certainly possible and probable that they are going to look into this bill.

Barr did say one thing: he said he made that decision prior to the White House or the president getting involved so kind of showing that he he is over there doing what he wants to do and it had nothing to do with the white house. But of course, the Democrats don’t think that’s a very good either they think neither a man should interfere with a with a court case. What would you call her on that on? The point that I need a raise is because I don’t think we’ve heard from William Barr any clarity as to why he said he made this decision to Buck.

The recommendation coming from the for prosecutors, who are a sign, does queso? Have we learned anything more from the attorney general as to why he decided to make this change from what his his own apartment with publicly asking for? Well in the interview with ABC News, the full transcript it’s been released, he just wanted. It really is a miscommunication between his office and the local US attorney’s office. He said that when he had a discussion with at the US attorney, he heard that some folks wanted to ask for seven to nine years, but there was also a ingestion that there could be another way to just really lay out the case, but ultimately leave it.

To the judge he says that he was surprised when he heard that they had in that formerly recommended seven to nine years. Experts tell me that is an accurate, but someone extreme recommendation, but then the president could officially try to correct the record, and even he understands that longtime friend you didn’t step in and try to modify it, given that he was the president’s friend and and well-established longtime Ally of President Trump’s, it seems it seems on these questions were going to be raised about him intervening in any case, so I’m wondering Paula is bar concerned with the perception and future of the justice department.

What are your justice department sources telling you about why bar conducted this interview? Will the official word coming out of the justice department is not the attorney I previously. I express his frustration about the president’s tweets directly to the president that you don’t have to go on National Television to deliver already delivered a person speaking to the rank-and-file within the what does Department concerned about political influence over the department to the general public interview, that Of course, people in the general does should be concerned out when they see something like this, which is why he felt compelled to come out on the layout.

This timeline look a little bit bigger picture Beyond just the Attorney General in an interview with Geraldo Rivera, the president suggested that he might limit the ability of his administration officials to listening to these calls with foreign leaders. What president could the president’s decision set been pretty much in the years for years now that some of these calls might have dozens people on themselves into the vice president might be on National Security advisor and a lot of people that you know, maybe aren’t that? Don’T have public names, but staffers in the White House in the National Security Council has a lot of eyebrows mean obviously he’s doing this, because impeachment and and people saying that leaking information about his call with the president of Ukraine.

You know it’s a little bit unclear whether he really meant he would try to do that or if he was just kind of saying that, because he’s still very angry that one this whistleblower went to Congress went to other higher-ups saying you know what giving details about What was in this call? So it’s a little unclear, but you know there is service, set protocol about how this is done at the White House. You know there are two members that to staffers who are on the call who take notes, there’s no sort of a recording of that call or a tornado information.

A transcript of that call. I mean he sort of the president. The way he’s talking is that he’s just going to change all that little bit unclear if he really means that, I think it would be a lot of resistant to that, both by political, appointees and and career officials as well. The president is now being accused of another quid pro quo, this time with the state of New York. Why are there concerns about his interactions with New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo, ride the president and the governor had a meeting yesterday and it was to talk about you know the president.

Halting these benefits for these preferred travel benefits. So you know these are programs like Global Entry. There’S some disagreement here over. You know whether is a you that should be done, because the present is variance. That’S at New York won’t participate in and provide the federal government with some information, also giving immigrants that are here illegally some benefits. So there’s a disagreement on that, but actually this meeting went a lot further than that. You know, president Hinton, before the meeting even started that the governor should, you know, stop investigating him and his businesses.

As you know, the Trump organization, the president’s business which he still owns is based in New York, New York in the state of New York V attorney-general. There it has over a variety of Investigations into the Trump organization there, a lot of questions about the Trump organization and whether it’s done things on the up-and-up relating to Insurance, where it’s find its loans. It won’t turn over its financial information on that something obviously that Congress wants, but also the state of New York and so the present sort of threatened you know, hinted at threatening.

You should stop doing this and then maybe I’ll I’ll work with you. This is exactly the kind of thing that the house Democrats in the house. Impeachment managers had talked about. They even mentioned that states could this could happen with individual state is kind of uncanny. They mentioned it. Just a few to go in here is what house Democrats are saying: what happened. They’Re saying is it’s happening now. I think one thing to know is that the president and his businesses and organizations that he’s affiliated with art are under investigation in a variety of states.

Best New York, New Jersey, California, their Federal investigations, but they’re also state and local investigation. So there a lot of opportunities here for the president to try to persuade those local and state officials to do what he wants relating to his business. And that has a lot of people very worried, and I want to clarify for our viewers what was his reaction to this potential quid pro quo of the state of New York dial these lawsuits? It’S me and she’s, obviously a Democrat as well as the governor, and they pushed back on that they’re, basically saying that they’re unrelated and we’re going to do what we need to do.

All of these moves by the president say about attitude and how he intends to conduct his presidency Post Oak little Colonel Alexander venneman, who testified against him in the impeachment and Corey. Also vinman’s brother, also the former ambassador to European Union Gordon song. But they were all pushed out by post acquittal of the US attorney who oversaw all Rodger Stone prosecution in DC cheetah nomination for a top treasury job that was withdrawn. So it appears that the president is unchastened about what he’s been through in the Russia investigation.

What he’s been through in impeachment, and he will continue to play at the edge of his power, to send messages to anyone trying to investigate him his campaign, his family or his associates, Anita Kumar. Thank you.
President Trump is insisting he didn’t tell Attorney General William Barr to intervene in the Roger Stone case, even though he says he has the “legal right” to do so. This comes as Barr said Trump should not tweet about Justice Department matters. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid and Politico’s Anita Kumar join CBSN with more.

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